Diannaís Dimensions
By Dianna 

I witnessed GHís finest hour.  It was reminiscent of the GH I used to adore.  The closer on Friday when Carly sang to Morgan while all hell broke loose was magnificent. 

I donít like Courtney.  Never have and never will.  But I have accepted that she is a sneak and an eavesdropper and will do anything for Jason.  She canít live with the guy but she can kill for him?  Maybe now sheíll see Jasonís point.  Some things have to be done.  (Please note I may or may not agree but my opinions stated are strictly storyline related in as much Courtney has done exactly what she left Jason for.) 

Sonny, as we all know is just a pompous, self-centered jerk.  He can do as he wishes, with whom he wishes, hurt who he wishes, but god forbid he gets a little back.

I donít believe he and Carly belong together so I had no problem seeing him with Sam.  In my opinion Sonny will never love anybody like Brenda.  He was a different man with Brenda, but then it was a very different relationship he had with Brenda.  Sonny did a lot to Brenda (he sent her to the loony bin too.) but with him and Carly is has been all verbal and emotional abuse.  That marriage has been nothing but a chain of falling dominoes.  Hopping from tragedy to tragedy, fight to fight.  Like Sonny is so fond of saying about himself, I repeat about Carly, he knew who and what Carly was when he married her.  I think Tamara (Braun) is a fine actress but the chemistry Maurice (Bernard) and Sarah Joy Brown had isnít there.  Without that the marriage is no longer believable.

I was so thankful for the scenes between Carly and Jason as he kept trying to stop her from running to Alcazar.  Why am I the only one who can see that what is between Jason and Carly is exactly what love is about.  Jason will do anything for Carly and Iíve read the spoilers and being that Jason was once Michaelís father I cannot believe for a second that he would allow Sonny to take Carlyís kids. 

Jason proved once again why he was the only sensible man left alive. 

Jason: Yeah, well, there's something wrong with mine! It doesn't take away your ability to choose. You made a choice to wreck your family. You know what? I trusted you with Michael. I got out of the way so you and sonny could be together. I walked through hell so you could have the family that you wanted! You're not just betraying sonny. You're betraying me, your kids, and yourself!

(Quote taken from GHH2)

And here we see exactly what the deal is between Carly and Jason.  He will NEVER turn his back on her.  Never.

Carly: I need you to help me. I need you to stand up for me. I need you to explain to sonny that I have been fighting --

Jason: How can I explain to sonny what i don't even get myself? What the hell were you thinking going back to alcazar when you knew sonny was on his way home? You know what, Carly? I don't have time for this right now.

Carly: Ok, my life is in pieces and you don't have time?

Jason: I'll fix what you broke tomorrow! Just stay here, ok? Don't go looking for sonny. Don't make things worse. You know what? I said this speech a hundred times. Just stay here!

(Quote taken from GHH2)

Honestly, if I have to hear Carly say even one more time ďI love my husband,Ē to Lorenzo I might slit my wrists.  Lock me in the damn loony bin. 

I could buy Helena and Sam teaming up.  Even better I could see Helena, Tracy and Faith teaming up.  That would be a dangerous 3 musketeer pairing. 

Funny, we have all this mob stuff running around and Helena and Courtney are the only two people to actually kill someone.  (Well, Courtney probably didnít Ė unless that actor has been let go) 

Yes, Nik and Em with the lovemaking and the rose petals was a bit much, but damn did I appreciate it.  Our soap has no romance.  Only bed hopping and angry sex.   

I loved Faith calmly polishing her toes in her padded cell. 

Iím intrigued about the Faith and Justice deal. 

I think Liz is a Dork and that when you make a man do such horrible thing it will take a much longer time for the audience to forgot all the bad that he has done. 

Hey Ė I saw Mac.  I thought for a bit that Ric ran the police as well.  I have never seen a DA so involved in every aspect of a crime.  I watch Law and Order.  Maybe they should. 

Iím starting the DAWS movement.  DO AWAY WITH SAGE.  She is so annoying.  I canít even look at her. 

I want Jax and Tracy or Jax and Helena to start a romance.  I canít watch him break up with Sam again. 

I watched the Golden Globes last night.  Many of the winners and the people repeatedly shown on my TV screen were the vets, the men and women who have been around for decades.  Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Jessica Lange, Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, Bill Murray Ö 

If you follow along the people we watch on our soaps, the people we talk about later and the people who breathe life back into a flopping fish are the vets.  The very people who they keep trying to write out and extinguish to mere fossils in the sand of Port Charles.   

We watch soap operas, because we know the people.  We take comfort in the fact that we know what they will do, how they will react and like anything if you shake up that mixture too much, it might just explode in your face. 

So hereís to those who have not changed.  A great cheer to Jane Elliot and Constance Towers and Anthony Geary and Leslie Charleston and Stuart Damon and all those who know you can always come home again.  The viewers have shared a lifetime with you.