November 4, 2005

Drama. Romance. Lies. Betrayal. Friendship. Insanities. Crime. Obsession. Love. Trust.

Can you guess? No. Itís not General Hospital Iím talking about. Itís those other two. Those two that get so little press but pack so much punch. 

Honestly, Iíve been busy lately. Doctorís appointments, cheerleading competitions and practices, rehabbing a trashed rental name it, Iím doing it.  I have TIVO. I do not have SoapNet. Unfortunately I only TIVO GH.  Thatís going to have to change. I tend to make the effort to watch the other two shows and usually catch a glimpse or two of General Hospital and frankly, I often delete the recording before I even watch it. Though there are certainly some good things happening on GH (Sam and Jason, Alexis and Ric, Lucky and Liz, Luke and Tracy, Skye and possibly Lorenzo, though I think that one might be tanked at least temporarily), thereís more not good.

So Iím taking a break.  

Iíve always like AMC and OLTL. But I admit it, Iím a girl of the 80ís and have been pulled by some invisible string to General Hospital since Luke and Laura tied the knot. Maybe Iím too loyal and I canít call One Life To Live or All My Children my Ďfavoriteí because it would be like cheating on GH.  But since Iíve officially said Iím taking a break... 

General Hospital is not my favorite anymore. The problem is, I just canít decide which of the other two is my favorite. Iím torn between the two (a silly love song of the 70ís comes to mind, but I wonít make you suffer through the lyrics).   

There is some much good about All My Children.  Kendall and Zach.  Adam and Krystal.  Greenlee dumping the saint (sorry to all of you Ryan fans, but Iím over it).  Jonathan.  Di.  And for a change, the whole show doesnít seem to be focused around Erica Kane. Or Montgomery. Whatever sheís going by now.   

I think I read in one of the soap mags that next week Zach admits his feelings to Kendall. Okay. Itís unlikely that heíll admit his feelings about Kendall to Kendall, more likely heíll comment to her about wanting to be a real father to Ethan.  I donít think weíve suffered enough angst yet to see Kendall and Zach together. I could be wrong and weíll all know next week.  But, between you and me, Iím enjoying the build up. Itís always the best part of the romance.   

We all also know that Rebecca-the-bachelors-wife is leaving.  What does this mean? Well, either Greenleeís dead from the upcoming events (which would parlay Ryan into another self-fulfilling prophecy and blame game, so hopefully this isnít the solution...been there, done that far too recently).  Or sheíll leave for a while and the role will be recast.  Though I canít imagine who would play that role. Then again, I couldnít imagine anyone playing Carly after Sarah Brown and Tamara Braun did a decent job.  But how fun would it be for Greenlee to play dead like Ryan and give him a taste of his own medicine? That would sure be fun!  I imagine theyíll recast and I just hope the chemistry between Greenlee and Kendall is similar.  When Jennifer Bransford came to GH, instead of trying to continue the friendship between Carly and Courtney, they just acted like they barely knew each other. Way to incorporate Ďrecentí history into a recast.  I hope that doesnít happen if Greens is recast.   

I also think a great plot twist would be to have Kendall actually preggers with Zachís baby. Heís got money. He could easily go to that clinic where Duke Lavery works and throw some sperm into a container. Heck, all it takes is a small room and a few magazines or videos and wa-la! Baby Zachall is born.  If Greens is killed off, this would be a great way to deal with Ryan having a child since heís far too busy to be a daddy right now anyway.  Of course, if Zach has done this, we canít find out right away. Theyíll have to profess their love and then when the baby is born, it will have some tragic condition and need something genetically created from the father and then Zach the hero will step to the plate, thus ticking off Kendall and Ryan and starting the ďnot happily ever afterí each couple needs to keep the love alive.  

Oh, Iím sorry. I got off on a tangent there. Imagine that!  What I wanted to say is that I am enjoying the chemistry between Zach and Kendall.  Letís face it, Alicia Minshew has Ďití.  Unfortunately for AMC, but fortunately for her.  Sheís beautiful, charming, innocent and bitchy all in one.  And she can act.  I see great things for her.  I just hope itís later rather than sooner, for our sake.  Kendall lights up the TV when sheís interacting with Zach, bad Lucky Spencer recast and just about anyone else she happens by in the 1:00 Ė 2:00 time frame here in Georgia. But lately, the angst between Zach and Kendall has been more intense.  Weíre building up to the love connection and I think itís going to be a good one!  I see a super couple in our future.  

Does anyone like Di?  I do.  At first, I wasnít that thrilled with the whole, ďDixieís back and ainít she still just the whipped topping on my hot fudge sundaeĒ thing but since weíve found out sheís actually not Dixie and is Di, Iím liking the storyline a lot more.  Thereís meat to this character. Sheís been thrown into a huge storyline and has been posed to develop a friendship with Julia...likely to replace the Kendall and Greenlee relationship if a recasting doesnít take place.  Sheís got a heart, but a shaky history, making us feel sheís a survivor.  I have to be honest, the whole Dragon storyline was silly and a waste because it could have been written much, much better.  The story could have been huge.  And it was the ĎDragoní right? It went so quickly I canít even remember.  But with that being said, it did help to integrate the character into the fold.   

Krystal and Adam are just fabulous.  Krystal has much more chemistry with Adam than she ever had with David and Tad and I hope the couple discovers true love...just not right away. Iíd rather they bicker back and forth for quite a while first.   

Speaking of Tad...can AMC either get Dixie back (the Ďrealí Dixie, that is) or stop having him date and fall in love with everyone who steps foot onto our TV screen for a little while? The guyís like a used car.  Let him do this thing, sans a relationship because Iím starting to wear thin of him.   

Which brings me to someone else Iíve been worn thin of but am starting to sort of think might have potential...the bad Lucky Spencer recast. Of course, only if heís dealing with Babe.  Babeís grown and matured and become a mother focused on one goal, getting more time with her son.  With that, however, sheís got several obstacles to overcome, one of them being JR.  The way the character is handling him is inspiring. I wish I had the patience and wherewithal to deal with someone as annoying as JR.  Kudos to Babe. And you know itís very likely theyíll actually fall in love again, right? Call me crazy, but Iíll bet on it.  Poor Jamie.  Thatíll stink for him.  Especially since heís got a psycho on his back thatís likely to lock him up in a room, force sex upon him and carry his baby.  Oh, wait. Thatís One Life To Live.  But, itís likely something like this will happen. She is Janetís daughter, after all.  

All My Children has good things happening. Itís always centered on the characters and relationships.  The showís been true to itsí history, which is key to the fan base.  The writers, though sometimes they may slip up, write good stories and know what the fans want.  That, my friends, makes a huge difference.  

Okay. For today, All My Children is my favorite. Iíll write later about One Life To Live and Iím pretty sure itíll be my favorite then. Stay tuned. 

Have a great weekend!  


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