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 Sherry Mercurio

Be warned:  What follows will be mostly opinionated ramblings.  Like just about everyone else these days, it's sometimes been hard for me to really feel like I care what happens on GH when compared to the real-life tragedies transpiring around the country and really, the world.  So I watched for almost a week with pretty jaded eyes I admit and then I started to feel a small tug of appreciation for the normalcy of the soaps, even though the current normal isn't always very entertaining.  While things aren't ever going to be the same "normal" again for many of us, life really does go on.  And while I hope I never forget how deeply it affected me to see our country attacked before my very eyes, and while I hope it continues to change the way I look at things and doesn't allow me to take things for granted like I often have in the past, I also want to continue to enjoy things that I have always enjoyed.   So I am working on getting back into the swing of GH and trying to view it without being overly judgmental of what sometimes feels really inconsequential because the truth is many of us do need a diversion and that's really what the soaps have always provided.  They aren't real life and that's why I like them.
On that note, I'm a little bummed that the biotoxin storyline is being completely trashed.  I completely understand the compassion issue and would be wholeheartedly behind dumping anything that had to do with airports or airplanes, but I'm having a hard time with the Cassadine/Spencer war being dumped at this point.  If by some slim chance they actually had a well thought out ending to this story I'm sorry that we will miss it.  I'm not saying it was the wrong thing to do, just that is a little bit of a let-down for me.  While I realize that the tone of television will have to change as a result of the tragedies (and it should!) it's tough to stop midstory and completely switch gears.  I guess it is better to be cautious in these situations and if it saves some from being offended or hurt by words said onscreen then they will have done the right thing.  I guess from a personal standpoint I have never really viewed the Cassadine/Spencer story as having anything to do with terrorism (I always just ignore the "we will rule the world" comments because they are so darn ludicrous - they haven't been able to control one measly little family for pete's sake) and I would rather see GH work that hard on hiring and then actually using African-American (or take your pick of any other under-represented ethnicity's) actors in a manner that is more befitting of real society than to see them work overtime on rewriting this particular storyline.   But, understand, that is just a personal feeling and I completely understand that others may feel differently and I respect that.  I also realize since I have no idea what they had written I am probably in no real position to judge whether it should be aired or not. ( I warned you this would be rambling, if I'm changing my own opinion back and forth in one paragraph I apologize - I'm sort of thinking as I go on this one) And I respect that the soaps are trying to do what they can to ensure no viewers are upset or offended by what they portray onscreen.  Though I have a sinking feeling we may all be irritated with what we get "off the cuff" to wrap this story up.  Hopefully I'm wrong, either way I'll be watching closely!  My wish would have been to hear that GH was rewriting and reworking scenes to edit out dialogue or actions that may be offensive to some viewers in light of the tragedies, rather than the storyline is "scrapped".  
Speaking of crap (sometimes you have to read between the S's and the ped's - ya still with me?), for the first time in my General Hospital viewing history that was the word that came out of my mouth when I saw Sonny come on my screen in the first scene of Wednesday's (I think) show.  Tuesday was such a nice day because I didn't have to see Carly or Angel at all.  There was a whole show with minimal showing of the superpower couple (Roy and Melissa) working their magic and no, and I think I can say this, no bad acting the whole show.  Gia and Nik, though saying the same junk over again, were compelling.  It is truly amazing me that some of these actors can actually make what they are saying mean something to me when I've already heard it twenty times.  That is acting!  Watching Lucky and Luke stare at each other with matching blank looks actually cracked me up, but in a good way.  I thought it was kind of interesting watching them try to carry on a conversation.  TG is acting his you know what off - he's always good but this stuff is really up his alley I think.  And the L&L reunion at the end of the show was so, so good.  I was actually ticked that the show was over and that hasn't happened all that much lately.  I also really enjoyed watching Stefan and Laura in the days before.  It was nice to see that glimmer of why they ever hooked up to begin with; it's easy to forget that.  I have to say too that it was a nice surprise to me that they actually figured Stavros out before he made himself known.  After all that sneaking around for forever I was completely shocked that the whole town didn't figure it out together as he made some grand entrance.  I was picturing the shock on all the different players faces being the last scene on a Friday, blah, blah.  At first I thought I might feel let down by the way they chose to reveal him to Laura and Stefan but I found that I still got to see the reactions I wanted and now I get to look forward to them turning the tables on the sneaky murderer.  I like that.  Now somebody just has to tell me how we are going to keep Constance Towers around because I am not - I repeat am not, willing to see her be a casualty of this storyline.  I won't accept it, no way no how.  So somebody better get a brainstorm on that one. 
Kristina - she can stay (provided she doesn't upset Alexis), Angel - not fast enough, NuCarly - I don't really care anymore, I can fast forward her since she looks pretty much the same at either speed and disappears faster when I keep my finger on the ff button.  I've resigned myself to the fact that she isn't going anywhere soon and since some seem to have accepted and even like her (yikes!) I am trying to take her in small doses.  Now I understand how the people who have just never liked the character to begin with feel.  I loved SB and loved her as the character but I am not seeing much use for this version of Carly, just loud, over gesturing and annoying with no real redeeming qualities.  I really like Gia more and more.  And Sonny and Alexis talking about surviving and its aftermath was quite good.  At least there is an attempt to explain Alexis current behaviors and it even seems credible to me.  Notice all these comments are mostly regarding characters not storylines, that's my way of coping this week, because if I get started on too many of the storylines we'll be here all night and none of us wants to waste that kind of time. 
A few random thoughts:  Can Jax the Corporate Raider actually threaten to use his "raiderness" on Sonny?  I mean, he did- so I guess he can, but does it really work that way?  I didn't know you could raid a mobsters holdings thereby putting him out of his illegal business.  And along the same lines:  Helena has absolutely no way to defend her holdings against Jax and his telephone calls to whomever pulls off this magical takeover?  I don't really get the whole thing, and I don't really see where Ingo has much more of a purpose than he did when he left.  As far as I'm concerned his character is less likeable than he was due to his poor treatment of Chloe and his lame Brenda explanation.  I'm not sure I want a fab four re-do so I'm holding out hope that there will be something to the Skye/Jax pairing idea.  I miss Skye, by the way.  I look forward to her being involved in a storyline of her own.  How long is AJ going to hang on that hook without his jacket ripping?  I do not, under any circumstances, want Sonny's bodyguards to "guard" me from anything, I swear they are straight out of a cracker jack box.  Someone please remind me why I care who killed Sorel?  I can't even remember who the suspects are anymore - weren't there more than just the hospital staff?  If it's a certain someone's ticket out of town then great but I wish they'd stop pretending this is a real storyline because I just don't think it is.  You can't ignore something nine days out of ten in favor of catfighting women and silly threats and then expect me to care when you want to bring it back to the front burner.  Just my opinion!
Take care everyone and give your loved one's an extra hug or two - they're worth it! 

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