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 Sherry Mercurio

Hey - Labor Day must have passed without my even getting a burger off the grill, WTF???  I can't believe that I didn't even get to celebrate ......... but I know it must be true because I could swear that Angel is now wearing off-white.  Oh well, maybe next year I can have double helpings of everything at the picnic.   
I loved the Skye, AJ, and Alan scenes.  Loved, loved, loved them!  I even shed a tear or two for poor AJ and maybe a little one for Skye.  If I had the extra money to spend, I would get myself to the GH studio and sit my rear end down in some important doorway and refuse to move until TPTB start giving some of these talented people they have sitting around doing nothing (Billy W.), a storyline worthy of their respective talents.  It should really be a crime to have some of the most talented actors in daytime on staff and NOT use them in lieu of hiring fresh, new, beautiful, boring actors to act out old, tired, boring storylines.  I know this has been said a million times by many, many people lately but damn!  Why does it continue?  I hear rumors of more new additions coming our way, I'm just wondering who thinks we don't have people enough on the canvas?  I really don't feel we are lacking for characters right now, though there are always a few I could live without and I might be willing to make a trade for one or two of them,  under the right circumstances that is.  What we are lacking is storylines!  There used to be such a nice mix of storylines going on.  Some I loved, some I could live without but the beauty was that there was enough good to sit through the less than interesting.  Now, if you don't like Melissa (and I don't dislike her except for the fact that she is permeating everything), you are pretty screwed.  She is now involved with both the mob bad guys and the Cassadine's.  The only other real storyline we have going is the little bit going on in the Quartermaine household which is pretty negligible right now anyway.  So if she happens to be someone you'd rather not see you are supposed to put up with her ability to pop up in literally any scene, anywhere.  And, I don't mean to be unfeeling, but I could not care a bit less about Leo.  I don't know Leo, never did.  I don't even really know Melissa and therefore it's pretty hard to feel much of anything when she is ranting about Sorel being unworthy of life and such.  I'm hoping I missed exactly when Roy found out it was Sorel that killed Leo because if he knew it all along then why wasn't he ticked enough to be acting like this back when Sorel took Boobie?  He is so completely unable to restrain himself all the sudden - I don't get it. 
Let's talk for just a moment about one-hundred and eighty degree turns.  So many characters are completely changing their minds about things that my own head is spinning along with theirs.  Bobbie - Carly and Sonny belong together, Roy shouldn't have messed with their marriage and encouraged Carly to do something that would ruin it, blah blah.  Bobbie now - Carly get away from Sonny he is evil incarnate because a BOMB was delivered to your apartment?!!!  The only bomb every "delivered" to the apartment was delivered a looong time ago now, why is she fixating on this now?  Or does she mean the one Sonny "delivered" himself?  I don't get it.  Example # 2 of spinning heads - Elizabeth.  She tells Nik that they have to do everything and anything to save Lucky, then she starts practically hissing at him when he proceeds to doing just that.  Apparently he is supposed to do whatever he has to but she is not gonna do a darn thing.  And please, don't take any of these comments to mean that I actually like either of these storylines either because I think they both have very little to them.  Spinning Head #3 would be Lucky, but hey, his head is actually supposed to be spinning so I will leave him basically alone except to say once again that this is the weirdest programming.  Sometimes he is aware and remembers, sometimes he doesn't; sometimes remorseful, sometimes not.  No where near comprehensible.  Yooouuuu Whhoooooo, Roy, um, please tell us why you didn't offer your help to Sonny to kill Sorel off if you were feeling so murderous toward him,  instead of offering your help to Carly which would have removed the only supposed person who was controlling what Sorel is capable of, and then what? You were going to kill him yourself?  Sounds like a stupid plan to me but then maybe it's excusable since your head is spinning so fast you can't possibly see straight.
I'm liking Gia more all the time.  I think Ms. Ramirez has pretty good potential as an actress and I think the scenes post - breakup have been not far off from how many young ladies would be behaving after being dumped out of nowhere.  And the fact that I was cringing during her scenes with Stavros must mean that they've got me somewhat caught up in this tangent.  Now, if she sleeps with him......... I'll wait and see on that but I don't think I'm gonna like it.  I'm thinking this whole thing with Nik should be a catalyst for him to go a little more "bad boy" for awhile.  I mean, come on, there is no way he is going to come out of this and get his girl back - and I really doubt he is even going to get his brother back either.  I see him ending up pretty alone with no one thanking him for all his effort so he turns bitter and angry and finds himself a lot like his uncle and auntie Alexis.  The truth is he is doing something that is exactly like things his uncle has done to him in the name of love which he always hated and he swore he would never be like that.  Whoops, blew that one.
A couple of weeks ago, around the time of the penthouse bombing, I mentioned that NuCarly seemed to be a little less annoying to me.  Well, it turns out that I apparently spoke to soon.  The first few days that the tide turned I hoped that maybe she had filmed some scenes out of order and therefore it only appeared that the progress was reversing.  But sadly, that doesn't appear to be the case as she is now flailing her way through most scenes again with her arms flapping wildly and her eyes a-rollin again.  When she "ran" out on Dr. Meadows the other day I laughed right out loud - I've never seen anything like it.  The way she moves is just something else.  I will light a candle and hope that she can bring back those flashes of potential I swear I saw.
Now, as for my favorite thing of late............."the real Luke"!  Couldn't tell you yet if I think the story will be worth watching, I have no clue why he is acting different or why there are two of him.  I've personally never heard of an injectable personality splitter, but hey, who knows.  So for me this isn't about the story at large, but the fabulous scenes with Flea.  I haven't laughed that hard in a long, looong time.  It totally cracked me up to watch the fabulous T.G. having a grand old time with those lines!  Saying everything that poor Flea had feared in the back of her little mind - perfect!  Once I got past some of her ridiculous expressions (by the way, great comeback to Helena, "Like playing chess with a sugarbowl".........I'm sure Flea was wondering how that witty little line popped into her head so fast, and just when she needed a snappy comeback.......) I even cheered for the kick in the head.  I'm not sure I like where this storyline is going but I definitely enjoyed those scenes!  Intercutting those with all the scenes of Lizzie getting booted by Lucky, then turned down by Sonny was a bit of icing on the cake for that episode.  Catty as it may be, I couldn't help it - after all the attitude she had just finished giving Nik, who was trying (albeit stupidly) to help her I was not feeling very sympathetic to her cause.
NOOOOOooooooooo, not the fake pregnancy thing again.............. hey, Carly - give Roy a call, maybe he will be willing to help you out with this little problem to.  All you need is a dark haired baby that's prone to the criminal and it's fine if it's a few months late. Send Sonny back to the cabin for a couple of months and he will get all confused about how much time has really passed, trust me, time stands still out there at the lake. 

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