By Evie

Musings in No Particular Order 

Hey everybody, did you hear they’re going to change the name of General Hospital to Sonny’s World and How it Affects Emily?  Ba DUM bum!  I still got it! 

But seriously, folks, aside from my standard complaints of all things Emily and most things Courtney and (new addition) Steven, I think the kidnapping story and Michael’s death was done very well, maybe made easier to bear because we know it is leading up to the “Michael’s Not Dead” story, and the “And By the Way, Neither is AJ” story.   

Did you see that ridiculous montage shootout when they first caught Faith?  Makes me never want to go to church.  They even have further assassinated the character of Justus by making him attempt to smother Faith with a pillow – whether he “intended” to go through with it or not is hardly the point.  GH even has a former monk getting violent!  Although I gotta tell ya, I majorly wanted to hug him when he was hovered over her body after the second “Faith Gets Shot” sequence.  Where has he been since, though?  I’m a day behind, so maybe he was on today.   

And what is Durant’s deal?  Is he a good guy or a bad guy?  At first we could say he was using Carly and only using Carly, but he obviously loves her, so again, I must ask, Durant, what’s your deal, yo?  He obviously had something to do with either Faith’s shooting, or the kidnapping entire, the bastard.  Oops, can I say “bastard” on here?  If not, read that sentence again and replace “bastard” with “bum.”   

And speaking of non sequiturs, Faith decides to stand up and explain herself to Alan of all people?  Why not The Jason, when he, seconds before, kicked her wheelchair?  After all, she was scared of  him and he is a key player in this – now, don’t misunderstand and think that I object to Alan’s involvement in Any Actual Storyline, I just think it would have been more effective if The Jason and Faith had that confrontation, instead of Alan and Faith.   

I’m gonna tell you what, too, I miss Faith.  Sure, we can say she’s lucky she lived that long, but she was an honest to goodness Bitch That We Loved to Love.  I hope Cynthia Preston gets on another soap soon.  Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if she was the Carly recast?  Hey, maybe I’ll start a rumor! 

I think Faith and Justus were a good couple.  When she was with him, you could see her as the seemingly normal person she once was, before she went all nutsy cuckoo.  He was so sweet to her.  But of course, we can’t have good couples that don’t have anything to do with Sonny or Emily on, can we?  No, we can’t have Faith and Justus, but we have to look at Georgie and Dillon.   

Do you know the only thing I don’t like about Dillon?  Georgie.  Do you know how much I can’t stand Georgie?  Remember that actress that took over for Robyn Richards when they tried to sex up Maxie a few years ago?  I would rather see HER version of Maxie than any version of Georgie.  I hope they age LuLu and she goes after Dillon (wait… are they related?  Oh wait, it doesn’t matter in PC…) then Georgie can throw tantrums again just like she did before Sage got killed! 

By the way, Georgie, it IS your fault that Sage is dead, you dumbass.  And one more thing.  You’ve got issues.  You may now go away.  I say bring back Maxie and get rid of Georgie because she is quickly joining the ranks of her annoying know-it-all-never-wrong-self-centered Princess female role models, Emily and Courtney.   

Hey, wanna hear something shocking, those of you who may have read my musings before?  I actually felt sorry for Courtney when Sonny yelled at her and she started crying on The Jason.  I mean, I can’t stand he, r and I felt sorry for her!  So does that say something for ALW’s acting ability, or the writers?  Or was I just off my nut that day? 

Speaking of character interpretation, let’s talk about AMC.  I know some people never liked the character of Edmund, or maybe did like him but gave up on him, but I always liked him when I watched in previous years.  Basically I liked Edmund because John Callahan is so funny.  I don’t know if you can tell, but I like funny.  From what I’ve read and seen on “Soap Talk,” he’s pretty darn witty.  By the way, did we discuss how I don’t watch Soap Talk because Lisa Rinna’s voice eats away at my brain?  I could deal with it if she didn’t interrupt My Ty Treadway to tell stories all the time.  Can’t we just have Ty Treadway?  Or Ty Treadway with Catherine Hickland, that worked.  Can we put Lisa Rinna somewhere else just for a little bit?  I mean, I guess she’s not all bad, just let Ty TALK, man! 

Regarding Edmund:  I stopped watching and came back recently, and I was surprised at what had become of the character, how bitter and hateful he was especially towards Maria, after he went through so much without her and with getting her “back.”  Having read about his marital break up and his high salary, I wasn’t a bit surprised when they got rid of John Callahan (I myself had just been fired that week, although not from a soap opera!).  I was pleased to read that in an interview that John Callahan recently gave, he criticized the way they had Edmund go out. 

Good for you, John, you go!  Wouldn’t Edmund’s death had more of an impact on the viewer if Edmund was still likeable?  Or is AMC donning its sunglasses and saying, as its brother GH says, “We don’t gave a *@$#% what the viewer thinks! Get rid of the male talent and bring on the babes, maaaan.” 

I guess right now, there is really no character on AMC, aside from a mildly annoying Krystle (or however the hell they spell it) that I really could do without.  I just seriously don’t want her to be with my Tad.  Do you know what it’s like for me to see Krystle with Tad?   

It’s like when you date someone that you like, but it’s not serious, then that person starts going out with someone else that you knew marginally but never really thought about.  And they appear to be serious, and it makes you feel icky.  That’s how I feel when I see them together.  Of course I find Tad totally hot and sexy and I never dated him, LOL, but it’s the same feeling.  Krystle, stay in jail and away from The Tad! 

Who are we supposed to want Tad with?  I mean, the Tad the Cad thing is kind of fun, because, hey, we all fantasize about being with him, he’s just too adorable and funny!  But if we are to want some love and happiness for The Tad, who do we want him with?  Anyone?  Can you send me an email with your suggestions?  I think maybe I want him with the Dixie redux, or with Brooke.  No, I know – I want him with LIZA.  Were they adorable when the Babester was on the lam, or were they adorable? 

Can you also tell me how I am supposed to feel about Ethan?  He is so sweet to My Kendall.  But is he nice, or is he a jerk?  I loved him watching Edmund on tape, and saying, “You son of a bitch!”  But what about his lie about seeing his even-hotter-than-he-is Dad kill Edmund? How could let Maria think that Zach is the killer?  My interpretation of all that was that Ethan did not actually see Zach do it, just that he saw Zach over Edmund like we did.  Am I wrong? 

I know Maria is not perfect; but “the past” she lied about to Edmund was not her fault, since she was “Maureen” at the time.  I liked the way they had My Tad point out to my David that if it weren’t for his involvement, none of that crap would have happened.  My God, didn’t you love that scene with David and Greenlee when David found out all that he missed while in Babeland?  Vincent Irrizary is wonderful, much like Cynthia Preston’s Faith (well, I guess David’s not that bad), no matter what despicable thing the character does, I’m in his corner, baby.  Glad he has a daughter to love, but… 

Babe.  Was there ever a more stupid name for a soap character than that?  I challenge you to email me about this too, and tell me if you know of a dumber, more laughable soap character name.  I mean “Babe” is OK if you are a baseball player or a talking pig or a perfume, but for a writer to name a character “Babe” suggests that we are supposed to like this character, feel sorry for her, empathize her.  And the thing is that most of her problems she created herself.   

Now, OK – I’ll admit it.  She can act her way out of a paper bag, and yes, I’ve cried with her on several occasions.  Especially that one time when she was curled up on the cabin floor and Jamie picked her up.  The last thing he did where I didn’t think, “I am SICK of Jamie.” 

Jamie, I am tired of your male posturing around JR (who I think should have Baby Ace James Chandler or whomever, but don’t hit me).  Jamie just shut up and GO AWAY.  Tad loves you and Brook loves you, and because you are really kinda stupid, I would say that says a lot about them.  

JR – I was not enamored of Jacob Young on GH when he was Lucky 2.0.  The SERIOULSY HOT Greg Vaughn has taken over as Lucky XP, and made me forget what JY did as Lucky (I never saw the ReaLucky episodes with Jonathan Jackson, except on SoapNet occasionally).  But Jacob Young on AMC is a thing of beauty.  He’s a better actor, and as despicable as JR can be – well, he won me over completely when he lost Bess. 

Non sequiturs abounding, I LOVE the idea of Kendall and Zach.  I saw sparks. Did you see sparks?  I saw sparks!  Of course, it probably is because I lust after Thorsten Kaye.  Port Charles never did anything for me so I am not used to liking him (ditto for Kelly Monaco).   

Let’s think about this (here, I’ll go ahead and start another rumor) – Kendall sees that “The Cambias Curse” is coming true for Ethan, and begins to pull away.  She sees that Zach did not do all the things that Ethan accused him of and just copped to them because he was hurt at his betrayal, and the implied betrayal of,  to quote My Erica,   “Maria ‘Boom Boom’ Gray.”  Kendall goes to talk to Zach, they get into a fight about Ethan.  He grabs her, and… 

I don’t know.  Maybe I need another hobby.  What do you think? 

Message to Hope:  I love you!


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