Some things, I just have to end up wishing I knew whether I just don't get it or if it's completely stupid. One thing I've heard a lot is "What if they had a war and nobody came?" I'm completely missing any depth the question might have.

To answer a certain question that might have risen recently: I've already accomplished my life's goal. To prevent further questions on the subject: It was to facilitate an acceptably alien perspective to the human experience, to exist without prejudice and cultural perspective, which was a means through which I would theoretically understand the processes that determine the flow of thought. And once I knew that, I could free myself from standard thinking and work my way up to a more mature way of seeing things.

To answer the next question: No, I wasn't disappointed in what I found, I was just intrigued to find that the most common questions people ask are fundamentally flawed and don't have real answers. In addition to the constraints of language (and its parent concept, communication), there's that nasty thing about how people can't ask accurate questions about the functionality of something they just barely have a word for. Then there's the human inability to distinguish between concepts.

Anyway, knowing anything about that doesn't make life any easier and certainly doesn't make it happier. Unless, of course, that was your life's goal.

I find it very interesting when somebody says "It is with the greatest humility that I...." Because is your humility really the greatest?

I also used to hate the bumper sticker that says "marriage = *man sign* + *woman sign*" Then, just a few minutes ago, something inside me said "Well, one of them has to be the butch, right?" Now I feel better about it.

I hate bigots. But they're easier to deal with now.

Strange dream last night. We were all super heroes working for the UN, and something came up in the middle of the night that got three of us up and out of bed, quite resentfully. There was a big conference, and we had to go around the world, collecting what I believe were fingernail clippings. I had to keep the big ones, and for some reason, I had a bunch of small ones that kept complicating the matter, especially when they all spilled out in front of a lot of people and I had to watch my language.

The best part of the dream was when the super-jet scraped the top of a mountain, went over the edge, and hit a nose dive. The plane didn't blow up, it just crumpled. The thing was, the driver was pregnant, and we were giving her shit about it.

Her: "Unf! I think I'm going into labor!"
Me: "Well, good job on inducing it. I think you'd be the first to do that by crashing a plane into a giant-ass rock. There's natural childbirth for you."
Other person: "Yeah, way to miss that mountain.

Also, my old dreams have been threatening to resurface. The worst was when I would dream that I was in somebody's home for reasons I knew I couldn't justify (it was a part of the dream that it was a justified cause, but not that it was the kind of situation that somebody else would believe if explained), and I would get caught. And a lot of the time, I'd be able to talk to the person once I was caught, we would sit down and have a drink, talk about the whole incident and who I was, and straddle the fence between being toast and getting away with it. In my much older dreams, I became long-term friends with the people. I know one old lady who made more than one appearance in a continuity-originated dream.

The other dream was the one where I'm back in school. Well, one of those ones. Sometimes, for some reasons, I'm back in, like, third grade to finish something up. In others, I'm dealing with the frustration of forgetting which college course I'm enrolled in, or whether I'm enrolled at all. Most of the time, I'm coming to the conclusion that I've forgotten about a class so long that there's no point in going back, and I'm filled with an overwhelming sense of failure while my fantastic college record falls apart. Christ, has it been five years? I don't think my credits are transferable if I go back. Also, in some dreams, I'm in a class, and don't know if I'm supposed to be there. Or I'm supposed to be there, I just haven't been there enough to know what the teacher is talking about. It all sucks so hard. I need to go back to school.

A while ago, I was watching a Judy Garland movie with whom I'm certain was Shirley Temple, and I heard a line that I immediately had to memorize. It was a 13-year-old seeing a girl who wouldn't give up her pursuit of a guy, and saying "Some birds just gotta be shot twice." It was grand.

There's an Eppie's restaurant right by the freeway, which is plainly visible while getting onto the northbound ramp for I-80. It's like a low-grade Denny's. But the first two letters and the last one are out, so all it says when it lights up at night, in big red letters, is "pie." Mmmm. Pie. I just thought I'd mention that.


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