For the Week of August 8th


  • TPTB [THE POWERS THAT BE] continue to toy with the fan bases of JoVan and Jolie for the rest of this summer.

As we all knew they would.  To TPTB, there is no grander accomplishment than to keep two opposing fan bases both riled up at the same time.

  • On the one hand, Evangeline lends her considerable assistance to John’s hunt for Natalie, because she’s a good person and because she loves John. The assistance comes in the form of going under hypnosis. The hypnosis works, giving John a crucial clue.

I'm sure Evangeline's subconscious has quite a lot of things to say to John.  Maybe since someone is actually GIVING him one, he'll finally get a clue.

  • On the other hand, Natalie’s disappearance has John torn up in emotional knots.

Yes, we're all just falling apart.

  • Natalie’s sitting in a wet, damp, deep well, with plenty of spare time to mull over her life and the possibility of it ending right there, un-found. That scenario seems more likely to her.

The real question is whether or not this experience will change her personality for the better.  I'm thinking not.

  • Another triangle in the making – Antonio loves Jessica but Jessica’s alter Tess is starting to love Nash – will hit a snag when Antonio and Jessica enjoy a little reunion and a lot of truth-telling. Listening to Jess spill will not come easily to Tonio.

Sounds more quadish to me!  Sadly, Nash is the only one of the four who I find even remotely interesting.

  • Layla makes Tess’s acquaintance.

I hope she gives her a nickname, like freak-weird-spider woman or something.  That character is just odd.

  • Tess and Nash make a beautiful, cozy couple. Too bad for Jess and Antonio.

Meh. I'm good wit' dat.

  • Spencer pressures David to be his eyes and ears on Kelly.

I am intrigued that David seems so subdued by Spencer.  I can't imagine the dynamics that caused one man to take the wind out of David's sails.

  • One minute, Kevin and Kelly are humping out back. The next minute, they’re at each other’s throats. The latter, this week.

Oh wonderful.  More to look forward to (in the form of pee breaks).

  • Before the week is through, Viki will see her daughter again in the flesh, one of them anyway.

That's a start, I guess.  Been a hard summer for Viki's sensitive tickers.

  • Todd encounters psycho-Margaret “Cockroach.” He’s as much stunned by the encounter as by how pregnant she appears. Then, Todd lunges for his kidnapper/rapist.

THAT should go over well.  Wonder if he and Blair will sue for custody.  But didn't I hear something floating around about the possibility that the baby is not Todd's?

The sight of blood gives Asa a giddy feeling of accomplishment.

Ah, my ol' cowhand, what have they done to you?

See you next week with, I hope, spoilers that will entice me to watch instead of encouraging me to come in for the (more exciting) commercial breaks.