Our special guest writers show their stuff!

4/21/03  This week, we welcome a new Muse Writer to our site!  Erica Vanaver step up to the podium to submit to you some plot twists that we feel the GH writers should camp onto and FAST!  We now turn the show over to Erica:

By:  Erica Vanaver            

It makes me laugh is that the "Best Plot Twist" award at The Soap Opera Digest Awards went to Sonny and Alexis having sex.  Is that really a plot twist in the land of GH?  I think a plot "twist" would be Sonny and Bobbie having sex, or AJ and Alexis having sex.  Isn't a "plot twist" something unexpected?  Something you lead up to for months is not a plot twist, really, is it?  Since “plot twist” is used so generally, I'd like to propose a few more "plot twists" for you to consider:

Courtney gets split ends and stuffs her face with Haagen Dazs Chocolate Chocolate Chip.   

Rick wakes up from a dream where he did something really sh***y to Carly.  He feels guilty and cries. 

Sonny takes Michael to "The Lizzie McGuire Movie", then they skip home singing the songs.  

Liz and Courtney do actual work at Kelly's while Penny goes to rob their apartments and steal their men. 

Zander gets his own show, starring Zander's face, Zander's chest, and Zander's voice among other things Zander.  The show is tentatively titled, "ZANDER!!!!" 

Skye says "Jax who?" 

Jax realizes he shouldn't have the same name as a snack food, and asks people to call him "Jaspy."  He is then laughed out of the city, and blames Sonny. 

Monica and Alan get bored and go to the mall for a corn dog and an Orange Julius. 

Edward calls Medicare to dispute his last hospital bill. 

Lila kicks Faith's ass as the ghost of Catherine laughs. 

Alexis watches a weekend Lifetime Movie Network marathon, which starts with All out of Monistat:  The Fiora Bistdermieyer Story. 

Scotty calls his children, realizing that Father's Day is soon approaching and angling for a really cool gift.  

Skye and Courtney are in yet another accident, and when they wake up think they are Lorna Devon and Ally Fowler from Another World.  They go look for their mommies, Felicia Gallant and Amanda Cory. 

Carly goes to spend a whoooole day with Bobbie.   

Bobbie gets a scene! 

Ned goes to Home Depot to get stuff for a new gatehouse. 

Lesley demands to know why no one has told her that her daughter is mental; no one knows who she is. 

Luke decides to become a dentist so he can perform root canal on people who piss him off. 

Nik I gives Nik II some serious hair technique tips.  Nik II doesn't take notes so Lucky III takes away his hairspray and Sinatra CD's. 

AJ has a dream that he's Cousin Flip on Happy Days. 

Cameron buys a McDonald's franchise and lobbies for a Zander Happy Meal toy. 

Laura comes out of Hiatusville Hospital and kidnaps Lulu, who is now 18 with a ‘tude. 

Taggert tells Gia he met a bunch of vampires; she tells him to go lie down.   

Mac explains to Maxie and Georgie that they are related to Lucas even if not by blood.  Maxie says "Whatever. Where's Mom?"   

Summer finds her brother Winter and they live happily ever after.   

Baby Kristina is SORAS'D and tells Ma she wants a damn name change, pronto. 

....and last, but not least:   

Jason and Sonny go to couples therapy:  “What about MY needs, man?”


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