Fun Facts about Trixie


1.  I have always heard you are either a Beatle or an Elvis, I am an Elvis

2.  I live in Georgia, born and raised

3.  I am 32 years old

4.  I have 2 kids, a boy 7 and a girl 2

Basic Stats:
Height:         5’6’’
Weight:        MYOFB  (Mind your own f*#!& Business) aka… too much
Eye Color:    Greenish/brown.. more green in the summer, more brown in the winter
Married:       Yes, 11 years
5.   I believe in Ghosts, although I have never seen one.
6.  I frequently use a “channeling board” that was made by a Reiki Master. It is totally cool and has an Egyptian theme, if I had a digital camera, I would post a pic of it.
7.   I work full time.
8.   I am neither a Democrat nor Republican, I go with the candidate not the party.
9.   I love to cook, hence the weight stat.
10.  I have 4 siblings and I am the oldest.  (the youngest are twin girls that are 3, long story)
11.  I was a travel agent for 10 years, but am deathly afraid of flying.
12.  I am convinced I was on the Titanic and went down with the ship.
13.  I have only 2 spirit guides.  One is very weak, the other very very strong with little or no sense of humor.  Ps. They always get me great parking spaces, but if I am a smart ass the stronger one makes sure I hit every red light.
14. Although my family thinks I am totally nuts, I truly believe my daughter is my Grandmother reincarnated. OH- she is also named after this Grandmother.  I was very close to my Grandmother and as much as my cousins hate to hear it, I WAS her favorite.
15.  No, I have never been in an insane asylum.
16.  I love writing for Eye on Soaps!
17.  I do not know what my natural haircolor is because my life long motto has been “If Clairol makes it, you can be it.”
18.  I leave my keys in my car every night because I always loose them.
19.  I lost my opal ring and have been told I will never find it because I was not born in October!!
20.  My favorite way to “treat” myself is to go to my favorite “pic-a-color” and have the deluxe spa pedicure.