Don’t panic everyone!  I know you’ve all been wondering what we will do without Melissa and Roy to recap story and keep us up to speed, but it appears that at the last possible second, just when I was getting all confused, Kristina and Ned have stepped up to the plate.  They, ever so conveniently, let us all in on the fact that yes, it was AJ entering the club and yes, that he was with Sonny’s sister Courtney.  I will finally be able to get some sleep and know that all is well throughout the land and that we are in good hands.  And really, who better?  Kristina can’t keep her nose out of everyone’s life so it’s only right that she be the one to keep us the straight and narrow.  I can’t tell you how much easier I’m breathing. 

Carly’s club opening was interesting.  It’s always nice to see a dress-up event every once in awhile.  Carly looked good, though watching her stride across the place to greet Tags reminded that she still has a bad habit of trying too hard to walk (“bull in china shop”) like Sarah Brown did (or how they think Carly has to?) and she just isn’t built the same way.  It just ends up looking silly.  But her hair and outfit looked glamorous and appropriate.  I thought most everyone looked pretty good, exception being Bobbie.  I didn’t think her dress did her much justice at all.  

If nothing else, it’s nice to have a change of scenery, when you’re bored with the characters you can look around a little so your eyes don’t glaze over.  A few more things I noticed at the opening: 

Hey, Sonny, way to bring a date.  Charge on ahead of her through the reporters and just expect her to keep on following you.  Alexis had to flag him down or he would have gone on in without her! 

How many pictures could one photographer possibly think he needs of Sonny and Alexis standing still talking outside the club??  I swear the guy went through three rolls of film over five minutes while they stood out there – you’d think he’d wonder why the other guys with cameras weren’t bothering after the first 30 seconds! 

Skye’s “Carly the Evil Night Club Queen” comment was pretty good. 

I so wanted Alexis to dump that champagne over Kristina’s head in the ladies room.  And I’m really glad that it was NLG fill-in actress (whom is really very good at being Alexis!) that forgave Kristina so readily afterwards because now I can just pretend that Alexis wasn’t herself and didn’t mean it!  I have forgiven Kristina a few more of her flaws than most people, but I still can’t believe she did that and she should have went straight to Alexis after she did it.  There’s nothing worse than figuring out someone knows something you didn’t know they knew…still with me?…and then on top of it it’s something you would never want them to know!  Alexis!  Tip your glass and pour. it. on. her. flaming. red. head! 

Why on earth wouldn’t Carly have sent the two extra invitations required to invite the Q’s each separately so she could leave out AJ?  Please – he’s only her worst enemy! 

I know it was Club 101’s (grrreat name, we are so lucky for the originality our writers show…) first night but if Luke’s is going to be that hurt by it then he better file for Chapter 11 right now.  There must be someone not invited to the “invitation only” party that still wanted a drink that night.  AJ can’t possible be the only town drunk. 

AJ and Courtney showing up at the club gave a few minutes of interest too.  You could feel the tension and I liked that Zander stepped in – if he’s going to have the position he may as well do something or they should just move him on – either one is fine with me.  And AJ is just funny to watch while he pulls all these stunts, the fact that the whole place was aware he was faking, except Courtney, was pretty funny actually.  She’s going to be one mad 20 year-old sometime soon. 

Hey Carly, the way to minimize a scene like the one Zander and Aj caused is to turn the music back on as soon as possible and get people back to what they were doing… just a thought that might have prevented everyone from leaving and all. 

Anyone know when Nikolas was doing all this jet setting?  The reporters asked him how the club compares to the one’s in Europe and New York but since he’s been old enough to know he’s been right there on our screens and Kelly’s is about the only place I’ve seen him frequent. 

Hey, how about Sonny’s bodyguards the other day?  They actually showed some common sense and aplomb at their jobs!  I was quite impressed.  Why AJ didn’t call a cab, I’m not sure, but it was all-entertaining for a few minutes there. 

Any 20 year old worth her salt should be mightily suspicious of her mother grinning like a Cheshire Cat and nodding her approval over a much older man, and in Courtney’s case the fact that he has money should also make her think her mom could be biased just a little, teensy-tiny bit! 

Oh, goodie, I love a good riddle!  And Helena’s are always entertaining, here’s hoping it actually means something and doesn’t go the way of the music box mystery.  I’m sure Helena’s sickness must be a ruse in true Cassadine form.  Since we have no real villains anymore, they should really be keeping Helena a little more front and center these days.  And since we have no villains to speak of, I’m trying to accept Nik moving in that direction.  I can’t decide if I’m going to be able to accept it or not yet.  I do wonder if they are going to head toward Nik becoming obsessed with Liz  for a Lucky/Nik/Liz triangle, they started that way once before.  But since at the time Nik was a good guy it didn’t really pan out.  But now, well, it would be definite shades of Luke/Laura/Stavros, that’s for sure.  

I’m beginning to suspect that the point wasn’t to SORAS Maxie so much as it was to make her more Model-like and that disappoints me greatly.  I’m just not seeing clearly the reason why it couldn’t have been the old Maxie standing there saying those things – she already wanted a tattoo, etc.  She wasn’t acting like a ten year old before this and if we have to suspend belief and accept that she skipped a few years, we could have probably done it without the changing actresses – just my opinion! 

Thanks for all your feedback, I love hearing from you! 


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March 6, 2002