I really wanted to dish the season premiere of The O.C. with you guys, but then it was so uneventful I was afraid alone I’d just be boring.  So I enlisted the help of my friend, the Sassy Kelly B (Kelly’s Diner) and we dished it together.  So read on and get our take of Episode 1, Season 3 of The O.C… 

Dianna (4:31:43 PM): I have been dying to chat with you

KellyB (4:31:53 PM): then chat dammit

Dianna (4:31:55 PM): did you watch the most uneventful season premiere ever last night?

KellyB (4:32:05 PM): OC?

Dianna (4:32:10 PM): that would be the one

Dianna (4:32:14 PM): damn.  I still loved it - but how predictable

KellyB (4:32:31 PM): boy - you would've thought it was the series finale the way they tied so much up

Dianna (4:32:34 PM): and then next week’s scenes.  They are going to make Jimmy a prick again

KellyB (4:32:55 PM): well of course

KellyB (4:32:50 PM): what's up with Kirsten - and who's the psycho bitch at the rehab?

Dianna (4:33:09 PM): just a psycho bitch.  Wouldn’t be the OC without a stalker, remember Oliver.  (Was that his name?)

KellyB (4:33:12 PM): but aren't we all happy and sailing on a million dollar sailboat

KellyB (4:33:17 PM): I miss Caleb

KellyB (4:33:22 PM): at least he was pure evil

Dianna (4:33:27 PM): I did love them frolicking on the beach

KellyB (4:33:38 PM): ok, - this is senior year

Dianna (4:33:48 PM): boring aside the real relationships between the characters is why I watch

KellyB (4:33:58 PM): what do you bet they all end up at the same fake named local college if the ratings stay up

Dianna (4:34:00 PM): "What does Ryan Eat?"  “What does he do?”  Summer may have posed the questions to Seth but really do we even know?

KellyB (4:34:07 PM): I still love Seth's quirkiness

Dianna (4:34:07 PM): of course

Dianna (4:34:17 PM): it is 90210 for the new generation

KellyB (4:34:28 PM): but my husband has stated in no uncertain terms that this season is it for him

Dianna (4:34:30 PM): I love that Ryan hugged Sandy

KellyB (4:34:42 PM): he didn't like all the skeeziness last season

KellyB (4:34:58 PM): and he especially didn't like the Sandy possibly cheats storyline

Dianna (4:35:33 PM): but I can let it go

Dianna (4:35:00 PM): it seems to me they keep telling him he is their family and they mean it and he keeps putting up the distance

Dianna (4:35:20 PM): well I was pissed with the cheating b/c that was not why I watch

Dianna (4:35:29 PM): I like that Sandy and Kirsten worked through their issues

KellyB (4:35:31 PM): he's afraid if he admits that he loves them then they'll disappear

Dianna (4:35:55 PM): I know he is and I think it is great this cheesy teen soap can show us that and we get it

KellyB (4:35:44 PM): yeah, but why does Kirsten not want to come home?

Dianna (4:36:03 PM): because she is afraid she'll fail

Dianna (4:36:13 PM): That she'll be the woman with the cough medicine

Dianna (4:36:20 PM): that she will let her "boys" down

Dianna (4:36:32 PM): and that real life might be too much to handle

Dianna (4:36:38 PM): plus Julie is still her neighbor.  That might keep me in rehab.

KellyB (4:36:46 PM): well let's face it - it's not exactly a calm and peaceful setting at casa Cohen

Dianna (4:38:39 PM): This is what our daytime has been missing.  This viewer connection with the characters these actors play.  Like they are my friends.

Dianna (4:38:48 PM): It was so cute to see Ryan mimic Summer.

Dianna (4:38:53 PM): That is what HS kids do.

KellyB (4:39:03 PM): yeah - I turned to hubby and said 'bet that was ad-libbed'

KellyB (4:39:27 PM): have you been watching Laguna Beach - the real o.c.?

Dianna (4:39:38 PM): no I don't like reality

KellyB (4:39:52 PM): prefer soapland?

Dianna (4:40:55 PM): heck yeah.  I live a real life

Dianna (4:41:11 PM): I don't want to see a bunch a fools fake pretending to act it out

Dianna (4:41:25 PM): Reality TV on TV is like watching a bunch of folk who wish they were famous

Dianna (4:42:13 PM): I want to see the evil Julies make a skeeze turn on his brother for a measly 20K.  Dumb ass Trey.  Julie is worth what? 7 Mil and he'll lie and say his bro shot him for 20K?

That is so sad.  And she always gets caught.  This skank just hit the screen in her own porn and not Pamela and Tommy porn, real porn and she is worried what people will think of her daughter who shot her potential rapist to save her boyfriend?

Dianna (4:43:23 PM): Only in The O.C.

KellyB (4:43:46 PM): but come on - are we expected to believe that these kids have a coffee bar and a video arcade at their school?

Dianna (4:44:10 PM): hell yeah.  If I'm going to live in Newport Beach my school is going to have a Gevalia store

KellyB (4:44:22 PM): I think Seth Cohen could do wonders working with the material a school cafeteria would provide

Dianna (4:45:05 PM): this is true.  He is just so awesome.

Dianna (4:45:22 PM): He didn't say too much funny last night

Dianna (4:45:27 PM): did he?

Dianna (4:45:41 PM): ahh when he was making fun of Ryan packing

Dianna (4:46:27 PM): White T-Shirt, Leather Bomber Jacket looks like the patented Ryan Atwood getaway pack or whatever he said

Dianna (4:46:33 PM): damn I still have it on tape.  I might have to go back and check that.

KellyB (4:47:39 PM): you forgot wife-beater

Dianna (4:47:46 PM): yeah yeah.  Classic.

KellyB (4:48:22 PM): wait til you see today's gh -

Dianna (4:48:36 PM): So I did like it - I guess they just had to tidy up so they can get ready for the next season of tragedy

KellyB (4:48:52 PM): check the look on Jason's face when Justus tells him that they're cousins

Dianna (4:48:55 PM): although I read they hope to make it a lighter season.  And now you are back to GH.  Guess we’ll have that discussion at a later date. 

As I concluded with Kelly, I am still addicted to the saga that is The O.C.  We can’t forget that Theresa is still lurking out there somewhere and by now she has a baby that may or may not be Ryan’s.  Seems for now the Fantastic Four is back in action.  Here is hoping they make it to Chrismakuh. 

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