NAME:  Kate Brown                                     


 WHAT IS YOUR ASTRO SIGN? Sun: Taurus, everything else is in Gemini

 IN WHAT STATE DO YOU LIVE?  The wrong one-in my heart and soul, I am New Yorker

 MARRIED? Yes, to a very funny  man with blue eyes to die for


 FAVORITE TV SHOW WHEN YOU WERE A CHILD? The Loretta Young Show-ah, the fashions, the drama!

 WHAT DO YOU WATCH PRIME TIME? Letterman, The Simpsons, the old Law & Orders on A&E,

 LAST BOOK YOU READ? Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, The Breaker by Minette Walters

 FAVORITE ALBUM?  Itís straining my brain too much to pick just one but if I must choose itís either  Sheís So Unusual by Cyndi Lauper or Hums of the Loviní Spoonful

 FAVORITE NON-SOAP HOBBY? Reading, needlepoint, painting furniture

 WHAT SOAPS DO YOU WATCH AND FOR HOW MANY YEARS HAVE YOU WATCHED EACH ONE?  WHAT GOT YOU STARTED? I watch AMC, GH and OLTL and have from the first episodes. No one in our family watched soaps , I just found them interesting from the first time I saw that studly Steve Hardy on GH

 FAVORITE MALE CHARACTER FROM AMC, GH, OLTL (PAST OR CURRENT Ė ALL SOAPS THAT APPLY)?AMC: Billy Clyde, Adam & Stuart Chandler,  Jackson Montgomery , Leo Dupree  and Nick Davis GH: Mike Corbin (just because he is played by Ron Hale),Luke (pre-Felicia),  I really miss Kevin now that he has moved to PC OLTL: RJ! Todd, David Vickers, Larry & Vince Wolek,  my beloved Joe Riley, Ed Hall

 FAVORITE FEMALE CHARACTER, SAME? AMC: Myrtle, Myra, Daisy, Mona, Arlene, Erica OLT: Dorian , Sophia,  Wanda  Webb Wolek, Anna Wolek  Craig, Madame Delphina GH: Lucy Coe, Alexis, Lois , V, Jessie Brewer and Audrey, when she was the town tramp  , Tracy Quatermaine, Mary May Ward

 FAVORITE STORYLINE FROM EACH SHOW YOU WATCH (PAST OR PRESENT)? AMC: all of the storylines involving Billy Clyde, everyone of Ericaís weddings OLTL: Joe & Vickiís romance GH: BJís death, the time when Al Weeks redecorated the apartment as a surprise for Lucille, Kevin & Ryan story arc

 LEAST FAVORITE MALE CHARACTER FROM EACH? AMC: Eddie Durance OLTL: Cain Rogain, Hunter Guthrie, Clint Buchanan (the later years)  GH: Luke (post-Felicia), Juan, Robert Scorpio 

 LEAST FAVORITE FEMALE CHARACTER FROM EACH? AMC: Tina , Esther (Both times sheís been on), Dixie  OLTL: Tina, Melanie, the nurse who seduced Larry,  GH: Monica, Chloe, Bobbie (used to be a fave but not now), the new Tammy

 LEAST FAVORITE STORYLINE FROM EACH? AMC: Tad/Ted  OLTL: Nora sleeping with Sam GH: anything involving Chloe