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 Sherry Mercurio

Oh, where to begin?  There are days that are quite good - AJ and Ned getting Edward, Skye showing up and some of the ensuing mess, etc. - but there are days when I am just amazed at the things that are happening.  For one, I had no idea there was a "back way" out of Alexis' penthouse?  I can't believe that Sonny wouldn't have had such an entrance removed years ago - it just seems a little unsafe to me - too many doors to guard and all.  I also have never seen anyone use it or heard it referred to - until Zander needed to make an escape while the living room was occupied that is.  And what is up with the brainwashing?  Does he know what he is doing or is he doing it when he is unaware?  Why does he seem to feel remorse for what he has done and then other times seems to have no recollection of anything - weirdest darn brainwashing I've ever seen.  There is also the little problem of Roy appearing so sore still that he was unable to walk when Lucas got sick - staggering around the hospital afterwards and then having to have his stitches redone after losing "a lot of blood".........apparently more time than I thought passed between then and his conversation with Carly.  Cause he sure looked like he was moving quite well when he got himself all spiffed up to go see Agent Ford, don't get me wrong, I liked seeing him look so good and all but the recovery was quite dramatic.  Speaking of Roy - who ran off with his brain?  His agreeing to go along with NuCarly's scheme was just plain ridiculous.  He has no reason to get involved in that!  Bobbie would think it was a stupid idea, so the reasoning of helping out her daughter just doesn't wash.  He should know very well that there is no way Sonny will give up names for any reason - even to save himself.  If he wanted out it would be way safer to just disappear on his own with Carly than it will be to roll over on everybody and get witness protection.  There is no way I believe Roy is that stupid - if Sonny wanted out at all he would do it on his own and if he doesn't want out no scheme will get him there.  I also have to say that it seems to me to be a really stupid move to have a recast character go and do something so dumb.  I have to agree with those that say NuCarly isn't around for long because it's awfully hard to accept her when in her first few days she is setting her sights on ruining a beloved pairing.  I read that this is all stuff that they had written for Brown - maybe so, but they should have changed it when they knew she was leaving.  I don't think many people are going to enjoy watching NuCarly betray Sonny.  While I'm sure she's a competent actress, it's just weird to watch someone else do the mannerisms and expressions Brown did - not to mention the stupid decision to put her in the same clothes.  Can we make the differences any more obvious?  They could have raided Ally McBeal's closet and found some different clothes.  I really  hope they are pushing milkshakes and cheeseburgers on her because if her wrists get any tinier we won't be able to see them waving around.  Like I said - she is probably perfectly competent but there is no way any actress but Brown is going to be able to pull off Carly's personality -  especially since her whole physical person was wrapped up in the character as well as her acting abilities.  I am mourning the ending we should have gotten, somehow, someway they should have let Carly and Michael run off with Jason and left it at that.  Let's see - one of Sonny's enemies could have "killed" him - no he isn't dead but all believe he is.  Carly is inconsolable, Jason kills the guy who did it (the guy pleads at the end saying Sonny's alive but Jason doesn't buy it - or does he? - That will make for good story when everyone returns next year) and then to avoid the retaliation sure to come and the war to follow he stages the deaths of himself, Carly and Michael and disappears without a trace planning no further contact with PC.  When Sonny finally gets himself home - they are gone.  There you have it - we are sad they are gone, but we know they will be happy together somehow.  Sonny has to grieve and move on.  And we don't have to watch some another actress act her heart out and come nowhere close to living up.  Oh - and don't get me started on Brown's last day - that was it?  Nothing special there in my opinion and another lost chance for doing something great.  We got cheated and that isn't fair!! 
In wrap-up I will say again that there have been moments of greatness here and there - and then it just falls apart.  It's almost like there are three different people writing and two of them suck.  I don't know offhand who is writing what - I don't pay much attention to that but sometimes the rollercoaster ride gets a little nauseating at times.  I don't know when Bobbie and Monica turned into such pains-in-the-rears but they oughta form a club or something - my gosh, Leslie Charleson looks like she may be having a hard time getting some of those lines out and I don't blame her.  She is sounding like Edward all of the sudden, unreasonable and just plain selfish and mean!  But I am loving watching Skye - she will be a great addition.  I don't like to sound judgmental but the addition of Angel the Playboy model makes me laugh out loud for some reason.  I hope I am proven wrong but I just don't know if the playboy calendar is a good place to look when you are casting acting parts.  Especially given that I can't seem to find any actual acting credits to her name.  So why oh why would we cast her?..........oh - she looks like a good actress we once had? - well, that's good enough for me then, I'm sure she will jump right in and be great - why wouldn't she?  Anyway, sweeps should be interesting I suppose, Sonny will nail Carly (and not in the good way) no doubt and then at this point I hope he throws her out on her bony rear end cause I don't have much use for her either.  That's a little scary to me because she was my favorite character to watch - I am just hoping some of the other stories heat up in a good way and fast!

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