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How cute is Kristina?
How pathetic is the whole Carly and Sonny deal?
How pathetic are Courtney and Jason and why is Jason allowing it to carry on for so long?
Who else could not help but say "ahhh" when Emily gave Nicholas the deed to Wyndemere?
Who thinks Luke is nuts?   (on a side bar I feel for LuLu b/c I personally know someone who is doing the same exact thing to his daughter.  Everyone out there, cherish the ones you love.  Sooner or late, those you disregard, will no longer give you anymore chances.)
How dare Luke tempt Skye with alcohol.  That was beyond insensitive Luke behavior.
Poor Skye. Right now all she really wants is one true friend.   I can't believe how badly Ned just turned in her.  Alan too.  Un real.
Sage re-cast - gotta go.  What a little tramp.  Absolutely no class, no sense, and no talent.
I have never seen a more faked cry.  The whole Dillon crying scene and then Alcazar scene was just so fake I had to laugh.
Dillon in my eyes is now unredeemable.  Can't even the teens think of anything besides sex?  Him jumping in bed with Sage was totally against the character they had made him to be.  Oh well.  Another pig male to add to the GH canvas.
Sad.  But right now when Ric told Liz he'd love her and her baby no matter who the Daddy was and then to go so far as to tell Liz they HAD to tell Xander, well hell, he was decent.
Where's Cameron?
Anyone agree that the Sam McCall whole storyline is just going to flop?  The reason being . . . Poor writing.  GH writers just don't allow us viewers to get to know the characters anymore.  They plunge forth with sex and so-called adventure and force feed us new characters and we can't care because we don't know.  When we thought we knew them, then they get a whole re-vamped personality.  Remember when you could predict how a character would react to something?  No more.
Makes me sad.
Looks like they ruined Alcazar.
Hey - since everyone else gets a new personality how about we give Faith something real.  Give her a relative or a love.  A real love.  Then watch her struggle when she find out there are things more important than money and power.
Cynthia (Preston) is such a fine actress who manages to have chemistry with anyone and anything.
Girl fight are so 2003.  Let's hope they stop with the New Year.

GH New Year Resolutions

Sonny:  Actually follow through on a threat.  Big Bad mob boss has not followed through on not one single threat since he killed the guy in PR with Brenda.
Liz:  Love your baby and make no man more important than you and your baby.
Courtney:  Stop whining.  Stop driving.
Carly: worship Sonny some more as she doesn't know how to do anything else.
Mike Corbin:  Have a date.
Scotty:  actually do something legal as the DA.
Mac:  Have a crime, solve a crime, finally put someone in jail and keep them there.
Sage:  Get a chastity belt.
Luke:  Spend some time on with his daughter.  Stop blaming every bad thing he does on the fact that he lost Laura.  Get over it already.
Skye:  Be a winner.
Alexis:  Tell Sonny he is Kristina's father.
That is all for me folks
Happy Happy Holidays!!!! 

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