Something I'd like to carry over from the OLTL Best of the Journal for this week is a very bleak and barren wilderness called "The Land of No Redemption." This no man's land is home to the characters who have so ennastied themselves that I offer them no hope for redemption in the Katrina Judicial System. This means that I hate them and I don't foresee a time when I won't hate them and it would take an act of God to extradite them out of TLoNR. There is an imp who runs around TLoNR and you can't really say that he's a denizen because he is of so little consequence

 there. That imp is Juan, that evil little P-O-S. If the writers set out to write a character saying, "Let's make people really hate this guy," I don't think they could have done a better job. I reeeeeally don't like this guy. He is far too cocky for someone who truly understands that all the crap that is going on right now is all because of him. I'd think he could be just a little more humble. I was nauseated when Emily flew into Juan's arms as soon as she saw him. Wouldn't it have been better TV if she'd walked slowly up to him and whacked the snot out of him for dragging her into that stupid rave in the first place? Why all the cuddle bunnies and why is she suddenly forgiving his transgressions? I felt a huge rush of anger at him today for giving Lucky and Elizabeth so much crap today when they were trying to draw him into the loop to (as they see it) help Emily. It appears since he's arrived in Port Charles that his only purpose in life is to smart off to everyone who isn't Emily. He is henceforth banished to TLoNR.

On careful reflection, I believe Luke began his tour of duty in TLoNR not long after Stefan and Nikolas came to town. I know I have mentioned this before and I hate to beleaguer a point, but when he told Bobbie that he had trouble feeling the same for LuLu now that there was Cassadine blood in her veins (via the bone marrow transplant from Nikolas). The mentality behind that line (yes, dears, I know it was the writers' mentality, but the character is the one who said it, nonetheless), as well as a man who would attempt to force a woman to choose between her husband and her child (Nikolas) gives him a one way ticket to TLoNR. I have given this a great deal of thought and after careful consideration, I am officially withdrawing my vote for a Luke and Laura reunion. I whole-heartedly endorse the efforts of those who want it and applaud their diligence, but I can't in my good conscience wish Laura to be with this guy who just comes off as mean about 99% of the time. Luke may be cool, Luke may be funny and Luke may be bad ass, but I don't want Laura with someone who has all of the issues that he has. He doesn't think twice about packing that carpet bag to abandon LuLu one more time and seldom even lets Laura know that he's leaving. He's an absentee dad and I don't honestly believe that he's done a damned thing to earn back his family. Maybe that will come later when they are thinking about a reconnect, but at this point, I'm not into it a bit. I think Laura said it just fine in the office of the club when they were arguing a while back and she yelled at him that she'd had to grow up and take care of children and a home while he still was out having adventures. I realize mine is not the popular vote, but I've done a great deal of contemplating and my vote is in. Laura and Scotty ALL the way, please. I am so thrilled with Laura's moment of clarity and really hope that it sticks. I was cheering when she confided to Scott her revelation about Luke controlling her when they were married and that she was now ready to take control of her own life. She went straight from Luke controlling everything to Stefan controlling everything and has been adrift ever since. This is a very positive step for her and it's extremely gratifying to see her establishing herself as a confident, capably woman. It is also wonderful to see her with someone who is more than willing to offer his support to her and encourage her to fly on her own rather than making it an arial competition. Big, big kudos to the both of them.

In my humble opinion, Sonny is looking more like The Fonz every day. I love seeing him and Carly playing newlyweds and think they are tremendous together.

Speaking of looks, and I do so hate to live in the past, I could have sworn in the scene where Elizabeth finds Lucky on the docks to tell him she's back, Jacob Young morphed into Jonathan Jackson a few times. His hair was the same, his voice was the same, his expressions were the same. Makes me wonder if they paid him overtime to watch old JJ/Lucky scenes on video. He's doing such a fine job of filling those oh-so-clown-sized shoes JJ left and I'm utterly impressed.

Haven't seen Flea lately? Why, check the phone book of TLoNR! She is the president of the Women's Guild there! I'm sure her duties are keeping her away.

In a surprise move, Tony Jones contacted a realtor about land prices in TLoNR and might just be given an honorary plot there. His treatment of Bobbie this week, even though he has a definite foundation of truth regarding Roy's influence on Lucas, was nothing short of deplorable. My readers know that I have no love lost for Bobbie, but Tony was way out of line.

Am I imagining things, or have I NOT seen AJ drink since he got out of the hospital?

You know what I love? I love how old Monica looks. I was noticing in her scene with Alexis this week that she looks great AND looks her age. It's nice to see actresses like Leslie Charleson, Denise Alexander (Lesley) and Rachel Ames (Audrey) who are not needing to go under the scapel to feel beautiful and confident.

Hope you have a great night! I'll be around more in the coming weeks than I have been this one . . . at least I hope! I don't need another week like this one. If it's true that what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, then I must be Charles Freakin' Atlas by now!

See you next week!

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