THE TRUTH                                                            By Michelle 

Can I just say one thing?….What the f**k is going on with our dear friend Luke!?!  The master of finesse, quick wit and “non-partisan” (hehehe) judgment!  My friends, this guy has it BAD for the FLEA.  What happened to the beauty that betroth this beast!  LAURA, LAURA, LAURA.  I sincerely hope you brought back your gazongas to have it out with our favorite resident man-in-a-midlife-crisis!  What a hoot to have Scott and Laura back together (if only for awhile)!  Bobbie Spencer are you there!  I remember the good ole days when Bobbie had it BAD for the “Baldwin”.  Roy, look out!  She has a thang for men that her sister-in-law have had!  (Good thing Luke is her brother!….yeah, I know that was bad!)  Doh!!  

Lucy, my ever witted tongue-lashing vixen, where are you dear!  You’re estranged is comforting his first love of his life.  Oh yeah, you still have this thing for our beloved psych Dr. Collins (Eve get lost.  You suck! )  Maybe the good DOC needs to give Flea a session or two in therapy!  He could tell her to dress up like a nun and ACTUALLY act like it so the good commish might have faith!  OOPS, been there done that! 

Stefan and Chloe,  three words for you:   BORING, BORING BORING!!!!!!! 

A side note:  Helena, please put these people out of their misery until the new head writer of this show gives them SOMETHING to work with!  Faison.  PLEASE COME BACK! 

Liz and Lucky, DO IT ALREADY!!!!!  Yeah I know, gotta get past the past, but common!  Let’s speed this up so you can be “the next supercouple”!  Saw it coming a mile away.  Tradition speaks.  Let’s keep it that way.  Oh yeah, Liz you need to tell your father to come back so the WHOLE WORLD can figure out who your mother is! 

Carly babe!  Like what your doin!  Sonny, you’re a jackass!  TELL HER!  You guys are perfect each other!  By the way, next time you see Mike, give him a good swift kick in the balls and send him packing.  Mike, HELLO!  YOUR SON IS A MOB BOSS.  DO YOU WANT TO END UP TIED BY THE ANKLES AND GO WATER SKIING TO SEE IF YOU CAN SINK OR SWIM!  I hear Mr. Corinthos is pretty good with a speed boat!  I hear Dr. Collins will be in town soon!  You may want to give him a call.  Speaking of call….. girl, Tammy,  PATRICIA HEALY PLEASE COME BACK.  We miss you very much! 

Emily, stick with Zander.  Juan is a loser.  Sherry he’s all yours. I hear PC needs a teen story AGAIN with Amanda and Jamal.  You see, their best characters are headed back home and a few people will need something to do over there for awhile! 

Lila, God bless you dear angel.  I hope your family gets a clue a soon!  P.S.  Where’s Tracy?  Ned needs his mother right now considering he’s getting married to a pin up girl! 

Alexis/Natasha (there’s a good split-personality story line!)  I know you are a good lawyer and you have battled the wicked witch most of your life but has it ever occurred to you that your brother may still be alive!  Yeah, I can’t think of one relative of yours that has died and come back to the living, but we are talking about Stefan here!  Look at all of his enemies and loved ones that have “died” and have come back to the living!  They all tie back to Laura somehow!  Think about it! 

Taggert, my man Marcus!  You deserve MUCH better than Hannah Banana!  You need a rival that is better than AJ.  Say, where is Justice!  Isn’t he supposed to be the DA of PC?  By the way, how come Dara still has job?  Hasn’t she lost every case she has tried!  DUH! 

Tony…. Tammy is available, seeing as how Mike is nowhere to be found!  How’s Lucas?  Shouldn’t he about 14 by now!  Bobby must take him on those plastic surgery vacations.  You need a life my man.  Tell your new boss to GET YOU A WOMAN ALREADY!  

Mac, if this thing with the FLEA doesn’t work out, I’m available!  P.S.  Tell Maxie and Georgie not to give up hope on their Mother.  She may be lost in her own little world, but she truly does love her children!