by Kim Stenger

Hello everyone!  Iím back again with my thoughts and opinions on the wonderful world of Port Charles.  Without further adieu, letís get started . . .

First up is the recent return of Brenda/departure of Jax.  I almost fell off my bed with excitement when she came on the screen, but I ended up a bit disappointed.  Iím sorry, but why even bother to have Vanessa Marcil return if sheís not going to interact with ANY characters?  I was so hoping for some connection between these two, even if it was something as simple as a look or, better yet, a few words.  I guess I wanted something to confirm that it was definitely her, but the whole point is that we donít know.  This way, the door is left WIDE open for Rademacher and/or Marcil to return at any point, but it also leaves me with unresolved issues.  I also find it very unbelievable that Jax, a man who stands by the women in his life almost to a fault, would just up and leave Chloe in a time of critical importance.  Perhaps he was realizing that he never loved Chloe and that scared him, but it still seems unrealistic for him to just walk away.  And with no security force to protect her when he knows Helena is after Chloe?  PLEASE!  Jaxís departure could have gone many ways, including other ways involving Brenda, but this is not the ending I would have picked.  Not by a long shot. . . 

Moving on, we next have the return of another beloved face -- Jason Morgan.  I thought this return was much more realistic and believable.  It makes sense that Jason would come home just when his family and friends need him most.  I was always a big Jason fan, and I am very excited to see how his return plays out.  Heís going to throw a huge wrench into the Carly/Sonny dynamic.  My prediction?  Carly will attempt to rekindle her love for Jason, partly because itís safe and what she knows and partly to get back at Sonny and/or make him jealous, but sheíll eventually realize that her and Jason have outgrown their love.  The thought of losing Carly to Jason will push Sonny to admit his feelings for her, and these two will begin their relationship anew, leaving Jason with no reason to stay around.  Wow, doesnít it sound like powerful stuff?!  And, with Maurice Benard, Steve Burton and Sarah Brown playing the roles, these should be six weeks to remember.

Iím also hoping that Jason somehow will help the teens bring down Zander, thus closing this storyline.  I know I said I liked this story, and I still do, but itís getting a bit old now.  Iím ready for it to end.  Besides, I want to see the situation evolve into the group helping Lucky regain his memory.  This could be meaty material for all four actors (sorry Juan & Gia Ė in my book, you havenít been around long enough to play a major role here).  However, Iím a bit torn because I am a HUGE L&L fan (absolutely loved those post-rave scenes at Lizís studio, BTW), but I am also really enjoying Luckyís relationship with Emily right now.  Working intimately together can lead to unexpected closeness, and those two make such a cute couple!  Ultimately, I want L&L reunited, but it might be interesting to see them with other people for a bit. 

As for the other happenings on the GH canvas, they really donít move me enough to write at this point.  I do love the ďnewĒ AJ, even though he is a major substance abuser.  I actually wonder if his alcoholism has really resurfaced, or if he is pretending to be drunk most of the time so as to gain attention from his family and Hannah.  Anyway, I hope to see you all again real soon.  In the meantime, keep watching!