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            I want to start this column on a rare and much needed and welcome positive note.  In the past few weeks I’ve actually begun to enjoy watching General Hospital again (did I actually say the words “enjoy” and “General Hospital” in the same sentence???)  I’ve gone home after work every night actually looking forward to rewinding my tape, turning off the world and tuning in to the happenings in Port Charles.  God help me but I believe I see Bob Guza’s hand in a lot of the current dialogue and, while I’m not and have never been a big Guza fan, I am, at the moment, incredibly grateful for his return.  (But if he screws with my Luke and Laura reunion, heads will roll...)   

Before I get started on my usual nits, I need to finish off what I started last time.  In my last column I asked for you all to tell me anything GOOD about General Hospital.  (Please note:  for the record, my last column was before the Guza and, more importantly, the Jason return announcements, which, in my mind, changes EVERYTHING.)  I got some great comments but, to be honest, not as many thoughts on what you liked about GH as I had hoped.  (Now whether that’s because no one else could come up with anything or it’s just that my column sucked is open to debate...)  However, here’s what some of you think:

I’m going to try to remember to ask this question again in, let’s say, six months and see if the responses are any different or, at the very least, if there are more of them.  (Frankly I highly doubt the shirtless Jax comment will be removed from the list, but that’s just me with this image now firmly implanted in my brain for the remainder of the day.) 

            Now, I want to get this out of the way.  I’m about to retract a comment that I felt pretty strongly about in my last column.  The statement was: “I want Liz and Lucky back together.”  Two things have happened since I spewed this to make me completely change my mind.  First and foremost:  everything “Lucky” in the past two weeks.  I have liked absolutely NOTHING about the character, his Anger Boy attitude and, I’m sorry to say, Jacob Young and, if I could somehow manage it, would permanently delete Lucky from my screen until Jonathan Jackson returns to bring some normalcy back to the role.  I’m fairly proud of the fact that I’ve been pretty accepting of all recasts -- trying very hard to give people time to fit into the roles and, in some cases, the huge shoes of the previous actors in those roles.  I try to look at the story, not the actor.  I have given JY the benefit of the doubt from the beginning regardless of how talented and wonderful I thought JJ was as Lucky.  But the past few weeks have sealed JY’s fate FOR ME.  When I saw his pitiful attempt at a tortured James Dean right before he and Sarah somehow magically developed this mutual heat for each other behind Jake’s, I knew I was done with him.  But beyond even the actor, I’m bored and disgusted with Anger Boy.  Yes, Nik paid a witness to lie about who ran the red light.  Blah, blah, blah.  But would it have changed Liz’s injuries if Courtney ran the light instead of Gia?  And having been on the receiving end of a Helena ambush, you would think Lucky would be a tad more understanding of the rock/hard place situation Nik was in when he was forced to help her escape.  Hell, even Luke understands.  Give it a freakin’ rest.  And why is Sarah excused from any blame in this situation?  (Well, now we KNOW why but let’s forget about that for a second.)  She KNEW that Gia didn’t have a blood alcohol test and kept her mouth shut.  Why doesn’t Lucky feel betrayed by this?  Because he may get some?  Please.  Anyway, the second reason I’m taking back my comment is pretty simple and if I would have known this prior to my last column I would have never made the original statement:  (say it with me, now) Jason is coming back.  I LOVED Liz and Jason together. (whether it’s just because I like them together or if it’s the fact that I lust after Steve Burton is irrelevant).  Liz was so much more fun around Jason (hell, who wouldn’t be?) and the chemistry between the two actors was great!!  On the flip side, in my opinion Rebecca Herbst and JY have no chemistry period.  (Actually the only one that I think JY has chemistry with is NuNik, but let’s not go there, K?)  I liked the tender side of Jason that Liz brought out -- kind of like Robin but not so pure and judgmental.  And if neither of the previous reasons work for you as to why I have officially resigned from the Liz and Lucky camp, just let me say this:  I’m blond (and some of it is actually natural, or used to be) and pregnant and can take back anything I want with no explanations necessary.  My husband and I refer to this as my pregnancy trump card.  Deal with it.                         

Okay, that now said, let me nitpick.

And as a final thought, some lines of amusement over the past couple of weeks:

Once again, thanks for reading and I’d love your comments.  Take care!


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