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                        I can’t adequately express to you how disappointed I am in myself.  Last weekend I finally had a fairly large block of time in my life to sit down and watch the 12 (count ‘em, 12!) days’ worth of General Hospital that I’d been avoiding for, oh, 12 days.  In a last ditch effort to do anything BUT subject myself to this unfortunate boredom, I decided on one more tour around my cable channels to attempt to find ANYTHING that could even remotely entertain me more.  Ironically, I ended up watching “Soap Dish” with Sally Field and Kevin Kline.  Now granted, the movie takes soaps to an extreme but I was FINALLY satisfied by viewing something resembling a soap opera.  And, as an added bonus, to top off the entire experience, Stephen Nichols graced my screen for a few fleeting moments at the end of the movie (this had to be more air time than he had on GH during his last 6 months on the show).

I truly hate that I’m beginning to dread rewinding my tape every night (or every 12 nights, as the case may be) to try to salvage something positive that apparently isn’t there.  I’m honestly trying but I’m just not seeing much and I don’t WANT to be this way.  Maybe I’ve got blinders on and I just need all of you to point out to me what’s good.  I know that all of our opinions are different but it may help me (and even you) to hear what others are enjoying.  I’ll even start the ball rolling with the only thing that I honestly like lately:  Luke and Laura are back together (sorry, I stole the easy one).

                        Anyway, on to my “nits”.

I feel a little better but would really prefer to say more positive things.  Please let me know what YOU like about GH.  I’ll share in my next column.

                        Thanks for reading. 


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