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This is my first attempt at a muse column so please be gentle if you want to tell me that it is completely shallow and helplessly silly.   Actually, I’m sort of aiming for it to be both of those things because it would be redundant to write any really good GH commentary – there are so many folks at EOS that already have that in the bag.  This is pure, catty fluff; so if you’re in the mood, pull up your windowsill and say, “meow” with me…. 

I like the sporty little pink velour jacket that Liz wore in the warehouse scenes.  The cap sleeves worked well for that flesh wound (I loved hearing Jason talk about flesh for that matter) but I’m just not sure I would have paired it with that long flowery skirt.  Seemed like maybe she spilled something on the blouse that went with that skirt, popped that pink thing on and perhaps because artistic brains can be scattered, forgot to change into the jean skirt she meant to wear with it.  Or shorts – why doesn’t anyone wear shorts in PC when I know it’s at least in the 90’s?  Like Lizzie couldn’t pull off some cute little hippy shorts with a t-shirt every now and then?  

I had to laugh at one of the posts I saw on another message board.  A warning to all women who wear pink on Guza’s GH… Lily died in pink, Liz in her pink, Felicia with Faison in her endless pink lingerie, etc.  For the love of the Peanut, dear Alexis – leave that darn pink suit you had on last week at the dry cleaners!  

For some reason, Carly’s look is particularly appealing in the last few days.  She was wearing a tight fitting (surprise! I even saw her thong line) leopard print dress and had her hair pulled back (she sure could use a root touch-up).  Anyway, I thought it was a nice “wife of mobster” look.  It makes me crazy when she dresses five and dime trashy with Sonny strolling around in his perfectly pressed suits.  

The last time I saw Laura I thought she had some great jewelry on.  All kinds of silver and turquoise that looked like the real deal stuff you get in New Mexico.  Then I noticed the rest of her outfit and it was so Home Shopping Club that I wondered how in the hell these wardrobe people keep their jobs.  All loose fitting synthetic materials that are fit for women who are size 18 plus.  Not that there’s anything WRONG with us gals who are a lil’ well rounded, but what is Laura, a 10?  A 12?  Get this woman some damn jeans and a brown peasant blouse and show me that turquoise again!  And, as for her business attire (when she’s actually doing business and not just floating around in suit jackets that drag the floor at HOME), she should consult Alexis.  I’m sure she could point the way to the store in PC that carries tailored items…  

Speaking of Alexis, she and Felicia always look pretty darn good.  Felicia looks like she might be training for an upcoming role in Terminator 25 with those biceps.  In the ongoing campaign to save the Peanut, I must add that I can’t wait to see Alexis’ maternity wardrobe.  I am just betting she won’t be the stretch pant and sweater type, so it should be interesting.  

As for the fellas, I’m not even going to comment on Jason’s wide array of solid colored v-neck t-shirts.  I just want to see one get shed.  I am an official member of the net group Take your freakin’ shirt off Jason, occupying seat 1C.  See Sherry for your membership application.  (Kidding..)  

Roy has looked much better since he started putting on the Ritz.  I’m delving into commentary here, but I have to say that I’m really sorry to see him go now that he actually has a decent story for the first time since well, ever.  It’s as nice to see him in a suit as it was to see Sonny in board shorts – scrap that – it wasn’t THAT nice, but he does wear it well.  

And with that, the fashion police are headed straight to the PCPD to put out some fires there… Mac (who is weirdly Dick Clarkish in the aging process) is a wild man in his colorful golf shirts and Taggert in that lime green mock turtleneck almost made me fall off the couch last week.  I love a man who’s not afraid of some color! 

Until the muse strikes again… 


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