Hello, Hello!  Itís Angie from General Hospital Galaxy.  No, I did not get lost in space, but unfortunately I will only be coming to you as a muse writer from now on.  And, oh the musing Iíve been up to.  So sit back and prepare yourself as I attempt to unravel the depths of Port Charles and other galaxies far far away. 

A week ago we stranded ten civilians in their spacious mansion where they were forced to survive occasional staff revolts, tantrums from Cook, and more importantly each other.  Iím your host Reginald the Butler, join me as we discover who will be the first to go.  And now, letís meet the contestants.  

Edward Quartermaine: Patriarch of the Q family.  He enjoys bribery and blackmailing fellow contestants. 

Lila Quartermaine: Adored Grandmother of the group.  Famous quote: ďStuff a sock in it Edward!Ē 

Alan Quartermaine: Eldest son of Edward and Lila, recently found himself confronted by an ex lover with illegitimate daughter in tow. 

Monica Quartermaine: Alanís wife, though who knows for how much longer. 

Rae Cummings: Infamous ex lover of Alanís who brought Alan and Monica the perfect gift for their second wedding.  And no, it wasnít a blender. 

Skye Chandler: Alan and Raeís love child who has busied herself with forming an alliance with Edward. 

AJ Quartermaine: Self-proclaimed black sheep of the family, always up for a good laugh.  

Ned Ashton: Wannabe rock star who just threw away the best thing that ever happened to him, enjoys Sonny-bashing and catching Edward in a lie.  

Emily Bowen Quartermaine: Yeah, I know.  Sheís supposed to hunting down her deviant, but this is a much more interesting setting than that damn bridge. 

Chloe Morgan: Yes, itís ďtheĒ Chloe Morgan, ďtheĒ designer. Distant cousin to Lila, enjoys not having a life since an expedition with Stefan Cassadine.  


*A catfight ensues when Alan must choose between Monica and Rae as a partner for a reward challenge. 

*Lila and Chloe win the challenge and are rewarded with a teaparty in the rose garden. 

*Skye decides she prefers Emilyís bedroom, and the teen is enraged when she realizes that Skye has taken down her Backstreet Boys poster.

*The group must survive on delivery pizza when AJ criticizes Cookís ability to prepare rice. 

*Our special nightlife cameras catch Edward sneaking a midnight snack of rocky road ice cream. 


*Chloe and Ned are shocked when they receive notice that the L&B building is being shut down.  They then realize that neither one of them has been there for the past three months. 

*AJ shows Skye a nifty trick.  One alcoholic to another he shows Skye just how amusing it is to play drunk. 

*The gig lasts for an hour when Monica snaps after a bout with Rae and reaches for Skyeís vodka, and gets a mouthful of water. 

*Itís a sad day in the Quartermaine clan when Ned attempts to regrow the caterpillar under his lip. 

*In a surprising turn of events, Edward wins the immunity challenge by being the last to remain in the living quarters after strategically driving everyone else out of the room with his belittling banter. 


Reginald: As you know, every three days, one member of the clan must be voted out of the mansion.  In a most ungracious victory, Edward has won immunity.  So, Ed, how does it feel? 

Edward: Well, Reginald, I feel very solid in my position right now.  In fact, I fully plan on being the last one here.  Why, how pathetic would it be if Ė 

Lila: Oh, hush Edward. 

Reginald: Well put Lila.  Now Emily, how hard have you found it to cope with your new relative? 

Emily: I guess youíre talking about that skank that ripped my poster off the wall.  I mean, that should be a crime or something.  Kevin is just too hot.  I think he looks exactly like Zander.  Do you know Zander?  Heís my boyfriend.  Well, sort of.  I mean I know he will totally forgive me after I explain to him what Grandfather did.  Weíll be back together soon.  For sure. 

Reginald: RightÖwell, on that note, itís time to vote.  Alan, youíre first. 

Alan heads out of the living room, into the front hall.  Picking up a fountain pen, he writes a name on a sheet of freshly printed paper that displays the ELQ letterhead. 


Alan: Well, this was not a hard decision to make.  I mean, why is he here anyway?  Heís always hanging around the house trying to start something with Father.  And did you know he broke up with Alexis?  Whatís wrong with this guy?  

He shoves the paper in an ELQ briefcase and heads back. AJ is the next to vote. 

AJ: No comment.  

Monica is next. Carefully she spells out: 


Monica: Wow, was this a tough decision.  I mean sure, Rae is this ex lover of Alanís, and I would like nothing more than to kick her butt back to Llanview, but did you see that hideous thing Chloe created for me to wear on the night I was renewing my vows?  And she was nearly an hour late.  I canít believe I got myself excited over that.  Maybe when she gets out of here, she can go to Milan and retake Fashion 101. 

Skye follows. Quickly she spells out:


Skye: I donít really need to explain do I? 

She gives her famous smirk and walks away.  Lila wheels in and casts her vote. Chloe is next.  She daintily prints out:  


Chloe: Well, this vote was going to be for Edward, but now Iíve decided that Ned has got to go.  I mean ever since he broke up with Alexis, heís been coming on to me.  But itís all right, because I know he just misses Alexis.  If Ned gets voted out tonight, I hope he realizes that he and Alexis are meant to be.  They belong together.  I donít know how much longer Iíll have to keep saying that before someone believes me.  I mean, I could so have Raeís job.  Look at all the hearts Iíve mended.  Soon Ned and Alexis will be back together.  And I really think my talk with Mac and Felicia after the Nurses Ball did a lot of good.  Sure, Mac didnít see the genius of my ways at first, but Iím convinced it was my advice that has him running after Felicia now.  Itís funny how I couldnít keep my own boyfriend from leaving me to search for his dead wifeÖ 

Ned comes back to vote, followed by Rae.  Edward is the last contestant to cast a vote. 


Edward: Iím voting for that hooligan Zander Smith because he is a deviant who belongs in jail, preferably in a cell across from Sonny Corinthos.  Deviants. 

He shakes his head and goes back. 

Reginald: Iíll tally the votes. 

He leaves the room and reenters a few seconds later with the ELQ briefcase. 

First vote, Chloe. 

Second vote, Emily. 

Third vote, Rae

Skye: Bye Bye Mommy dearestÖ 

Reginald: Next vote, Ned. 


Emily jumps up from her seat on the couch. 

Emily: WHAT?! Zanderís not even here!  Why canít any of you just give him a chance? I hate you! I hate all of you! 

AJ: Nice going GrandfatherÖ 

Skye: Edward! I thought we had a deal! 

Reginald: Excuse me! If we could get on with the votesÖ 

Everyone quiets down. 

Thank-you. Next vote, Monica 


Skye: Oh, I donít think so. I just got here; Iím not going anywhere. 

Reginald: Next vote, Ned. Thatís two votes, Ned. 

Monica, thatís two votes Ned, two votes Monica. 

Monica: I donít believe this! This is my house for Godís sake!  

Reginald: Last vote, the first person voted out of the Quartermaine mansion: 


Ned: Your lossÖ 

Reginald: Ned, youíll have to bring me your checkbook, the object that symbolizes your life in the Quartermaine mansion. 

Reggie takes the checkbook and throws it into the fireplace. 

Ned, the family has spoken. 

Ned exits with the tune of his performance of Simply Irresistible playing in the background. 

Well, folks that does it for us tonight.  Be sure to tune in next week to see who will be the next contestant voted out of the Q mansion.  Thank-you and goodnight. 


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