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By Leigh Russell

Disclaimer: The opinions and views reflected in this article do not in any way reflect of the entire staff and writers of EOS.  

Hi everyone! This isn’t going to necessarily be a happy post so if that’s what you’re looking for turn away from the screen right now and “x” this box. The subject of this “muse writing” is pro-Jax and Brenda, but also several other things that are wrong with General Hospital will be covered. Please understand BEFORE you email me—this is not an attack on Sage, or his viewpoints expressed in his latest column—I’ve been straight from the beginning on where he stands when it comes to Jax, Brenda, et al. Now then, let’s get going. 

If you like Skye—be warned—this column isn’t flattering. If you like AJ—Liz, Jason or Alcazar—be warned. This trip down memory lane is NOT for you. But let’s jump right in, shall we? First of all, Jax and Brenda as a couple, BEFORE Vanessa Marcil left General Hospital, were one of the most celebrated couples in the history of the show—if you don’t know that or don’t agree—then you just don’t know—and you better go ask somebody. Love them or hate them—the triangle with Sonny Corinthos became THE triangle of General Hospital.  The Malibu-inspired sequences were the most beautiful on GH and have not been duplicated before or since. To those of you out there who believe that the Jax and Skye romance was moonlight and roses before Brenda came along to “wreck” it all—I beg of you—go back and watch your tapes. Jax had not been in love with Skye for five minutes before he married her—and just because he married her did not mean that he EVER stopped having a problem with her malicious vindictive behavior—that she spewed upon his closest friends, namely Alexis. What goes around comes around—and in my opinion Skye got hers ten fold—and I hope she gets it again—every time she sees Jax and Brenda together she will be confronted with what was painfully lacking from her relationship with him to begin with—passion, desire, and romance. Show me ONE Skye and Jax scene that equals Jax and Brenda in New York—dancing in the theater. One scene that rivals the last time they made love to Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing.” Show me one fan base so diligent, articulate and intelligent in their arguments on vicious message boards (you know which ones I’m referring to), that can rival the Jax and Brenda fans. And more than anything please tell me one fan base who takes more SHIT than the Jax and Brenda fans.  FOUR YEARS they were apart, and four years we waited for the day that they would be reunited. To have what has been blissful for some, I’d say roughly HALF of the GH viewing audience thrown back in our faces is asinine to say the least! 

            Some people say that Jax left Skye too fast—I say he didn’t leave her fast enough—and I would have been cheering from the rooftops if he had jumped into that limo with Brenda and kissed Port Charles goodbye. Did Skye deserve a drink being poured in her face—ABSO-DAMN-LUTELY! She was going to let Brenda think that she was going to DIE—and I don’t care if she thought Brenda knew from day one she wasn’t sick—what KIND of a person allows another—ANY OTHER—to believe in their own mortality? Someone who is scared, ruthless and without faith in her marriage. Jax and Skye should never have been married in the first place—so to say that she lost him is a moot point—she never had him.  Would someone mind explaining why the oh-so-wronged Skye had her lake house fully stocked with Vodka and other hard liquor?  And I will also say SHAME on Jax for putting an alcoholic in charge of the ALCOHOL. Skye should take her spawn (if she’s pregnant and it’s a BIG IF) and go far, far away.  It’s a shame GH doesn’t see the value in Ted King’s Alcazar. His performance today blew me away.  Alcazar and Skye—a match made in Hell, but one I’d like to see on screen. 

One only has to see the look on Jax’s face to see how much happier he is with Brenda than he ever was with Skye. Should Jax and Brenda have been noble, content with longing looks for the sake of maintaining marriage vows? Then we would have to tolerate posts about how whiny JB are because they can’t be together—or poor Skye for being trapped in a loveless marriage. And for those that would suggest that Brenda broke her wedding vows—forget it. Jason is no more faithful than his wife—their marriage is loveless and they don’t even have a friendship. Is Jason hurt by Jax and Brenda’s relationship? I should say not—dare I say he doesn’t even give a damn. 

Plain and simple, Jax and Skye should never have been married to begin with—now that it’s over, I say to Skye cut your losses and move on—why waste time on a man that doesn’t want you? OR Take a page out of the soap textbooks of old—the best way to get a man back is to make him jealous with ANOTHER man—not to alienate him beyond all reason.  And while we’re on the subject—Liason never happened, okay? I am sorry for that fan base, but what about the Jason and Carly fans, who have been waiting since 1996 to have feelings returned?  Why bitch about a union that never got off the ground? Yeah, people who wanted to see the union got screwed, but it never happened—get over it. The dumbest line of the century came from Lucky today: “You had a life with Jason. It must be hard running into him.” Please. Spare me. PLEASE.

Digress with me briefly since I too love Tamara Braun’s Carly, let’s give her a little bit of credit—the Skye and Jax relationship hardly equals the Sonny and Carly relationship when considering history, love, and time together.  The day that Sonny leaves Carly for Brenda (especially during Carly’s pregnancy) is the day that both Sonny AND Brenda sign their death warrants. You think Skye’s a bitch—the wrath of Carly is what I fear the most. And as for Rick Hearst’s new character--when someone starts sniffing around Sonny’s “territory” you can count on him to get out the measuring stick real fast.  In my opinion, Sonny and Carly are more solid than anyone else on the show—and with a baby in tow I don’t think they’re in danger of being apart any time soon.  Would I love to see Jason and Carly have a chance together? You bet.  But I’d also love to see Sonny and Skye with one-way tickets out of Port Charles.  Unfortunately, what we as fans want and what we see on screen are almost never related.   

            All right, back to the subject at hand--AJ and Skye are more made for each other than any couple on GH at the moment, two peas in a pod. HE PAID SOMEONE to stalk his wife. I feel sorry Billy Warlock has to play such a warped character but oh fucking well—deal with it—he is tragically flawed and so is Skye—their characters aren’t meant to be happy for long periods of time—show me the soap character who is. Both AJ and Skye are perfectly content blaming others for all their problems.  Brenda didn’t pour Skye the first drink that sent her over the edge—it was more like drink #100. And let us not forget that Skye fell off the wagon LONG before anyone including Jax knew that Brenda was alive, let alone in town and healthy.  And I lost count of how many times Skye threw the fact that Brenda was dying in her face—from the moment Brenda came into town—before Skye suspected her of lying, before anyone knew the truth. Skye is not blameless in this situation. You make your bed, you lie in it. It was enough for Jax to dump Skye over her manipulations regarding ELQ—that goes to show the strength of their relationship, and they got married only weeks later. Everyone in town EXCEPT Skye knew that it was only a matter of time before Jax went back to Brenda—is six months better than six weeks when waiting to ask your partner for a divorce? He did NOT LOVE HER. Sad? Yes. True? YES. My advice to Brenda would be to bitch slap Skye all the way back to Pine Valley. Some folks like Skye and feel that her behavior on other shows isn’t relevant to her tenure on GH—I say bullshit to that one—a leopard never changes its spots—and if Brenda’s a home-wrecking whore, look up “spiteful, cold, man-stealing LUSH” in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of SKYE. ABC’s promos refer to Skye as the “bitch.” I’d say they have it just about right.

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