Dear ABC – Please don’t waste any more talent . . .
By Dianna 

I thought I would share some news that I just read in the new ABC Soaps in Depth magazine.  According to the article currently no major players have made any deals with any other shows.  Lynn Herring, Lucy, says that GH has NOT contacted her as of press time.  The article further stated that no grand finale has been concocted and Erin Hershey-Presley was quoted as saying (in regards to the ending) “it will leave you with a million questions…” It sounds to me as if this will be an abrupt and frustrating departure for PC fans in October. 

Let us hope that GH has enough sense to snatch up some of the stellar actors that were born to Port Charles.  Just think of the possibilities we could have with Erin Hershey-Presley, Brian Presley, Kiko Ellsworth, Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton.  Imagine the triangles and sparks that any halfway decent scribe could concoct.  The crowning beauty being that they can stay who they are.  Allison is Amanda Barrington’s granddaughter; she actually already has roots and ties in Port Charles.  Allison could take over Mrs. Barrington’s position at the hospital instantly placing her at odds with the Quatermaines (or do the Cassadines still have control?  I forget – oh well – It’s my fantasy).  Can’t you mentally see the sparks she ignites among the Q men?  Edward won’t be able to help adoring her, Ned will fall over his feet trying to manipulate her and AJ will finally have story potential.  Then Ned and AJ can battle for her love and we can have an awesome triangle that is actually given time to develop. 

Meanwhile, Livvie marches into Jax’s life and he is turned upside down as she brings him back to life and infuses in him some personality.  They embark on a scintillating adventure as they both search for a fabled relic rumored to be worth billions.  As the each try to stay one step ahead of the other they find that instead they just keep tripping over one another (think Jewel of the Nile and Romancing the Stone).  Again – it will develop slowly and believably and no one will be hopping in bed or shouting words of love within 30 days.  (PS – she is no longer a vampire). 

Now we check on Jamal and Jack who have re-opened, yes you guessed it, The Outback.  (Remember Mac and Flea’s old restaurant and happening set?)  The Outback grand opening will include all major characters and will have a re-naming contest in which our new teen scene will figure.  Here will be a place for everybody to come.  It won’t open one day and be gone the next just to re-appear for a pointless scene of Maxie on ecstasy. 

Now Jack and Jamal need a business manager and here come Skye.  How cool would that be as she falls for Jamal and realizes love really does exist?  Not that fake crap that she thought she had with Jax but the real thing that knocks her flat her on her ass when she isn’t even paying attention.  Meanwhile Jack and Jamal inadvertently get involved with Sonny and Jason and though at odd the foursome gain a grudging respect for one another reminiscent of the great Sonny/Luke friendship that should have never dissolved. 

Caleb.  Caleb.  Caleb.  Whatever shall he do?  Liz.  Yes.  Liz needs a real relationship and Caleb has just the edge to keep her interested yet not destroy her.  But wait; on the walk towards love there must always be a rocky path to follow.  Caleb is in therapy with Cameron trying to work through his emotional scars from all the evil and death he caused during his years undead.  He is afraid to hurt Liz and basically afraid to get to close to anybody.  Caleb and Alexis form a bond as they share how it feels to be a cold-blooded killer.  The friendship develops and Alexis proposes they marry and join forces to regain custody of Kristina who now resides in the Penthouse with Sonny and step-mom Carly.  Can Liz ever get her true love? 

This is fun.  Hmmm – who else needs a story? 

Oh yes.  Luke returns to find his son, Lucky, happily ensconced in his new PCPD uniform.  Lucky has a whole new lease on life, not the least of which is his budding romance with Courtney.  (Unless of course we can get back the original version of Lydia).  Luke is appalled and furious, especially when Lucky arrests for resisting arrest and fugitive status.  Not only that, but his mind is filled with the plans for Nik’s bachelor party as the Emily and Nik wedding draws near.  This wedding almost goes off without a hitch when – GASP- they find the pale, dead body of NULydia. 

Scotty runs for mayor, while Gia vies for the coveted DA position. 

Mac actually makes lawful decisions at the PCPD. 

Stefan and Monica begin an affair, which threatens Alan’s very sanity.  The affair begins when the Dr. and the moneymaker form a partnership in experimental tissue regeneration.  Can they stop the aging process?  Can they make an old man/women 35 again?  If so – who will their first live experiment be?   

 Luke is still pissed and will just be in everyone else’s business. 

Carly’s underground club is filled back in.  This time completely.  Kelly’s no longer has a basement. 

Brenda is back full force.  Does she want Jason?  Does she want Lorenzo Alcazar?  Is she back to reclaim Sonny?  I can guarantee it won’t be Jax.  My fantasy – so I know it will be her and Sonny in the end, but not before we see her and Coleman connect when she take a job bartending at Jake’s.  It will be fun and exciting and will open the door for Carly and Jason to finally realize they are soul mates, leaving Sonny in a spot.  Who does he pursue first? And who can replace Jason in Sonny’s life? 

Ok I think I’m done now.  I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!!




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