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 Karen L.

Ah, my fear has been confirmed, that Alexis was just being "Felicia/Scottyized" in her scenes with Sonny.  Flea and Scotty were ruined at the altar of L&L when it was clear from the way the story was told that they were just blips in the road on the way to L&L being reunited.  I liked Luke and Felicia's friendship, but the show screwed up the romance.  The show should have structured it so that Luke and Felicia had NO CHOICE but to work secretly together.  Then I could have understood and supported their growing attraction.  Instead, Felicia kept Mac in the dark, not to protect him -- because as written being isolated from Felicia and what she was doing -- but because Luke wouldn't trust her if she told anything to Mac.  the show didn't make the case that Luke NEEDED Felicia in order to find Lucky -- that it couldn't have been done without her help (and the writers could have structured it that way).  Instead, the show had Felicia neglect her own kids, and treat Mac's heart like yesterday's garbage so she could spend a few more precious moments with Luke. And once Mac and Flea broke up, every time Felicia would have a bad experience with Luke, the show would give her a scene with Mac, which didn't help.  The main reason I knew that Scotty and Flea didn't have a chance is hell, however, is that neither character was given anything else to do.  Scotty was ONLY around for Laura; Felicia was just there for Luke.  There was no attempt to bring Luke into Felicia's life with her girls ... it was separate and apart and there was no doubt there were no plans for it to go forward.

And now we have Felicia sitting there with no Luke and no Mac (and Mac would be the biggest twit in the world to take her back) and no story.  It’s the same with Scotty.

I wish the show hadn't made Alexis and Stefan relatives, because Nancy has her best chemistry with Tony Geary and Stephen Nichols -- neither of whom was available for a long-term romance.  Even if Stefan wasn't Alexis' BIOLOGICAL brother, they were raised together thinking they were cousins, but in a brother-sister relationship.  For it to be romantic would just be too yucky.  And with Stefan leaving, I don't see the point.

However, I love, LOVE the idea of bringing back Robert Scorpio and giving a Robert/Alexis pairing a try…or even pairing Jerry with Alexis.  I don't think ABC/GH saw Julian Stone as a romantic lead (I really liked him), so they could recast with a strong actor.  But if you take away the watered down (setting a bomb because a minion of Jason's had him running scared -- arrrgh, and being domesticated before we saw him be a slut) way Jerry was written, and go back to the exciting, vibrant, eccentric character that made Jax look like a choir boy.  He could be a wonderful match for Alexis. 

But Alexis needs to be with an actor that puts her at the grown up table and allows her to play deep drama in addition to comedy.  Alexis has become a farce, and that's such a waste!  I don't see any point to rehashing Nexis.  That horse died a long time ago.  Nexis was mishandled for too long to go back and get story now. 

As for Sonny and Carly, yawn.  I know I'm in the minority, but I prefer Sonny with Mike and Jason, and Stone, and Luke.  He's too whiney around women.  I am absolutely shocked at how much I have enjoyed the Jax/Carly scenes.  I can't stand the thought of Jax saddled with another female that starts out in love with Sonny, so there is no way I'd like a romance.  But if Sonny weren't in the picture, there could actually be potential there.  I'm interested to see what they do with Courtney -- if they actually give her a story and a personality -- or if they simply give her a quirk or two, throw her next to Jax and expect it to take.

As for Kristina, I don't see the point; she's just Chloe with red hair.  Why didn't they just keep Chloe and have her turn out to be Alexis' sister.  It would explain why she had the psychic connection to the Cassadine music box, was read books about St. Petersburg, and felt an affinity for Alexis and Stefan.  Sure she kissed Stefan, but it didn't get past the point of disgusting for siblings who didn't know they were siblings.  Don't get me wrong, I really like Jamie Newman, but I'm the redecorating, "know who’s naughty or nice within 3 seconds of meeting them" stuff they are writing for Kristina is being done as subtly as Angel always wearing white.  Plus, while I like her singing, I think L&B should be put to rest. Ned is much more interesting scheming as a Q than isolated in the corner running L&B.


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