Let me make one thing perfectly clear: In this column space, I plan to celebrate the shows I watch (AMC and GH), not condemn them (unless they totally piss me off). If I don't happen to comment on a character or storyline, it is safe to assume that I have nothing positive to say about them. (Unless stated otherwise, I talk about the character, not the actor who portrays him or her.) Now and then, I may bitch-slap the Pollyanna that dwells on my right shoulder and give in -- or give up -- and rant on. OK? On with the show(s)!

How nice was it to see so many AMC actors celebrating "Joe Martin's 35th Anniversary at PVH?" Old friends like Mark Dalton, Ruth Martin, Nick Davis, Tom Cudahy, and grand dame Phoebe Wallingford? And Opal's sniping at "Agnes Eckhart" -- AMC creator Agnes Nixon playing a hospital administrator from 35 years back, who approved Joe Martin's appointment as chief of staff, which gave her a backstory of sorts and a reason to be there. Smart writing.

I confess to a few sniffles every time I saw Phoebe. About 15 years ago, I had the pleasure of escorting Ruth Warrick through the International Cat Show at Madison Square Garden's Felt Forum in NYC. Through a mutual friend, I'd gotten her to serve as a celebrity judge at the Jonny Cat Look-Alike Contest (don't ask!), alongside Arlene Dahl, Al "Grampa Munster" Lewis, and writer Tama Janowitz. (The next year, Michael Knight and Cady McClain graciously agreed to judge the contest, but I'm saving that for a future column!) Miss Warrick was gracious and very regal, but was also delighted every time a cat lover recognized her and called out, "Phoebe!" Not only did I have to make sure she got through the throngs safely, I had something else to contend with: protecting her beautiful (if ill-advised) fur coat! I whispered to her that I was turning it inside out in case there were any anti-fur activists at the Felt Forum...and considering we were surrounded by animal lovers, there was a better-than-average chance of that! We made it through unscathed, leaving many happy Phoebe fans in our wake. She was -- and remains -- every inch a lady.

Getting back to the anniversary show, also touching was Mona's letter to Bianca. Yes, I sniffled along with Erica, and smiled, too. Nice touch ending it with the famous "You are all my children" quotation and well-timed montage. Corny, sentimental, but anniversary celebrations tend to be just that.

And Simone! So "baby-conscious lately!" Loved it! Then Verla Grubbs, dubbing Bianca's baby "Miracula-anda!" The delightful Carol Burnett, asking the heavens to "just let them be happy for five minutes...is that too much to ask?," echoing the sentiments of so many AMC fans.

The montage at the end was far too short, but the few glimpses of history more than a couple of years old sparked fond memories of beloved characters and great stories. A nice reminder of why we watched then and continue to watch now. Congratulations to all at AMC for a classy celebration of its 35 years of existence.

My biggest Christmas surprise would have to be how much I'm loving Flirtatious Sonny as opposed to Brooding/Snarling/Father of the Universe/Bull-in-a-Crystal-Shop Sonny. Maurice Benard appears to be having a blast, and it works for me.

"She's more tightly wound than the redhead on 'Desperate Housewives.'" Yes, Alexis is wound up about Sonny's place in Kristina's life, and I'm also loving that. Ric/Alexis/Sonny is playing out better than I could have imagined, largely due to the talent and spark shared by these actors, who play off each other with great timing and skill.

When is BrookLynn going to sing again? I miss hearing her gorgeous voice. Bring out a CD already!

Oh, geez...Emily does a Pygmalion/Professor Higgins and tries to turn Connor into Eliza Doolittle, uh, Prince Nikolas. Eeek.

Funny how some women don't mind a guy's strong-arm tactics when it comes to protecting a child. Of course I mean Lois, not Alexis...yet.

More Tracy! More Dillon! More Tracy! More Dillon!

Wait...what's that playing on WLPC Radio?...AC/DC?..."HELL'S BELLS"?!?!?

Okay, I've gagged that little Pollyanna because, while I'm not going to say a word about the rumored Connor/Emily happening, I feel compelled to mention that rape and rape storylines -- used much too often -- make my skin crawl. And that's all I have to say about that.


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