The Cliffs: Or, The Last GH Episode Ever
By Jean

Intro: It is a dark and stormy night outside Wyndermere. Lawn chairs, blankets, and the obligatory stone bench are gathered in a semicircle around the area of the cliffs where Summer met her unfortunate end. The Qís, Alexis, Jax, Cameron, Luke, Mack, Reggie, Sonny, Jason Courtney , Liz, Zander Emily and Nikolas are all sitting quietly looking a bit confused as to why they are here at this particular point in time. They all have their beverage or food of choice with them and it looks to be a long show, so they settle in. In the center of the gathering, enthroned on an expensive antique chair obviously dragged to this setting from the main house by some Cassadine help, sits Helena. She is surrounded by a group of soap fans hurriedly checking a list against a series of props that are stacked in a corner.

A group of nameless goons is overseeing a chain gang ....slowly the gang comes nearer and we make out the face of Carly at the head of the line of prisoners. One of the soap fans steps out of line and unhooks Carly from the rest of the prisoners.

Under the watchful eye of the goons, the fan escorts Carly to the edge of the cliff and says:

We donít buy this redemption. We havenít bought word one since you came to town and stole your motherís husband, haggled Jason into being your obedient slave, dumped AJ into a laundry cart etc. Etc. Thatís all for you." Carly is simply flung off the cliff without another word.

Next in line is Skye, flashing some bad eyelashes and faux pearls. Another fan escorts her to the cliff and says:

You could have been great with Lorenzo. You could have been great with Jax. But they had to stick you with Ned, and you became a babysnatching fool...obviously if the writers werenít going to let you keep the Qís as family they had to allow you to appropriate one of your own. Too Late...." And off the cliff she goes.

Third on the list is Faith. For the first time, Helena shows a bit of interest in the proceedings...after all this one had some potential.

A fan reads off the list: Poisoner, seducer, promiscuous power hungry bitch and thatís even before lunch...(Helena raises her hand as if sheís Caesar about to stop this portion of the proceedings

but she is silenced by a hand offscreen) Faith is flung almost carelessly to her doom, and the next person on the chain gang is unhooked.

Itís Nedly. Alexis looks briefly pained, but only breifly.

A group of fans approach Ned with real regret.

"We liked you with Lois." "Yes Eddie was such fun" But now, youíve let your misguided appropriation of Kristina change you. " Ned shoots a pleading look back at Edward, but, not surprisingly, Edward shrugs and goes back to chatting with Cook. The fans cannot bring themselves to fling Ned off as theyíve done with Carly, Skye and Faith, but rather motion to a couple of the nameless goons to do their dirty work. The deed is done, and with a cry of despair, Eddie Maine will sing no more.

Ric is the next in the chain...Sonny who has been weeping constantly since his wife was flung over, dries his eyes and watches with real anticipation, as do Jason, Courtney and Liz. Suddenly Cameron steps out of the crowd and says...."No, wait! Itís all been a mental illness and it can be proven! But heíll need a kind sweet woman, the kind of woman that can be a steadfast rock to a difficult man, to aid him in the long road of recovery...Heíll need..." Liz is up and ready to join them, but instead Cameron motions the goons towards Courtney, and before Sonny, Jason or anyone can move, Cameron Ric and Courtney are gone offscreen, presumably headed for Ferncliff or a reasonable facsimile.

Near the end of this chain a hapless Stefan is next in line. He is not chained alone, but rather connected to Lydia. The two together are dragged to the edge of the cliff. Luke, cackling with glee eats a few chicken wings and nods at the visiting Roy that heís been waiting all night for this.  

A large group of fans comes and stares somberly at Stefan who stares somberly back at them. One says:

"We have always enjoyed your class, your wit, your elegant hand in a plan, that nasty pragmatic streak and difficult to pin down sense of humor. It is with great regret we now consign you to oblivion for pimping your nephew that you claim to care so much for, just for a few lousy billions. Fie on you!" And, without a word to Lydia as to why *she * is being flung to her doom, both are sent unceremoniously off the cliff with an additional shove by the ghost of Katherine Bell. Helena laughs loudly and claps ferociously but Lila places a restraining hand on her shoulder and she is pressed to her seat.

The very end of the chain gang is nearing. Maxie and Kyle are giggling and smooching and stealing glances at Mac who is getting red faced and is about to come after them.

An adult fan and a teenaged fan both read from a statement that says: "Dear Maxie. Sleeping with him once we can forgive. After all heís HOT. But going back after the Internet humiliation is just so lame. " Got to go. Bye." With that Maxie and Kyle are flung off the cliff together, still clinging madly to each other as they fall. Mac, Georgie and Dillon go off with a returned Felicia .

The last three on the chain gang are unknown They are converged upon by the entirety of the fans and slowly pushed closer and closer to the cliffs....they are seen kneeling, crying and begging for their very lives, when another nameless suit appears from offscreen and states: "I told you we were out to trim the cast. Failed to mention we were after the writers too. Heh Heh." They go over screaming and the fourth inadvertently trips and joins them over the edge accidentally.

The fans are trying to calm the remaining characters.....more and more people begin to arrive. Liz is disconsolate, pining for Ric, when she is approached by Lucky, a Lucky that looks less and less like the present Lucky and more like Jonathan Jackson all grown...
"Hey Liz....was there a fire or something?" Liz stares in amazement then slowly gets to her feet. "Come on,...Oh, Lucky come home." They head offscreen together hand in hand.

Sonny is looking dazed, and gets a layer of pleased over the dazed when Brenda walks up to him and leaps into his arms. They kiss with great passion and finesse for at least a week and everyone else there wishes they would hurry up and get a room. Eventually they disentangle and head away towards privacy.

A British woman with long dark hair is the next to arrive, followed by an Australian fellow who goes to Mac and pounds him on the back embracing him. Robin is with her mother and father and goes carefully to meet Jason. Jason looks like heís waking up from a lousy dream but looks at Robin quizzically. "Think we could talk for awhile about truth and trust, that sort of thing?" says Robin. Jason agrees and the two of them move away talking quietly.

Michael and Leticia are standing alone when Leticia is approached by Hannah a dark attractive woman. Hello Michael. Hello Leticia. Roy looks up fondly and waves at his daughter. AJ is stunned and walks up to Hannah who smiles at him knowingly waving a set of documents with "Custody Papers" written across them. AJ kneels next to Michael and Michael reluctantly accompanies him followed by Leticia and Hannah.

Emily and Nic have been embracing almost constantly and they move away too, but not before she casts a last sad look at Zander. Zander puts his face in his hands and begins to cry the way Sonny had been crying before. Suddenly Gia is there. "Hello Zander....I am really so sorry" He looks at her, looks back at Emily as if his heart would break, looks toward the cliffs as though they tempt him, looks back at Gia and shrugs. Letís go get some dinner. "

Alexis is apart from the others, quiet, when Big Alice approaches her with Kristina in her arms, along with an order signed by Judge Farmer for full custody of Kristina. Alexis smiles and takes the child and the order. The Qís move away as a group towards AJ and little Michael. Theyíve lost the spare but gained the heir. Wistfully Alexis begins to walk the pathway Sonny and Brenda walked...she comes upon the two of them walking together and asks Brenda if she could have a moment with Sonny. Brenda is puzzled but agrees. Alexis speaks to Sonny quietly. "Sheís yours Sonny. Carly knew, and so did Ned." Sonny is rocked by this but maintains a pose of quiet. Ned faked the DNA...I wasnít...thinking clearly, and I thought I was protecting....You can see her anytime...I want her father in her life Sonny. If thatís all right...All right with you and ..."Alexis inclined her head courteously,..."and you Brenda. Brenda shoots a quirky look at Sonny that clearly means "????!!! You and the lawyer...????" Sonny reaches down and carefully tugs at his daughterís hand and she laughs. In the end, Sonny agrees to visitation with Alexis maintaining custody, and Brenda figures she will have to put up with a baby in the house every now and then.

Alexis walks back on the pathway towards the bigger crowd and is accosted by Jax. He looks as thought heís been needing to say something for awhile.

"I meant to say before now Alexis....that before Skye....before Brenda.....I was hoping we could make that fake marriage real. We understood each other....we had fun....surely we can build on that. You are my best friend and I want to try again. " He smiles at Kristina and the Little One makes a noise back at him, contented. A slow smile hits Alexis face and the three walk back across the docks together. They go off to meet Jerry and Bobbie

Scott Baldwin suddenly rushes up to the crowd with a group of police. Officer Rick seems to have returned to duty, and Detective Alejandro Garcia is also present. "Hey am I late?" Baldwin says. The fans look mightily troubled and check their lists. There is a great murmuring about "statistical error" and "unplanned variables " and "untoward events." They move to encircle the DA as a group. "Wait!" Luke says suddenly. "Wait! Ya gotta let me handle this one. Iíve been waiting a long time..." The momentum of the group of fans slows, and stops. One of them raises a hand and nods in Lukeís direction. "Yeah, go ahead." "Ok by me." "Itíll save on overtime." Luke bounds to his feet, launches himself at the DA and says "Weíre going over together on this one Baldwin. Sheís not here, so I got no problem going...Letís get busy..." Heís about to send both of them over, when he hears another voice. "Stop Luke!... calls Kevin Collins. Kevin is walking next to a woman whose face is unclear, although Lucyís strident voice can be heard up the path calling for her Doc. He and Roy DeLuca go to Luke and pull him away from the edge. Itís too late for Scotty though and he overbalances and dissapears. Luke is raging, fighting to go over when he catches sight of a flash of blond hair over far to his right. He stands suddenly quiet and watches the woman come nearer, that had been walking with Kevin. It is Laura, walking slowly tentatively but clearly herself again. Luke smiles all over his face and runs to Laura, sweeping her up in his arms with a careful embrace and a kiss. She asks him..."Luke? Did I miss something?" "Nothing Darlin. Nothing at all." Letís go home and see Lulu. "And, then get married?" she asks. He says yes. He stops a second to shoot a look of gratitude to Kevin, who has been instrumental in Lauraís recovery. Kevin, Lucy, Siggy the duck and Luke and Laura walk towards town.

Helena has been still all this time, and now she is alone on the cliffside as everyone else has gone. Stavros suddenly appears from out of nowhere....

"My darling boy." She says with a smile and the two head back to Wyndermere to plot God-Knows-What. 

No one else is left, but if someone looked and listened hard they might see images of four people....Dominique, Lily and Stone stand together at the cliffside looking satisfied. "Told ya it would all turn out all right," said Stone. "We wouldnít have it any other way," agreed Lily and Dominique.

From somewhere, Mary Mae Ward begins to sing, a soft ballad....

"Every time we say goodbye....." 

The End

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