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 Sherry Mercurio

Here's what I, for one, am sick and tired of:  Being beat over the head with Stavros' name.  Hardly a scene goes by that doesn't include a memory, or a just plain gratuitous name drop and personally I am beginning to feel like they think I am stupid!  Just a month or so ago I actually mentioned that I liked that they weren't spending so much time beating home every little point, they were assuming we could get what they were trying to say, well, I spoke too soon apparently!   I get that he is about to be thawed and I get that he has ties to the Spencers, blah, blah, blah.  The exception is Laura's recollections - most of which have been well enough acted to be acceptable to me - I'm going to disregard the "bloody collar on my pillow" comment and hope one of the writers was just coming down from watching the "Michael Douglas finds the boiling bunny" scene and couldn't help themselves.  Yeah, he's a reeeeaaallly baaaaaad guy - I got it already!  Enough said now, let RKK give the guy life again and quit talking about it, we will all see what kind of person he is these days shortly I would guess. 
I'm also tired of looking at NuCarly.  She's trying hard I'm sure but enough of that already too!  I was a card carrying S&C fan, and I am so over it now that I hardly recognize myself anymore.  It's the least interesting storyline going to me right now - and I am also a card carrying Liz and Bobbie "can'tstandher" so to say that I'd rather watch either of them doing almost anything (this applies to things they do with their clothes on only) almost kills me.  I just can't make myself care at all about what Carly has to say, and I really don't want them back together since there is no chemistry between NuCarly and Sonny (in my opinion) anyway.  I didn't mind watching Sonny go nutso for a few weeks, beyond that there is just nothing left of what used to be.  So I'm over it and moving on - and ohmygod don't get me started on the Leticia fiasco - Let me just interject a note here to TPTB :  NO, it is not okay to just go ahead and wrap a scene that includes a character saying another characters name (that they have supposedly said a million times already) wrong.  And to allow it to be said incorrectly in several different ways in one scene is just plain sloppy,stupid and unforgivable.  If the actress can't get the name right then please, change the script.  Maybe she could just say "he's with that nanny lady that's around sometimes" or something like that.  I'm sure you can come up with some way to handle these deficiencies that doesn't make the soap genre in general look really bad, that kind of stuff should just not happen, ever, period.
Oh - poor Constance Towers, she deserves so much better.  Stop making her say these ridiculous lines!  And I don't want to wish anyone out of a job, but I think Kristina Wagner better watch her back.  Felicia has nothing of worth to say at all and no real purpose on the screen anymore, her scenes with Luke are being made so obviously pathetic that it's almost embarrassing.  I'm also a little concerned about the fact that Mac has no story except Felicia.  At least he used to have to be around to mess up one investigation or another but now......... though that should change a little when Robert returns. 
Now, here's the parts I like lately:  Don't shoot me yet, but I started watching the "Roy finds Melissa drunk" stuff with much skepticism and even slight irritation but then I found myself smiling.  I think Jensen Buchanan is an A+ actress and she actually pulled it off in my opinion.  I thought their scenes were cute and somewhat touching at times and like I said they made me smile which hasn't happened often lately since Alexis hasn't been around much.  I definitely think that Roy and Melissa have some chemistry where Boobie and Roy were just icky.  Not sure where they are going with it but I'm along for the ride so far, provided I don't have to watch them every day that is.
Also liked Sonny and Alexis, I might be interested in seeing them pair up.  I'm not really sure yet - maybe I need a little more time to mourn original Carly and Sonny first, darn - thought I was over that already.   What I would definitely be interested in is seeing a little more Alexis in whatever capacity possible.  It would have been a whole lot more fun to watch her nurse Sonny back to health and keep him hidden from Carly in her apartment or a safe house or whatever than it will be to watch Angel do it.  But I suppose Alexis doesn't have a completely white outfit handy which would disqualify her from nursing duty.  By the way - how did Angel drag Sonny by herself from the gravesite to wherever her boat was?  If she did pull that off it seems his hair should have been a bit more mussed up and muddy don't you think? 
I still like Skye, that girl can act - she has the same ability Sarah Brown had to make you see everything she thinks and feels without saying a word, and she makes it all believable.  I'm not sure we have the capability available to write a good story for her but I hope so. 
I really hesitate to say this because by the time I type there is the real possibility that something will have happened to change my mind, but here goes:  I liked the way the scenes between Lucky and Liz went when he finally got that "it" was back, and the subsequent parent/son reunion as well.  Liz actually said what she should have which almost never happens and Lucky was a little less loony than usual, it worked for me.  The Liz/Gia lovefest is a bit much though.  Oh and the other day when Ned and AJ were discussing their good cop/bad cop plan, I swear they wanted to kiss, isn't it great to see them so in love?  
Which brings me to point out the ongoing problem we are still having, someone just doesn't understand some of these characters and should therefore not be writing dialogue for them.  Not a day goes by where someone doesn't do or say something that just doesn't ring true which is truly too bad.  Given the caliber of acting possible on this show it's a shame that the writing is so very lacking at times.  The other ongoing problem (okay this one is obviously selective!) is not enough Alexis, Mike (come on, with Carly gone he'd be making a huge nuisance of himself trying to make sure Sonny's okay) and Q's (emily doesn't count).  And too much Roy, Melissa, Angel (yeah I know it's only been a few days but I got a feeling.....), and teens.  I know the kids are out for the summer now, but if we plan to increase the teens time onscreen I have a problem with that cause I think they are getting more than enough now!
Kudo's to Scott for telling the kiddies that their escapades last summer had consequences of some sort at least, and kudos to whomever chooses the music lately, I'm liking it. 

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