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 Sherry Mercurio

General Hospital, inconsistency be thy name.  This week and last have just about done me in.  My husband is afraid to fly, excuse me, he's "a nervous flier" (scared and Italian apparently don't mix), so his doctor gave him some valium to keep on hand for business trips that crop up.  I have been eyeing the bottle all week.  While I don't condone medicating oneself to get through the hour, it is gonna take more than Calgon to take me away at this point.  To be fair I will start with the few good things of late:
Emily's accident - While the idea of her running off again after saying countless times that she couldn't do that to her family kind of ticked me off, I can't deny that the story has had it's compelling moments.  I find myself looking forward to how Skye's involvement will come out, and to what Zander will do next.  The intercutting of the aftermath of the accident with the Nurse's Ball was well done I thought.  I like Skye (who, by the way, was the best dressed at the Ball IMO) because Robin Christopher can act and that is a rare commodity these days.
Well, come to think of it that just might be all the good stuff I have to talk about.  So lets move on to what is causing me to become borderline insane.  
Angel and Sonny - Oh my gosh, I haven't been so annoyed by someone in I don't know how long.  And that doesn't apply to Angel alone.  Actually it applies mainly to whoever is penning this fiasco of a story, I am incredibly insulted by the whole stupid thing!  This woman is just flat out weird and supposedly, Sonny, rather than staying pissed off or hurt or whatever by Carly, is now Intrigued by a mystery woman in ......white????????  Give me a freakin break - I literally feel like my head is going to blow up when I start thinking about it.  She sounds and looks like someone from a tampon commercial (watch next time one comes on, they all wear white - so we can know for sure that there won't be any leaks, and they all walk through fields with dreamy expressions on their faces, a few even wax poetic like our dear Angel) and there is so no point  to  this character.  I've read the little "clues" McTavish is doling out about her not being what she seems and that Carly ruined her marriage, not Angel - those just tick me off too.  If Angel is not what she seems somebody better tell me what she is now - because I won't be watching her much longer, this isn't intriguing it's vomit inducing.  And watching the "nuances" (don't crack me up) between her and Carly in the parking garage was just riveting, wasn't it?  Those two should never be allowed a scene alone together again because that could be the final undoing of years of loyalty for some viewers.  Instead of asking her ridiculous questions about loons and water and crap he ought to be asking her if she is aware that no one wears white every hour of every day and then he should shove her in a mud puddle and run like hell.  If they really expect me to believe that this man, who has been betrayed by half the female population of the world would become trusting of, much less intrigued by, someone he doesn't know within like three days time, well, I find it laughable.  My apologies to Maurice Benard, but I am beginning to think Sonny is dumber than a brick, deserves whatever the heck he gets and is fast becoming as unwatchable as the women in his life.  I will be first to say I'm wrong if this story actually goes somewhere even half interesting, but I am doubting I will have to.  The only hope is the possibility that MB will put his foot down at some point and (please, please) refuse to continue this madness.
The Nurse's Ball - I didn't think it was all that exciting again this year.  I don't think Lucy losing her skirt after the show was well over really counted as upholding tradition.  I liked Edwards number, I liked watching Stavros watch Nikolas dancing around with Lucky - that had to be a bit painful for him.  RKK seems to be having a blast playing Stavros and so far it's fun to watch him.  But as for the Ball overall - it just didn't seem right.  First off no one was there.  I realize that the nurses and doctors were called away but man, it seemed like a practically empty room.  Most everyone there was also a performer.  Maybe some more "extras" would have helped.  It just seemed a little less than exciting and less than touching to me.  I did love Alan singing to Emily, beautiful voice and scene.  Some of the better Ball scenes actually happened on Port Charles I think - Gabriela's strip show was kind of amusing, she looked like a woman possessed.
Alexis - I am just so bummed that Alexis has been relegated to following other people around instead of having her own story.  Why are we stuck watching untalented actors in just plain stupid storylines for half of every show, while NLG and Alexis are waiting in the wings?  And this goes for AJ too - give the boy a storyline!  But the Alexis thing really gets me,she never even makes it to the ball, why I don't know, and then she has to run around chasing Zander down.  She has to listen to NuCarly whine way more than anyone should have to, the poor woman has no life of her own whatsoever!!  I believe it should be a criminal offense to give Angel more screen time than Alexis - punishment being lock the writers in a room with GH tapes of late and make them actually watch this junk for hours on end.  I guarantee they will be begging for the decent actors to walk into a scene just like I am.
Ok, and what's the deal with the missing flashback scenes??  The Luke and Laura de-marriaging scenes were fine but where were the flashbacks?  There are only unlimited amounts of footage to use, and we got nothing?  My theory on this is that they are actually afraid to show us previous show clips for fear it will make the current ineptitude too obvious even to us silly soap opera watchers.  We should have seen some Sonny/Brenda/Hannah flashbacks and maybe something that showed that Sonny knew Lily was out to entrap him into marriage too.  When we are actually using some of the history of the show in present storylines, why not actually USE it????
The whole thing with Lucky and Liz living with Nik and Gia was just silly too - there are only about a million places that would have been safer for them to be if safety was the real concern.  Living with Nik can't possibly make much sense if you want to avoid the Cassadines, they show up there regularly.  Anyone else think that JY seems more believable when he's being nice to and complimenting Gia than he is when he compliments Liz?  Speaking of that kind of thing, I read a quote from Ingo Rademacher in SOD, July 3rd issue, that basically says that he hopes this time they will find him a "hot" girl to work with - rather that means that Tava Smiley wasn't hot or that he definitely doesn't want to have a Jax/Alexis pairing I don't know.  But you have to give him credit, I mean is that an actor's actor or what?  Truly cares about the craft and the storylines, I can just tell.  I have no problem with Jax and am anxious for his return, but if we are so desperate that we are bringing people back to try to rescue the ship that is listing badly, and we are willing to let them work with someone "Hot" just so they'll sign on thereby forming storylines based around that rather than what the fans actually like then I have a problem with that!  It really grinds on me that I put up with Chloe for all this time, and she was one of my least favorites for quite some time, and then Jax leaves and she actually started getting good.  Then she loses any story whatsoever - after we get an inkling that maybe she has potential, and now with the current "actresses" to choose from she has moved so far up on my list that Angel Boris and Tamara Braun can't even see her up there.  I don't want her with Jax, but if we are getting rid of people I have so many  suggestions!  She may still be well below the likes of NLG and GF, but firing her at this point just ticks me off again!  Who would have thought that I would feel that way a year ago?  So I suppose that means that by this time next year I may be singing the praises of TB?  We'll see, but don't hold your breath.

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