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Rants and Rambles by Kathy

As you might guess, I love my 38 minutes of General Hospital fantasy and fiction.  For me, it is the best book with the greatest characters that I never have to finish reading.  So I’m hooked.  I also seem to be hooked on Eye On Soaps.  Katrina, Sage, and Sherry have become my GH e-mail buddies when I have a need to spew my comments and observations.  They just build up inside until I have to let them out somewhere.  Katrina suggested that I try a muse column and this is my first attempt.  This need to share seems to overcome me weekly and I guess it's that time again.  Hopefully, here at Eye On Soaps I can share my comments and still be considered sane in the real world.  Please be gentle with me, and if you can’t be gentle, at least talk nice.  Here goes… 

Didn't Carly look good in that bathing suit?  I want to look like that in my bathing suit.  The scenes between Sonny and Carly on the island were great – intense, emotional, real.   My one off beat thought was TB needs to work on her crying technique.  SB could cry at the drop of a hat, gently soaking up the tears with a napkin, never smudging her makeup.  And, she looked good doing it. 

Carly had a moment.  Did you catch it?  She politely said thank you more than once to Alexis at the police station for part of an episode.  I waited for the rude comment, expected it, but she pulled it off.  She did drop the  you-should-tell-Sonny-about-the-baby bomb to Alexis, but hey, she wasn't rude. 

Poor Alexis gets no privacy.  First, Carly steals her file at the doctor's office and reads it.  Ned announces to the police station that she's pregnant.  Jason reads the papers in her briefcase and tells Sonny.  Kristina tells on Ned to the Q’s that Ned cheated on her and impregnated her sister.  (This makes Edward and Lila very happy.  Probably, they are relieved that it’s someone else’s illegitimate child.)   In the police station again, Sonny announces to Nicholas that Alexis is pregnant.  (Sonny did call Nicholas an idiot, which I enjoyed.)  To top it off, Kristina reads the burned letter and is now intent on telling Sonny.  Has Alexis told anyone? 

I loved when Kristina pushed into the penthouse right past Carly and proceeded to announce the Sonny-knocked-up-Alexis news.  She just plopped her red headed, fen-shui butt right down and said she wasn’t leaving.  This was poetic justice at its best, since usually Carly pulls this move on her targets.  It dawned on me that these two characters are amazingly similar.  Both have no thought of consequences.  Both seem unable to learn from past mistakes.  Both speak without thinking and cannot be trusted with any private information.  Both could care less if they are not wanted when they are on a mission.  Isn't there medication for curbing destructive, impulsive behavior?  Ritalin for tattletales?  This is General Hospital.  Maybe they should explore this topic. 

Don't shoot me, but I didn't know Rick back in the days so I don't have any expectations of him.  I see a man who lurks in the hospital hallways, listening to conversations.  Maybe he's hiding from Alan.  The Geriatric Romeo doesn't want to tussle with the chest thumping paranoid Chief of Staff over the slightly used blond who would love nothing better. 

Rick and Scotty looked good in their jeans digging in the Scorpio backyard.  Wish they had more casual scenes and not so many suits.  Did anyone else think it odd that two men could show up in Felicia’s backyard digging big holes and no one noticed?  Flea, the private detective, is so busy detecting Roy that she’s not concerned about arson in her garage attic, grave size holes in her backyard, or her bratty daughter.  I loved the dog stealing the skull.  Maybe it was my mood but that just cracked me up.   

What a relief to see Elton today.  I was afraid that he’d been cast away with Big Alice and Rosie the puppy.  He must be one busy guy running Laura's company and planning her wedding.  I'll bet he even does her dress fittings since she and Luke appear totally uninvolved in the event.  Would the alien who invaded Luke’s character please leave the building?  Supportive, loving, I like; but the man hasn’t visited his club, fired Claude, or insulted anyone in weeks.   

How did Zander get into Sonny's warehouse?  Just said, "Oh, by the way, I'm your new Orkin man," and they let him in?  Then he breaks into Jason's penthouse.  When he started writing my thought was, "Oh, good, he found Emily's address."  Plus, he stole the ugly leather jacket with red lining.  No guards again.  Where's Johnny?  Penthouse security is getting lax. 

Somebody needs to yank Liz's chain.  "I chose you, Zander."  "Please beg me to stay, Jason."  I know, I know, she really didn’t say that, but that’s what I think she meant.  I hate wishy-washy!  Sage says Jason and Liz will be pretzeling soon but I just can’t invest in them.  Liz’s character changes daily and I believe it’s the effect of now having a mansoap as Sage calls it.  I like Liz and Zander but the whole freaking out in the stairwell to sex on the couch moments later is a man thing.  Guys just wish women reacted that way.  Remember, this is the Liz who told Jason they couldn’t make love just because she was angry at Lucky.  When they have sex, it has to be something special.   That’s why Jason had to move into the penthouse.  He wouldn’t fit on the couch.  Pool table in the dining area, do you think Carly ordered it for him? 

Alcazar intrigues me.  I'm speculating that he has ties to Helena.  Stefan kept cutting off her funds but she always seemed to have money.  Illegal arms dealing would be right up her alley.  Can't wait for Sonny and Jax to see Brenda-Diane.  Will they be standing on the pier, looking out on the water, reminiscing (music playing) and she appears on Alcazar’s arm?  Will Sonny and Jax be dining out with their respective elbow attachments when she walks in?  This could be really good.   

Don't you wish we could have seen AJ learning to drive a forklift?  I want to see Courtney actually dance.  I like Wynona, pretty and spunky.  Hopefully, she’s a keeper.  How come Sonny doesn’t know what his sister is doing?   

Just a quick scorecard.   

Brenda  - in

Alcazar – in

Wynona – in

Benny’s Assistant – in (anyone catch his name?  Was it Rick?)

Coleman, Strip Club Owner - in


Laura – out

Luke – out(?)

Rick – out

Roy – out

Kristina - out

Lucky – out(?) Wishful thinking on my part.

Sarah - out

Felicia – out(?)

Lesley - ???  Maybe they’ll keep her around to take care of LuLu while her parents visit the funny farm.


Helena – MIA

Rosie – MIA

Big Alice – MIA

Edward’s Assistant – MIA

Johnny – MIA

Florence – MIA

Courtney’s Mom - MIA

Mike – Found last week

Reggie – Found last week

Elton – Found today 

Things sure are changing quickly.  Thanks for letting me rant awhile.  Kathy



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