By Dianna

        Otherwise know as “Not Another Re-cast Please”.  I cannot take them anymore.  I swear I may lose my mind.  Port Charles may be leaving us, the story may have gotten out of control, but at least my characters came back (when they had screen time at least) always looking like the same person and generally with the same personality.  Ok well maybe not the personality . . . But anyway . . . 

        This is mostly a rant against GH because I long ago stopped watching OLTL.  Let us begin as the beginning.  Finally.  I was EXCITED.  We had a character with potential.  The actress and the character momentarily harbored some real, tangible and believable potential.  Why did they take Lydia away?  Jessica Ferrarone I greatly disliked for about an hour.  Then I just realized I didn’t.  I like what she said, how she looked, how she interacted with the cast.  To be honest, I felt about her, the same way I felt many years ago about a snooty, spoiled little brat named Brenda.  To this day – I miss Brenda horrible.  I love Vanessa.  I love Brenda and Sonny.  I just need her there.  Lydia played by Jessica could have possibly begun to fill that empty space.  I saw J. Robin Wright and I cringed.   I heard her speak and since that time I have never let my finger wander far from that FF button.  She has no spark, She has no gumption, she is just a real flat, cheap glass of champagne after having a fancy bottle of Bubbly Dom Perignon.   Wow.  It Wasn’t until I started writing this that I realized just how strongly I felt.

        Truly I’d rather they bring on new characters than ruin the memories of my old.

        To me Gia isn’t Gia.  She reminds me of a girl from money (which Gia wasn’t).  She is kinder, gentler and a total pushover (again – our Gia wasn’t) The way she freely handed Zander back to Em – Well our Gia never would have.

        Carly isn’t really Carly.  My Carly didn’t coddle.  Didn’t take orders from anyone.  Sucked at motherhood the first time around.  Loved Jason too much to worship Sonny so unabashedly.  Loved a scheme and a challenge.  Would have buried Faith and generally just liked to be real mean to people for no reason what so ever.

        I’ve lost Lucky.  Don’t know him, not interested in finding out about him.  He no longer looks even remotely like a Lucky.  I don’t get the grab and kiss Lydia once an episode and with this re-cast – It is reminding me of Jacob’s Lucky and the Sarah Webber deal.  FAKE!

        I like NuEm – but with Nik.  Given a choice though, I’d gladly welcome back Amber.

        Let me say – It is so good to have Old Nik back again.  I never was a raging Cassadine fan and I admit – I didn’t know I missed him until he came back.  Tyler IS Nikolas Cassadine and always has been.

        Anyone remember the Dawn recasts?  Monica’s other illegitimate daughter.  There were 4 of them if I am not mistaken and the character was not even around that long.  I could never keep track of who she was.

Sometimes GH is like watching an episode of Twilight Zone or Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

GH needs to go back to their roots.  Watch 500 old episodes.  Replay the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Remember the Frisco’s and Sean Donnely’s, Robert and Anna’s – They need to be shown what it looks like to actually tell a story.  Introduction, beginning, middle (climax) and End (resolution).  Throw in a little foreshadowment (that FORE SHADOW – not dead give away) and they may have a recipe.

It is silly but as fellow soap fans I think you can understand.  These characters (well those) were real to me (not in a sick, unstable way).  I used to dream about them and their lives (hey I am creative and imaginative) and dream up what might happen next.  Sometimes I even would dream I would meet them but in the dreams they were their characters and in my dream I would become part of their storyline.

Anyway – I’ll be done now.  Sad and nostalgic.  I no longer have the same investment, I no longer panic on Friday’s because I can hardly wait for Monday and I NEVER rewind a part b/c it was so good I had to see it again.  In fact, now I find myself doing a whole lot of fast forwarding.




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