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Both AMC and GH have been very, very good this week (in anticipation of Santa?). I thought I'd share some of the things that have made me smile these last episodes before Friday's big Christmas gift to viewers (Pine Valley Hospital becomes Miracle Hospital). I'm not really sure what GH has in store as gift to viewers as I'm pretty certain that Laura is not going to rise from her catatonic state, nor will things much improve for Nik/Emily/Connor. However...

On All My Children:
When Lilly brought a life vest to Bianca's hospital room, I did a double-take. Didn't that look rather...red? Hmm, I thought, did I miss an episode where Lilly embraced the color red? Nah, not with my taping system. I haven't missed a show in ages. Which was confirmed the next day, as the three little rich girls tortured Lilly by exposing themselves clad in red, then sprayed her with red spray paint, thoroughly traumatizing her. I still think that life vest was pretty darn red, though. If it was dark orange, it was still damn close.

Tuesday's show had a nice, if subtle touch when JR was in Adam's office/library/den of iniquity. The television was on (visible only to JR) and a chorus was apparently singing "What Child Is This?" JR glared at the set and snapped it off. Did you catch that?

I can't wait to see La Lucci and the Miranda Christmas Miracle, which should take place on Friday (and carry over to Monday). Finally, a happy (though partial) conclusion to the BabySwap/MiraBessMess! AMC never disappoints at Christmas (remember Tim Dillon's Christmas tree angel? They used that a couple of times, and it was always sweet...and miraculous).

On General Hospital:
Skye's classic car crash from last week (driving in fierce snowstorm while talking on a handheld cell phone) makes me want to see a PSA (public service announcement) like the ones GH has done for breast cancer, manic depression (OK, we're waiting on that one, just like Maurice Benard), and so on. "Hi, I'm Robin Christopher and I play Skye on General Hospital. I want to remind you that it's the law in most states: when driving, use hands-free headsets when talking on your cell phone. And for gosh sakes, don't be a royal dumbass like me and call someone on your handheld cell with devastating news while driving through a blinding snowstorm. Thank you."

Mini-Me strikes again! Even Sonny could sense that little Mikey had been doing his mobster-in-training schtick again, telling lawyer Jordan that "My father doesn't need any more girlfriends." If that were my kid, I'd spank his ass already. Just proves that even hardened mobsters don't slap kids around, even when necessary.

"This is Max. He's a...doorman." Ric and Alexis were very adorable together while introducing Kristina to Sonny's bodyguard. And again, after exiting Sonny's apartment, as Alexis ranted about Sonny and Ric was amazed that she was breathing. Her vow to out-Christmas Sonny was a great set-up for some screwball hi-jinks that NLG does so well.

Another great bit came Wednesday, after Steven performed an emergency tracheotomy on Carly. She thanked him for saving her life, and his reply? "I'm a regular MacGyver." Long-time fans of the show will remember that Steven's father, Dr. Jeff Webber, was played by Richard Dean Anderson, who went on to star in a show called..."MacGyver!"

In closing, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Joining the EOS staff has been a Christmas present in itself for me, the best kind of all, as I know I'll feel rewarded by it all year long. I've loved the letters I've gotten so far from readers, and encourage you all to drop me a line. All comments are welcomed! Thanks for accepting me as part of the wonderful EOS family. Happy holidays and a big HO-HO-HO to all!

December 16 2004

December 8, 2004

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