June 24, 2004

Wow!  I read the spoilers about the closed fist hit Sam would take but I really was not prepared for how intense it would actually be.   Nico is a bad, bad man.   I find it rather silly that they entwined his story with Faith.   I mean of all the hit men in the mafia community she went and found Sam’s old partner turned nemesis?   I think they could have had Nico come after Sam all on his own and not involved Faith and still achieved the same result.   I stood up and cheered as Alan gave Sam and Jason the “what for” after the attack in the hospital.  There is still major story potential for Jason/Monica/Alan connection, but alas I am sure the writers will never go for it.   As it seems I have turned this first paragraph into mindless ramblings, please let me continue by saying Baby Cameron has one big head!  I had to wonder if the surprised look on Ric and Alexis’ face was because they ran into Elizabeth or because they couldn’t believe the size of the ‘noggin that kid was supporting!   I am still digging the Courtney/ Jax pairing and I am actually anxiously anticipating the Lois/ Alacazam pairing.   I had my reservations about the new Lois, but I decided to take a different approach.  Instead of constantly comparing her performance to that of Rena Sofer (whom I loved as Lois) I decided to just let it fly,  and I am really warming up to her.  She of course is still on probation, but so far she is doing a great job.  Now on to my question. 

Have we gotten what we asked for, but with one catch? 

I have been watching soaps for as long as I can remember.  The two soaps that I have been “closest” to are GH and DOOL.  Now I stopped watching DOOL when Marlena became possessed by the devil, but I kept up with the daily re-caps.  GH and I have been best buds for a long time.  I have taped it consistently since 88 or 89.  Prior to that I would watch it when I got home from school.  My biggest gripe with Soaps has always been the long long amount of time they drag out certain stories.  That being said, during some recent soap re-evaluation I noticed that GH no longer drags out their stories.  All we ever really see is the fab 4 with a few other characters as ‘background music”.  I realize that within the past two weeks they have included Jax/Courtney,  Lois/Ned and others in the mix but it is still about 80% of the time Sonny’s Penthouse.   For ever it has always been cliff hanger on Friday, first 15 minutes of Monday starts to answer Friday’s hanger and nothing happens on Wednesday.  This is no longer the case at GH.  Sonny has been shot on almost everyday of the week.  With a show that focuses primarily on 4 actors, they can’t drag out the stories.  They don’t utilize the other wonderful actors they have to create distracting stories to help fill up “show time”.    I mentioned in my last column that I had recently rekindled a friendship with DOOL.  I am completely hooked on the Salem Island Storyline.  Days did something completely unique.  Much to the outrage of all the fans, the killed out most of the veteran and loved characters.  Even the actors did not know that their “firings” were fake.  It wasn’t until Marlena died that we found out everyone was alive and well, just being held prisoner on an island that was an exact replica of Salem.   This has been going on for weeks.  I am sure there are clues in the storyline as to who is the mastermind behind this evil plot, but I sit here clueless and totally entranced.  I watch it everyday.  You get about 15 minutes of Salem Island and the other 30 minutes of the show ( I allow 15 minutes for commercials) shows other characters involved in other stories.  They still do cliffhangers on Fridays and the other days of the week essentially tell you nothing, yet still keep the viewers coming back!   The reason I am telling all of this is not to get everyone to turn their backs on GH and tune into DOOL, but I wonder.  I have always griped that “man, this story is dragging out, will so-and-so just go ahead and admit the truth.”  Well maybe that gripe has been answered.  The storylines on GH move fairly rapidly, they just aren’t the stories we want GH to tell.    By normal soap standards Emily would still be 2 seconds away from seeing her beloved Nicholas for at least another month.  Sonny should still be battling for his life from this last gunshot wound, and Jason would now be searching for a kidnapped Sam.  The entire Nico story played out in 2 days.  We all know Nico is going to get shot by Jason and I will be surprised if Nico is still alive on Monday.  So tell me, now that it seems that we’ve gotten what we asked for (shorter storyline time frames) are the writers intentionally punishing us by giving us stories we don’t want or stories that only involve a handful of characters? 


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