I Dream of ďGenieĒ on General Hospital 

Since I donít have any control over the storylines on General Hospital the only thing I can do is pretend that I am a Genie on the show so I can fix all the annoying stuff that is going on.  Okay, where do I start working my magic?  How about the storyline involving Nicolas/Connor. What are they thinking here?  If they wanted to break up him and Emily they could have just done it while he still had his memory instead of introducing a new character that doesnít make any sense.   Honestly, no one can possibly pass off another human being as someone else and make it believable.  I will make that wacko, Mary, disappear (poof!) into thin air and give Nicolas his memory back. The second storyline that is grating on my nerves is the Sage/Georgie/Dillon fiasco.  This has been going on way too long and itís about time that Sage finds herself another guy and leave Dillon alone!  I will play cupid and shoot the arrow in Lucasí (is he still in that diabetes clinic?) direction and maybe that will give both him and his mother, Bobbie a good reason to stick around Port Charles.  All right, itís starting to look a little better already, letís keep working the magic.  Does anybody else share my dislike for Edward?  I have had it up to my last hair with all his bitching and his disregard for compassion.  I was keeping my fingers cross during the storyline when they were talking about locking him up in the loony bin, but unfortunately, that fell through and heís still walking around being a pain in the britches.  Letís sprinkle some sawdust around him and turn him into a decent human being for a change. 

Okay, now this one is going to take some major spell work.  What can we do about Sonnyís mistress, Sam?   Donít you just want to shake her until she confesses what she really wants?   Havenít you noticed how sheís always contradicting herself like on one hand sheís saying she doesnít want to break up Sonnyís family, yet on the other hand sheís confessing her love for him and how she canít be away from him.  Oh, please, give me a frickiní break!   I have to say I just love the way Tracy put her down at the charity ball. I couldnít help but laugh at her comments.  Okay, let me get back on track here with our greedy gal, Sam.  I am going to whip up some magic potion for her to drink after she has the baby and turn her into a man.  The good thing is that she wonít have to change her name since ďSamĒ can pass for a guy as well!  And while we are at it, weíll pair her/him off with Faith Rosco.  Now, that will be an interesting match! Well, so far so good, Port Charles is looking a lot better now.  One last thing I would change is the relationship between Sonny and his half-brother, Ric.  Maybe itís because Iím a sucker for brotherly love, but I would make it possible for these two to put their animosity toward one another behind them and become the best of friends.  Last, but not least, what can I do about Courtney?  Itís not that I donít like her, after all, she does have a good heart, but I have a problem with her always whining for Jason, yet she canít handle what he does for a living.  Well, enough already!  I will make her forget what he does and just love him for who he is.  Well, now that I have worked my magic to my liking I can put my ďGenieĒ powers away and sit back and enjoy watching my favorite soap without getting the urge to throw popcorn at the television screen!   

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