Let me say what we all know…babies don’t belong in soaps.  All of a sudden GH has a million babies and potential babies all running amuck and all fathered by or parented by Sonny Corinthos.  What is going on?  They are all rich, hardly work and since this is a show lacking of romance and even very much sex one would think that it might just be a little harder to get inadvertently knocked up.  We have condoms, IUD’s, pills, shots and patches among other things.  I know PC has both a hospital and a clinic and you mean to tell me no one had any safe sex?  Did Sonny forget so soon about watching Stone die of aids or that Robin will have a life long fight?  Is it really that easy to get pregnant? 

Now once this precious child is born, which happens maybe 38% of the time, we never see them again.  Unless of course they are Mobster Michael Corinthos, they have absolutely no point and are now just burdens to the actors playing bad parents.

LesleyLu #1                 LesleyLu#2 

I feel bad for this poor child.  Her mother is insane, her Father is insane, her brother is someone else and her other brother is an underused, under appreciated actor with almost as little screen time as she’s seen.  Let us also not forget they went to all the trouble to bring her grandmother back, just so they can both disappear into the forest.  Why did they ever even bother? 

Here we have another often mention but never seen baby.  Baby Kristina who was loved by Ned, but her mother was so damn selfish and the writers were trying so hard to ruin her character that she killed a man, pretended to be nuts and Kristina was yanked from Ned, moved in with Cameron while Mommy pretended to be a man, and all the while she is being kept from that great man who will do anything for his family, her big bad daddy, Sonny Corinthos.


And now here’s a kid we get to see and wish we didn’t.

It is a Soap Opera and I often have to remind myself of this when I watch GH.  I understand how parents have to sacrifice things for their children and so forth and so on, but where do you draw the line?  How is it better for a kid to live in a forced and faked illusion?  Michael was rewarded for his incorrect actions and not punished.  His lesson learned was that he could make his parents move to his whim.  Great lesson.  Great parenting.  Watching Sonny and Carly, hearing them wax philosophical about their parenting skills and so forth makes me want to barf.  And not just a little, but projectile all over my TV set.  They are the most selfish 2 people in the world who don’t deserve to even be allowed to raise a kitten.  They have created a freaking’ monster mobster and they are too damn stupid to even notice that if they keep screwing up, Little Michael is going to call a hit on them both. 

I believe on Monday I glimpsed what is to be the new and aged Brooke Lynne.  Here she was way back when.

BrookeLynn.  I believe this is the child used when Ned and Alexis were together and if I recall Alexis failed miserably at relating to a child. 

Thank god she is Dillon’s niece (and please let us hope the writers remember) b/c I could not stand to watch them throw another young thing at Dillon. 

Sonny now has how many babies? 

  1. Unnamed – Deceased – with Lily Corinthos
  2. Unnamed – Deceased – with Carly Corinthos (didn’t AJ get the blame for this?)
  3. Michael Corinthos – Adopted
  4. Morgan Corinthos – w/ Carly Corinthos
  5. Kristina Davis – with Alexis Davis
  6. Unnamed – In Utero – with Sam McCall

Did I get them all?  He must be the most fertile man in PC.  It is funny how Brenda was the only one smart enough not to get pregnant by Sonny. 

It might be an interesting study to see which Soap Opera character has the most children. 

Sam’s baby isn’t even born yet and Jason is already planning on interviewing the potential Nannies.   

So anyway, I just don’t see the point of babies on soaps and while I am talking about thinks I don’t see the point in … 

I don’t see the point in…

Courtney.  Her bleach blond hair annoys me.  Her personality annoys me.  Everything about her annoys me.  On Monday Tracy was vicious but normal people don’t go around shoving their elders (oh how Tracy would shudder at that) on their rears. 

Sonny.  I just cannot take that man anymore and any GH fan knows why. 

Jax.  They ruined him.  Fun Jax is dead and I just don’t see how you get that back. 

The Gazebo.  (Need I say more)? 

That they don’t make use of Faith. 

Mary.  I cannot believe I am reading things that people wrote and they feel sorry for her and think that her and Nik/Conner have a romance and a future.  Frankly, Nik can end up boffing Maxie and I wouldn’t care.  I think he bring something to any story line he is given, but that cannot change the fact that Mary is certifiable.  She has not only invented a new life, exchanged vows with him, but has gone even further and pretends to be a friend to Emily and her pain when Mary is the very thing causing the pain.  Not only does that take balls, but also her lack of conscience could even allow her to be a serial killer.  Maybe in her spare time she is killing cops and stalking Skye. 

Babies on soaps.  (Had to say it again) 

I suppose I could go on and on but I get tired and forgetful just thinking about it.

Now with Skye and Luke going, I am going to be left with very little left to watch this summer. 

As happy as I am that Alexis is getting some screen time, I violently dislike Ric.  He is slimy and corrupt and by extension I no longer can even stomach looking at the actor. 

I’d like to make a few notes about some of the others.  I am so very happy that Sage has returned to us here.  Welcome back and you were missed!

I loved Kathy’s great buscapade ditch day.  It held a special appeal to me, as I used to work for the main office of a school transportation department and it sure did bring back memories even though I never actually drove a bus.

I hope every one had a happy and fattening holiday!