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                        Hi all!!  I’ve been away for what seems like forever but I’m back and ready to spew.  For those of you who have read any of my previous Muse Writers’ columns, you probably won’t be surprised at what I have to say (my opinions aren’t exactly mainstream).  Please remember:  this is just my opinion.  Again, please, no death threats or slanderous comments against my mother.  Here goes. 

                        Jax and Brenda make me gag. 

                        If I’m supposed to be manipulated by TPTB into emotionally investing in the current version of this couple, I’m failing miserably.  I admit – I wasn’t a huge Brenda fan during Round One.  Except for the fact that Brenda was always just a little too “perfect” for my taste and no man seemed able to resist her charms (blech!), I was fairly ambivalent about her.  Okay, she and Jax had some cute, romantic moments together that made me slightly envious.  But this time around, however, the whole scenario makes me want to run screaming into a scalding hot shower to clean off the crud. 

                        I am sick to death of how Brenda has been portrayed as “wronged” here.  “Wronged,” no.  Stupid, yes.  Okay, sure, she was told that she had this horrible genetic disorder and would eventually die some ugly (heaven forbid for the The Most Beautiful Girl in the World!) death.  But, and correct me if I’m wrong, she NEVER read the letter from the doctors in Port Charles (didn’t Jax burn it?) with her test results before she and Mommy Dearest took a nose dive over the cliff so the only one she got this information from was Dr. Reinmar.  So: a) Brenda actually left Jax BEFORE she knew she whether or not had the disease; b) Brenda told a man who was obviously hot for The Most Beautiful (blah, blah, blah) that she’d stay with him and provide him with sexual favors if he took care of her until and after she became “sick” (Alcazar might be a cunning criminal but he also has a penis); and c) Brenda never got a second opinion.  As far as I’m concerned, Brenda is her own worst enemy. 

                        But I MIGHT feel better about this little reunion if it came about honestly as opposed to it being masqueraded as “honest.”  Let’s start with Jax, shall we?  On the night that he and Skye were married, Jax left Skye to take Brenda to the cottage and then lied to Skye about it.  Jax cancelled their honeymoon in order to be with Brenda and then lied to Skye about it.  Jax bought Brenda a bag full of, let’s face it, slutty clothes (do you even think he would have dared to give the same trash to Skye?  I think not!) and then failed to mention the purchase to Skye.  Jax concocted some bogus meeting with Jason and then lied to Skye’s face when she confronted him about it.  (And how insulting is it that Jax tries to justify all this now by saying that he did it for Skye’s safety?  To quote Sage, “pfft.”)  Jax gets shot (mind you, because he’s with Brenda within mere hours of his wedding to Skye and, gee, has failed to tell his wife where he is), mutters Brenda’s name as he’s unconscious, basically tells Skye to take a hike because this brush with death has made him realize that he wants to be with Brenda (but tells himself that it’s because he doesn’t want to put Skye through the trauma of living with an invalid – how freakin’ noble!  Again, blech!) and then tries to practice kissing Brenda so this little ploy will look authentic to Skye.  Oh, I forgot about the little sex dream he conveniently had about Brenda.  Bottom line, from the moment that Jax laid his eyes on Brenda on his (and Skye’s!) porch on the night of his wedding, every move Jax has made has been a calculated effort to be with Brenda.  Gratefully, for those of us who are insulted but this kind of treatment by a “loving spouse,” Skye isn’t stupid.  (Frankly, Skye would have gotten a second opinion.) 

                        And what about Brenda?  Brenda watches Jax and Skye get married (after miraculously, yet quite easily, finding Jax’s discarded wedding ring – gag) and Skye eventually finds out about it.  Brenda all but lives by Jax’s bed in the hospital and constantly undermines Skye’s role as Jax’s wife when it comes to Jax’s recovery.  Brenda goes along with Jax’s egocentric plan to make Skye believe that he and Brenda are together again.  Brenda tells Skye in no uncertain terms that if Brenda wants to boink Jax until the cows come home, she can whenever she wants.  (By the way, Skye tells Jax all of these things and Jax doesn’t do much with regard to putting a stop to it other than to chastise Skye.  Hmmm…  Who writes this male-oriented crap?)  Then Brenda and Jax decide to ignore his recent wedding vows to another woman and take a little honeymoon of their own.  Finally, and most insulting of all, Jax then has the audacity to call Skye a liar and Brenda has the balls to show up at SKYE’S house after doing her husband and lecturing Skye on Skye’s sin of drinking.  (Last I checked, “thou shalt not drink” wasn’t a commandment like “thou shalt not covet…”) 

                        Okay, Skye didn’t tell Jax that Brenda wasn’t “sick.”  But answer me this:  why should she?  What does she owe Brenda enough to do this?  After everything Brenda has pulled on Skye, why should Skye trust that Brenda actually didn’t know the truth about herself (who could imagine anyone being as stupid as Brenda in this situation?) and just got off on hanging out with a gorgeous, devoted arms dealer who would literally kill for her?  I mean, Skye doesn’t know Brenda from Adam (and I ain’t talkin’ Chandler).  I’ll say it:  if The Most Beautiful Girl in the World was obviously after my husband who himself had admitted to lying to me about her presence and his whereabouts in connection therewith, I’d damn well keep the happy news of her non-death to myself and not regret it for a moment.  Call me crazy. 

                        Am I the only one who sees Jax and Brenda as incredibly selfish?  As far as I’m concerned, these two deserve each other.  Jax is as sanctimonious as they come and Brenda thinks the world revolves around her (and TPTB are accommodating her). 

                        Okay.  Bring it on.





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