By Michelle R.

 Is it me or did the Flea get a fashion lesson from Bobbie?  When she was dancing with Luke I just wanted to puke!!  Here’s why:  A) she ain’t got no rhythm and B) it took her all of two seconds to go to her sugar daddy after she had her whiny moment with Mac.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that when she saw Laura at Kelly’s with her “beloved”, she got the jones (no pun intended) and headed over to see “the other man”.  How blond can this girl be!!

By the way, Claude, stick to your day job!  The band was good! But, um, you may want to take a few more singing lessons to get Luke from firing you AGAIN!

Laura, Laura, Laura…YOU GO GIRL!!!  I loved the way you asked Bobbie if you can BORROW her boyfriend!  The gazongas are alive and kicking….so far (just hope you can do it when you’re sober!)  I thought it would have been better leading to an all and out cat fight with the sniveling one!  One could have only hoped.  I guess the timing just wasn’t right.  Sure is nice of Scott to represent you in the divorce!  That should make Luke feel, oh should I say, A TAD PISSED OFF!

Ah Emily, what can I say.  Oh I did already,  are you listening?  HELLO!  The guy came back for you.  It must be nice to live in a big house and have the boys climbing up your tree to get some …. sense in their lives, thinking that you are the only one and blah, blah, blah!  At least momma Monica knows you’re hiding a boy in your room.  If I was your mama, that tree would have been cut down A LONG TIME AGO and use one of the branches to … oh shall we say, remind you of who is boss.  Respect is the key thing here!  You want respect?  Gotta give it. ( Yeah I know… we’re talking about the dysfunctional Q’s , Emily is ALMOST of age and so on, but this is soap land so I have to say my peace!)

Nexis… what was that?  By the way, loved the wedding attire.  Can’t wait to see the real thing!  At the reception, is pizza being served?  I’m there!

Carly, babe, love the wave scene on your tresses!

Helena and Luke, aah … the kiss!  Now that gave me the heebeejeebees!   

 I love this show J