I am so tired of Sonny getting shot. 







Seeing him with Brenda makes my heart hurt.  Way back when GH was at its finest.


When Brenda came back, naturally Sonny had to get shot again. 

(I love these photos from: http://www.msnusers.com/GHScreenCaps/gh91702.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=14875 and http://www.geocities.com/sonnybrendavideocaptures/shotrecovery.html

Here is the original Carly nursing Sonny back to health.  Those were the days.


Now I also believe Angel nursed him back to health from being shot too. 

And of course he was just shot again.

How many times are we going to see the same man shot?  For a great mobster he does very little shooting and a whole lot of bleeding. 

These photos are years apart yet they could all be from the same episode.  It is proof positive that GH is tired.  It gives new meaning to the word recycle and the viewers are bored.  Now is sister Agnes to be his nurse or is it Samís turn?  I love Sonny; of the past not the present and that old love wonít die.  I believe he can be fixed (by decent writers) but it is so bad I almost wish he were dead.  I am tired of it.  He and Sam have no chemistry, he and Tamara have no chemistry, and I have no idea why anyone even wants to be a part of his life he is so means, selfish and demanding.  His redeeming qualities have been destroyed.  Sonnyís ďcodesĒ have been compromised beyond repair and Jason isnít far behind.  The Sam and her baby thing reeks of such absurdity that the GH scribes should be embarrassed to even admit they wrote this crap.  Lying is against the Jason grain.  So are secrets.  Maybe he can lie to everyone else but how is he to look this baby in the eye and tell him that he is his biological father?  How?  That is not Jason.  If he wants Michael back so bad then he should get together with Carly.  They have chemistry. 

These current stories go against everything I know about these people who have been a part of my everyday life for over 15 years.

Carly doesnít stand to live in a Penthouse across the way from her husbandís mistress.  Carly goes to Jakeís, gets drunk and seduces Ric to get even.

Jason doesnít lie.  Jason takes care of Sam, marries Sam, but doesnít lie and pretend he is the father.

Sonny doesnít behave like an indecisive whining baby.  Sonny takes what he wants and makes me tingle at home watching him do it.

Sonny also does not allow betrayal and according to the lie Ė Jason betrayed him big time.

I am not a religious person, but even I feel Sonny is making a mockery of the Church and of God.  Name the 10 Commandments, I dare you Sonny. 

That became a big gripe.  It has been driving me more and more insane.  GH is a permanent re-run. 

The new Lois is going to majorly get on every last one of me nerves like nails down a chalkboard.

So far Lynn is good.  Not annoying, not overplayed or overdone and completely believable.  I loved how she looked at Ned when he was listening to her sing on tape.   

My opinion is still out on Jax and Courtney.  My biggest problem is that I truly do not like either the Courtney character or the actress.  I like that they are trying to recapture the Jax of old.  Can you recreate something or someone that was so badly destroyed? 

I wonít buy into Alexis and Ric b/c the REAL Alexis never would buy into Ric.  And she is.  And it pains me to no end.  That character died with her affair to Sonny.   

Even as a person, I hate change.  I like my world safe and secure and predictable.  I want my GH to be the same.  True to form and character.  I have enough issues with recasts and departures and new arrivals.  I have to live with that, but can the people who stay at least act in the appropriate manner?  Is that really too much to ask? 

Iíll go on a limb.  I like Emily.  I have liked her since she first came.  What people donít get is she is supposed to be St. Emily the Perfect.  The Qís have always treated her that way.  Now she is grown, spent time away, matured, but why should she be any less than what everyone has always made her out to be?  Even Skye couldnít resist her (after she caused her paralysis.)  Every town needs someone everybody loves and Em has always been that. 

By the way Ė where does she live now?  Hmmmm.

The problem came when GH tried to make Liz that person and sheís not.  I donít miss her at all and that is no reflection on Becky Herbst. 

So she shall return with one more baby we donít need and wonít see. 

It is going to be a very long summer in Port Charles.  I am only thankful for my Fast Forward.


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