Our special guest writers show their stuff!

The Wubqueen speaks!!  Karen, the wubqueen, posted a wonderful piece on Soap Zone and has given Eye on Soaps permission to reprint it here.  Says Karen, "I was once thrilled at the possibility of the WUB material Brender may bring, but now I just want to hide my head in the OVEN and sniff deeply"  Never heard of WUBS?  Oh ho ho, you poor child!  Click HERE to learn more!

I look at the ratings after that HORRIBLE cheesy, fake stupid "plane crash" story and can't help but thinking: Do the ratings get tweaked just like the accounting did for Enron and Global Crossing? Do suits sit up there and decide them without really LOOKING? They have to be.

Vanessa Marcil may be back, but GH is basically such utter rehash of past storylines, I sometimes wonder if JFP and McTavish aren't exacting some kind of revenge on us viewers.

Ric=Roy. His coming to town is almost EXACTLY like Roy's!!! Soon Sonny will "test" him JUST LIKE ROY! Jason is wary of him JUST LIKE ROY! Is he FBI? Mob related? Who cares. I can predict that he'll PASS Sonny's test, be taken into the fold then, he'll BETRAY Sonny! Doesn't take a rocket scientist for that!

Luke and the "Laura" story. I think I need to cry over this crap. It's painful. Geary fired his agent/rep. Maybe it's his swan song. Maybe Demi Moore will guest star as the "sister"'s just unbelievable that Bobbie or Scotty haven't said: UH, HELLLLLLOOOOOO the EXACT thing already happened to Luke. The only difference? "Laura" wore a trench coat.

The "Couples" While fan bases are busy tearing each other's throats out, people have switched partners more than JLo. Faster too. Why get attached to ANYONE? You know it won't last. No

Alacar=Sorel Like, when it's finally over we'll care?

Lucas and his "problem"...was this SUCH a bad idea they dropped it? IS the Maxie/Mini thing SO like the Webber sisters---soon we'll see Maxie smoking and trying to put condoms in Mini's bag? Is there a recast for NuLucas? ugh...terrible.

Skye drunk. Yet another Q falls off the wagon. snore. Thank GOD RC can act like she does. Ingo seems like he's on Valium while Vanessa's drinking too much coffee.

Droppings: The Attic story...dropped. Florence Campbell and Janine dropped (don't they think we NOTICE?), Nia dropped, or at least vanished for now, and ZANDER!!! Here's a popular 20something guy that CAN ACT...and he's backburnered (well, off the stove really) for MONTHS!?????--Sonny's Baby, dropped, or at least as far as Sonny's concered. There is so little left of Sexis that whatever tension or stress they want out of that is GONE.

Recasts/Leavings: LOL. In the past 4 years we've seen:
NuGeorgie, then NuOldGeorgie
soon to be NuGia
We've lost:
Jerry Jax
Taggert may as well be
Lulu? Why did Denise Alexander show up?

Canvas extras: Elton, Janine, Florence...

Jason, gone come, Brenda gone come...

Some of those characters did need to go, but the sheer VOLUME of turnover is just amazing. GH is the most inconsistant show out there.

Can you have loyalty to THIS at all? I don't know. Someone must. Maybe all those youngin's out there that haven't watched soaps for years think it's cool.
I still think the ratings revolve like CEO's do. And Head Writers. And EP's.