Rack up another amazing adventure with the GH Fan Weekend!

If the ladies who attended the event with me have been doing the same thing I have been doing, in addition to settling family back down into routine and unpacking, they've been looking at a blank computer screen wondering where to begin.  It was just such an experience that words don't do it justice.

But I'll try.


As a lot of you know, I'm not much into driving, so I was pretty well fried by the time I got to Studio City, California and checked into the hotel.  I met up with a friend of mine who lives locally, knowing Carolyn, Sherry and Kathy wouldn't be around until later that afternoon.  I started driving around 4:30am, arrived around 11:30am and my friend arrived around noon.  By the time we returned around 4:00, everyone else was there already.  We did our happy dance hugs and headed out to get some dinner, after which, they all promptly pooped out and went to bed.  The time difference was killing them.

I, however, was wide awake, so I went back to the lodge and got a drink to haunt around the pool.  I connected up with my friend, Tracey and her entourage of Gatekeepers, but they were busy with Wally Kurth and his bingo event, which I missed finding out about until it was already sold out.  I stumbled up to where they were standing in the doorway of the Vista Room and stood with them for a while.  There were waves of heat coming off the room, whether from bingo'ing fan bodies or from Rick Hearst, I'm not sure, but regardless, it wasn't cooperating with being a little blasted, so I made my way back to the hotel room, vowing to never again arrive on a Thursday.  Called my husband and told him I missed him and that I wished I'd waited until Friday to come.  Don't remember going to bed after that, but I'm quite certain I did since I woke up the next morning to the alarm telling me it was time to get ready for the EOS brunch.

I was just finishing up when Kathy knocked and we took off.  Sherry's husband came with her, but he remained hidden until Sunday morning, doing his own thing.  (He was cute too, so who can blame her for keeping him hidden away?).  He actually ended up having our first fan encounter when he saw Stephen Nichols going to an ATM or some such stuff. 

Brunch was great and after it was over (and we can drag out a brunch, we have learned), we went to hang around the pool, talk with readers who came by and relaxed.  I also was able to check in with my buddy, Debbie Morris, who is in charge of the weekend.  We visited with her and sat by the pool until another friend of mine showed up to have lunch.  I stuffed myself on Black Angus baked potato soup and dark bread to the point that I couldn't eat the sandwich I ordered.  When I got back, it was time to get ready for the Nancy Lee Grahn event.

Nancy Lee Grahn - Friday, July 9, 2004

I'm not much for dressing up, but figured on the whole "only live once" thing.  My access to 1950's gear is limited and I was deeply coveting a set of Pink Ladies jackets. The penny loafers I bought were too narrow (never buy shoes on e-bay even if you think you know your size) and I'm fresh out of poodle skirts.  I ended up rolling up the legs of my jeans, wearing bobby socks and white tennies (bobos, not athletic shoes), flipped up the ends of my hair ala Laura Petrie and threw a scarf in my hair.  Also brought dark red lipstick.  I looked like a dork.  Lots of people went all out with the true 50's wear.

NLG's events are always fun.  She's very chatty and personable and seems to enjoy the events. I had a great seat (right next to my new buddy, Stacey Lopez, who is the official videographer for the events and is just so much fun.  WHAT a nice lady!) and loved the event.  (When I got up to get my hamburger, I came back to find that NLG's daughter, Kate, and her nanny had swiped my seat - smile... there was another right beside it, so I was only nudged over a bit) 

I'd hoped for a Constance Towers sighting, but she was singing in San Francisco that weekend.  I'd hoped for Bergen Williams, but she didn't make it either.  (I was, however, really happy to see her at the main luncheon).  The first guests were Alexis' onscreen daughter(s), Sarah and Emma, the Curly-Boo twins.  They were the darlings of the weekend, so well behaved and sweet.  It was their second birthday, so Nancy had a cake brought in for them and they spent a good bit of time picking at it.  NLG mentioned that they both loved Maurice Benard and in their scenes with him, would usually reach for him instead of her. 

Thenext guest was an accidental visit from Cynthia Preston, who'd come by to drop off some things.  She stayed and chatted for a long while as Nancy started making his way through the tables. 

Nancy went a little nuts when she announced the arrival of Rick Hearst.  As you've no doubt already heard, she wore a Maurice Benard jacket and X'd through the Maurice Benard on the back with masking tape and penned in "Ric's Chick."  Hey, it was cute.

Rick Hearst brought a little fwiend...

Greg Vaughn is 120 degrees hotter in person.  GH really dogs him out in looks.  Da boy is F-I-N-E fine.

Cynthia Preston left after the guys arrived and they kept us entertained while NLG did the tables.  I wasn't able to stay until she got to mine.  I was wiped out by 10pm and so EOS left the building.  The other gals will have marvelous accounts of this event because they took better notes.  :)

Which brings us to...