Have You Ever Wondered?
By: Michelle Kenny

   A few weeks ago someone posed the question "how much impact does fan opinion have upon script direction, casting, etc.?".  It was an interesting question, after all the audience does wield the all-powerful remote.  Several serious write-in campaigns (saving Carly's baby for example) have gone unheeded.
  I then began to wonder about the time lines.  If I'm watching GH on Friday August 11th, I wonder when it was actually filmed (two weeks earlier?, 2 months earlier?).  How much earlier than that was the script written.  And what about when the first kernel of an idea was tossed around the table by the writers.  If we are talking a large gap of time, it is no wonder many of our requests aren't being taking into account.
  I'm hoping the time gap is not too large because I would like to assume TPTB do care about the opinions of the fans and can make changes accordingly.  I know every whim of every viewer cannot be catered to, but it makes me feel more likely to invest my time (and let's face it, we are busy people and 5 hours a week is an investment) in a soap that listens to the opinions of its viewers. 
  If anyone does know what the time gap is, I would be interested in hearing from you, mail to mkenny19@msn.net.
Misc. Tidbits (aka Cheese, Beef, and Special Sauce)
1.  Did anyone think the goon sent to take out Stefan was a little cheesy, I didn't know if he was going to attack Stefan or ask him for directions to an early Halloween party.
2.  Speaking of Stefan, during all of his sexcapades in Paris with the fembot, I kept thinking . . . beef, it's what's for dinner.  It is obvious that during all of those late nights he spent plotting against Helena, he was watching infomercials and picked up a torso track. His abs look good.
3.  Why does AJ keep going to Kelly's. Its obvious that Tammy has more use for an unexpected health inspector than him.  Hasn't he learned you never antagonize the person who is preparing your food in the backroom.  

[Katrina's note:  The time gap between filming and airing of an episode is 2-2.5 weeks]