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 Allie Curran

      Let me start out by making it clear that I LOVE the Sonny and Carly pairing -- always have , always will. I miss Sarah Brown, but am willing to accept Tamara Braun as Carly if it means that these two soulmates can stay together. That having been said, I still think that this storyline blows billygoats! It is so out of character for both of them. The Carly I know would NEVER turn Sonny into the Feds. And if Sonny starts a  romantic relationship with another character , that will be entirely out of character for him , as well. He, a deeply religous man, vowed before God never to leave Carly, for better or worse. This certainly qualifies for "worse", but, as much pain as he is in, I will never believe that Sonny Corinthos would reneg on his commitment to Carly and Michael.
       While I can't say whether I'm a CFF ( message board lingo for "Carly Fan First") or a SFF (I've always loved both characters), I am getting pretty gosh darn tired of all this being made out to be entirely Carly's fault, with Sonny as the innocent victim.What Carly did was unbelievably stupid and out of character but she never would have done it if Sonny had shown just a moducum of respect for her. I get that he doesn't want her to know everything about his business because she would get scared and do something dangerous, but, as she once pointed out,  his not telling her ANYTHING only makes her fear the worst.  He said  he would keep her and Michael safe, but a bomb almost killed them both!  And instead of letting her know how he was going to insure that her little boy's life was never put in that kind of danger again, he screams at her and completely shuts her out! And what was up with his constant going back-and-forth with her? For example, the night of the FOD party at Luke' minute he tells her he loves her with all his heart and he is proud of her, the next he is basically telling her she's a no good liar
and refusing to go to the party with her! And then when they make up, and she says she wants to have a baby, he acts thrilled by the idea, but the next day he tells her he doesn't want a  kid. Okay, I understand he is scared of losing another child, but don't make her think you want one , then tell basically her "no way, end of discussion"!....Anyway, as I see it, BOTH Sonny and Carly are to blame for this mess, BOTH have acted out of character and BOTH need to ask for the other's forgiveness! It shouldn't just be Carly begging Sonny to take her back...he needs to promise to change as well!  

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