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 Sherry Mercurio

I have a few things on my mind.  First off, let me get a few questions off my chest:
1.  Why would Nik and Gia think the safest place to spend some "together time" would be the yacht, given that Helena and Stavros were both onto Nik?  And why would Nik ever leave her there alone?  Seems that there must have been somewhere a little safer and way less obvious than that.
2.  Why, oh why, didn't one of the resident super sleuths just secretly follow Helena around until they saw where she entered the lab?  She goes there like three times a day and we all know how easy it is to follow people around, unseen, in P.C.  They have been sitting around for weeks now unable to do anything because they didn't know how to get to the lab......quit wringing your hands and do something.
3.  Why did Bobbie get over Roy so easily all of the sudden?  I know she's had a few minor discussions about him but I don't know many women who would show so little emotion over seeing him with his ex constantly at his side.  I'm not asking for the snipping at each other to reappear, just a little acknowledgment that they were in love one day and then he had replaced her the next (ok, well almost anyway).
4.  Were those chest compressions supposed to look real?  Skye needs to take a CPR course.
5.  Have you ever, in your whole life,  ( not counting anything else seen on GH lately because a case could be made that they aren't the only ones) seen anything like what they are doing to poor John J. York and  Real Andrews?  I would honestly be so embarrassed to have to constantly play the stupid one in the scene.  The one who never has it right at the right time.  The one who has to say over and over every week: "You can go, for now.....".  I believe Port Charles should abolish the police force and just move to a citizens arrest system.  The civilians have a much better arrest record anyway.
6.  I'm assuming putting Stefan in a room for two weeks or whatever it's been wasn't part of the original storyline here because it seems really pointless.  (I realize that wasn't a question, you could add "doesn't it?" if it will make you feel better) 
I think that covers my "huh?" feelings for now anyway.  What I really wanted to talk about is something that has caught my interest over the last couple of weeks.  Though things are still pretty dismal in my opinion, I have been noticing a few performances lately.  I don't really mean noticing as in "standout" as we would refer to Nancy Lee Grahn or Stephen Nichols, who have been pretty brilliant lately (before sitting in a room anyway) no question, but I mean noticing as in they aren't brilliant but they are still worth watching even when what is coming out of their mouths is drivel.  Example one, Marisa Ramirez as Gia.  I submit that whether you really like the character or really hate the character you can still see that she has a definite "watch-ability".  I actually have always enjoyed the character, at first I admit it was mostly because I don't like Liz much lately and anyone who put her in her place once in awhile was welcome in my living room.   Now I just like the character.  I think she's one of the few characters that is actually written fairly well most of the time.  She gets some pretty good one-liners and has been very believable in my opinion.   She hasn't done anything too out of character and is generally likeable even in her misjudgments.  Maybe that's all because she is a fairly new character and the current regime really couldn't slaughter her personality.  But I have to say, I enjoy watching her.  I very rarely fast forward her scenes - even when they are pointless, and you are talking to someone who has a very well-worn fast forward button.  Roy and Melissa's heart felt talks and shower, Sonny and Carly's dress up game, anything involving Angel,  and sadly, even some Laura scenes (mostly because I was really sick of her being scared by someone that we can't see coming up to her and her looking all horrified for nothing.  Nervous? Sure, but enough is enough for me)  are just some of the recent victims of my trigger finger.  But because Marisa Ramirez has managed to make Gia her own and make me believe she is Gia while I'm watching her and because I don't have to feel like I have to cringe or be outraged by what the writers are making her say, I watch her - happily.
Example number two is a bit more surprising to me.  I didn't want to like her, not after NuCarly and Angel were so disappointing to me and I actually worked at not liking her.  I watched with a very discerning eye and picked out anything I could find that I didn't like, unfair I suppose, but true.  But Jamie Ray Newman has made it impossible for me to dislike Kristina.  There are problems with the character to be sure, tptb are going to make her hurt Alexis - I can feel it coming, and her past is still a big mystery which means they may yet introduce some annoying plot surrounding that.  But the thing is, she's a good enough actress that she makes herself watchable even when some of her scenes are just way too saccharine for my taste.  Remember when Chloe was brought on the canvas and she was just way too nice and sweet all the time?  The problem, in my opinion, was that Tava Smiley wasn't a good enough actress (yet, I think by the time her character met her untimely demise she was starting to get "it") to pull off someone that nice on a soap.  To play a character that sweet, an actress has to have some sort of charisma that makes it believable -Tava Smiley was getting that the longer she was around and Newman already has it in my opinion.  I watch her scenes and she's being cute and quirky and singing and dancing and even though I'm rolling my eyes at the television - I also can't help but smile.  In this case, unlike with Gia, I think some of the writing leaves a lot to be desired but Newman is still making me believe that she is Kristina and that she is just that cute, not that she's just "acting" cute.  Anyone that can make me still like a character that wears the most ridiculous "disguises" and that is starting to make Ned's eyes sparkle but isn't Alexis, and who sings, dances and fixes all problems she runs into...........well, enough said!
A few final thoughts - None of the aforementioned comments are intended to imply that I want to see more new people anytime soon- use what you have people!  I'm withholding comment on most else that is going on because I just can't tell what I think about most of it yet.  I feel a bit like I'm watching something I don't recognize, not that I don't like some of the changes but all the "love will conquer all" and they can't beat us because "our love is stronger than their hatred" stuff is a little strong and sort of out of nowhere in the context of the show lately.  We all know it's due to the changes the show is trying to make to be more in line with what the nation needs and wants right now, but I'm thinking a little more of a subtle shift would have prevented me from feeling like I turned on the wrong channel or something.  But I will withhold further comment until I see it out - that goes for the Quartermaine stuff and what looks to be a Ned/Kristina and Skye/Jax pairing.  Although I will give you a slight preview of my opinion on two things (and I lied about the waiting on Skye/Jax - I meant it a second ago but now I just can't do it!) Skye needs someone way more complex than Jax for any kind of a real relationship, though she has my permission to have some fun with Jax in the meantime if it suits her fancy.  And Alexis's dream?  I thought it was entirely perfect - it looked just how I think she would have imagined it, she looked petrified and intrigued all at once and, well, I loved it!  When the IIC brought Angel on they said she "understood" Sonny like Carly never could?  Well, Alexis and Sonny understand each other better than most married people do and have a very creative way of working out their differences (and it ain't about the money, Alexis!) and I thoroughly enjoy every scene they have together - what more could I ask for in a couple?  Don't know where it should go from here, but it shouldn't be ignored!!  Feel the love everyone!

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