That’s how I feel.  The weekend was surreal and I haven’t quite grasped that daydreams became reality and I actually experienced the memories in my head.  It took a whole day for me to sort through the events and figure out how to write about them with so many aspects of the weekend flitting through my brain.  In order for me to gain perspective, I’m going to write an overview and then address the events separately. 

After smooth travel, I found Carolyn waiting for me at the baggage claim in LAX.  It was like we see each other for coffee every day.  After claiming my HUGE suitcase (I tend to dress in outfits, meaning unders and outers go together, and my daughter thought I needed the other half of my closet just in case) so I toted an embarrassing amount of clothing I never wore.  We hopped on the Super Shuttle van talking nonstop all the way.  Carolyn and I sat in the back, back of the van while two other ladies sat in front of us, also talking, while the driver drove all over L.A. (we took the scenic route to the hotel) dropping off folks at their homes and hotels.  It wasn’t until one of the ladies in front of us exited that we chatted with the remaining woman and learned that she’d been in “The Business” as a casting director for a soap in the seventies (don’t remember the name) and a couple other shows like “Different Strokes” in the 80’s before leaving to become a therapist.  One reason she left “The Business” was because age-ism ruled the day even in the 80’s not only towards actors, but for behind the scenes people as well.  My thoughts jumped immediately to the ages of some of the more frequently mentioned PTB and I had to wonder about employment longevity for the current ranks.  Then I had to laugh wondering if she made a brilliant career move and now counsels those in “The Business” with aging issues.  Kicking ourselves, Carolyn and I wished we’d engaged her in conversation earlier.  Oh well, chat a lot, learn a little. 

We arrived at the Days Inn, checked in and did what girls do.  We had to pee.  Carolyn ran for the bathroom first while I answered the knock on the door that came seconds after we entered the room.  And who did I find standing on the other side of the door?  Why Katrina, of course!  Scream, hug, hug, talk, (Carolyn enters), more hugs, talk, talk, talk.  LOL  I really don’t need to write anymore about Thursday night except Sherry showed up and it felt like I’d known her forever - smart, witty, attractive, observant, just like her column.  Talking and laughing nonstop, we walked the half block from our hotel to the Sportsman’s Lodge for dinner at the Patio Café.  Have you ever attended a party or meeting where technically you have things in common with the people around you, but you can’t seem to find your conversational footing and connect with anyone?  I have and it’s not the most comfortable experience.  Diving into conversation with Katrina, Carolyn and Sherry was like sitting in a hot tub relaxing with good friends.  We talked soaps (of course), family, site stuff, and people watched as we sat poolside after dinner.  Dylan Cash hung out at the pool along with numerous others (one in a thong that revealed way more of her body than I needed to see).  Carolyn and I, tired after a long day of travel, strolled back to the hotel around 7 p.m. thinking we’d relax a bit and then come back out but it didn’t happen.  Katrina called from the side of the pool around 8:30 inquiring but we’d pretty much sputtered out by then. 

Friday morning (Carolyn and I both have early body clocks) we put on tennies and t-shirts and walked along Ventura Blvd. checking out shops.  Carolyn treated me to my first Starbucks experience where I laughed at the coffee slang.  I drank a vanilla mocha, with a half shot of caffeine, fat free, with whipped cream on top.  I think.  If I ever visit Starbucks again, I’m going to have to call Carolyn so she can tell me what I want.  The lady behind the counter was nice and the guy making coffee was cute and funny so it was a pleasant way to begin the day.  A little later, we met up with Katrina and Sherry and headed over to the Patio Café (we spent a lot of time there) for breakfast.   

Our hotel was located across a street and half a block down from the Sportsman’s Lodge so each trip required crossing a fairly busy street where what I shall call the Demon Buses flew by.  In most cities public transportation buses meander down the road, stopping frequently, holding up traffic.  Not these buses.  Los Angeles buses fly by like heat seeking missiles locked onto a target.  Katrina says that jaywalkers in L.A. receive tickets but I think it’s not to prevent jaywalking, it’s probably to prevent death by demon buses.  Plus you can’t cross the road until the white walk hand appears on the traffic light.  Don’t think you can scoot across the road just because the light is green.  Walkers can only cross with the white hand or cars turning right on red will mow you down.  Can you tell I felt like the country mouse visiting the city mouse?  It’s OK, I learn quickly. 

I won’t bore you with details of every meal because they all went the same.  Talk, laugh, chew, talk, laugh, chew, greet folks walking by.  As we ate we watched one person become two, then three, etc. greeting each other and turning into a fan base before our eyes.  A long line snaked out from the GH Photo Boutique so we joined in waiting for our turn to see what was offered.  Debbie Morris, ABC GH Fan Club President, sets up the photo boutique to offer unique photos and merchandise to the fans.  As we strolled through the room we spoke with Debbie Morris and then Debby O’Connor.  As I reached Debby O’Connor, Carolyn informed me that Debbie Morris wanted to speak with me.  Breaking away from the group, I returned to Debbie Morris who told me that she planned to surprise Katrina tomorrow and take her backstage to help with the actors.  I was thrilled for Katrina and knew that she was being given a huge privilege.  (OK, for a second I wished it was me, but even if it had been, I’d have passed the opportunity to Katrina who deserved it.)  Debbie specifically said it was a surprise so I had to keep my mouth shut.  Which I did.  For the entire afternoon.  Maybe I should be an actress because I acted like I knew nothing about anything and luckily Katrina hadn’t noticed my little chat with Debbie Morris.  I kept my lips buttoned until we returned to the hotel later that afternoon to rest a bit before dressing for the Nancy Lee Grahn fan event.  As soon as the door closed on the hotel room, I burst and told Carolyn what was up.  I would have shared with Sherry, however, I didn’t see her alone but Carolyn clued her in later and the three of us kept the secret. 

I only tell you that part because when Debbie Morris told Katrina the next morning after we finished helping with check in, Katrina was majorly p.o.’d that we hadn’t tipped her off.  Or so she said.  And none of us was sorry one little bit because we were so happy for her.  As it turned out, we all ended up in the back but that’s my next write up.  I know, my experience as a Green Room Groupie is what you’re waiting for, but I have to work my way ‘round to it. 

Saturday passed quickly and even though my eyes were opened wide, I couldn’t seem to process fast enough.  After the luncheon I hurried up to Steve Burton’s fan event where I took lots of notes (hang on, hang on, I have to write up the Saturday luncheon next).  Starving and hot, I took notes but half my mind was on what I was going to eat as soon as the event was over.  I thought Katrina, Carolyn and Sherry were chowing down with Debbie Morris but it turned out that Debbie Morris stopped in at Steve’s event and they hadn’t made it to dinner.  Cool for me, we all went with Debbie and some of her friends back to the Patio Café after Steve Burton’s event to eat and wind down.  A hamburger and fries never tasted so good!  

Katrina, Sherry and I ended up poolside where we enjoyed Wally Kurth’s concert with a couple duets with Adrianne Leon thrown in.  The breeze drifted by and we spent the time alternating between serious conversation, watching Dylan Cash play by the pool, and rerunning the incredible day we’d experienced.   

Later, returning to the hotel, I ended up in Katrina’s room where we talked and talked and talked about life, men, sex and religion.  You know how Katrina comes across kinda wise but searching trying to grow in her journals?  It’s because she is.  Searching, learning, stretching, and growing she processes her life.  I am very glad to be her friend.   

For that matter, I treasure my friendship with Carolyn also.  She’s a fun, sharp, witty dynamo and on top of that she’s gorgeous with enough self esteem to enjoy looking good but not in a way that makes looks count above those around her.  I’ll attend the GH Fan Club weekend every year if it means I am able to hang out with these women. 

Not to leave out Sherry.  Every time she posts a column I can’t wait to read it because guaranteed, she’ll have landed on the opposite side of whatever I’ve commented on or found a unique way of looking at a storyline that never occurred to me.  I wondered if I’d meet her and we’d be opposite in our conversations but we weren’t.  We share values such as the importance of family, children, and love of a good story.  All of us have in common a love and respect for our husbands.  Each of us writes with a unique style, but we all tend to dig underneath face value.  Sherry’s astute observations kept me hanging on waiting for whatever she’d say next. 

Can you tell I admire these ladies?  I definitely do.  Plus, they only made fun of me a little for not wanting to walk on the sidewalk next to the big bushes which freaked me out because they looked like people could live behind them.  The image of a hand reaching out wouldn’t leave my mind and I inevitably swerved to the outer edge of the sidewalk when we traveled to and from our hotel.   

Where was I before my mind began wandering?  Oh yeah, Saturday night discussions.  Katrina and I solved a couple world problems, but since no one was there but us, I guess the world will have to hang on a little longer. 

Sunday meant breakfast on the Patio Café where we finally met Scott, Sherry’s handsome husband who had been entertaining himself with touristy ventures while we took up all of Sherry’s time.  He didn’t seem to mind.  Carolyn left early that morning, I had a shuttle picking me up at 1 p.m. while Katrina and Sherry counted down the hours until the Steven Nichols fan event that evening.  In between breakfast and my leaving we piled into Katrina’s rental car to make a tacky tourist souvenir run which netted a couple small items and a tour down Ventura Blvd.  Next trip, I definitely want to visit Tower Records because that’s the biggest music store I’ve ever seen, followed by a stop in The Cheesecake Factory.  On the drive home we passed the Complete Animal Eye Care Center which brought to mind dogs with contacts and hamsters with glasses.  How do they check an animal’s vision?  What’s 20/20 for a cat or a parakeet?  I think I need to stop in there next year to ask a couple questions. 

Did I mention that all the ATM’s were out of service over the weekend?  They must be on the same computer system because I stopped at three different ATM’s in the area and none worked.  Finally, I was able to access cash by buying junk food at a nearby grocery store with my debit card but by then I’d already borrowed $20 from Carolyn and made it through.  The ATM breakdown was worth it though because as Katrina and I walked into the grocery store, Leslie Kay dressed in overalls, strolled in right behind us.  It took a few seconds for my mind to click and then I pointed in recognition and smiled and she smiled back and said hello.  The day before, I’d met her at the door as she arrived for the GH luncheon and snagged a sprite and some water for her during the event so she probably recognized my face.  Katrina and I acted cool like we see GH actors shopping for groceries every day and casually waved good bye as she checked out and left.  Then we ate chocolate while my excitement level jumped through the roof all over again.   

My flight home went smoothly and I could hardly wait to see my husband who was forced to endure a full hour and a half of my nonstop talking on the way home while I explained in minute detail about the weekend.  I love my husband and sometimes I am overwhelmed at his ability to know what I need.  In this instance, I needed his ears accompanied with a couple head nods.   

Now, back into real life as I drive my children to and fro, take care of my home, and write on the computer, I am often distracted by the pictures running through my head.  Today I am feeling blessed because not only do I appreciate the life I lead, I can say that I’ve had a couple fantasies and/or daydreams become reality.  How often does that happen?

By Kathy Hardeman


It’s so hard to process and I find myself rethinking and rewinding the day over and over.  Think of yourself maybe leafing through one of the soap mags reading the write up of a fan event and wondering how those people in the photos happened to be the ones sharing a brief moment with our favorite actors.  Why them?  Wouldn’t it be fun to be that person, I’d daydream for a couple seconds.  Kinda like when Princess Di wed Prince Charles and I wondered how come of all the women in all the world she was the woman turning into a princess.  Not that I spent much time yearning for Princess Di’s life, but I did try to imagine a couple times how it felt to be Princess Di (probably it’s the writer in me).  Dreams do occasionally come true in the most unexpected, unplanned ways. 

Saturday, the day of the luncheon, dawned bright and clear like California summer days are supposed to dawn.  I was happy to be there, but definitely not as jump-out-of-my-skin-can’t-wait-to-begin-the-day excited as last year.  Katrina, Carolyn, Sherry and I met at the pool in plenty of time for breakfast.  Opting not to visit the Patio Café we settled into a booth at a restaurant called Twains which boasts good food and an old fashioned, button cash register like might be found in a diner in Mayberry, USA. 

Kathy, Katrina, Carolyn, Sherry

Here we are, bright eyed and ready for our day.

I wish I had thought to take another picture of the four of us at the end of the day. 

Arriving early we received our check-in instructions.  Katrina, Carolyn and Sherry manned one line while I worked at a second check-in table with two fun ladies, mother and daughter, named  Roberta and Laurie from Massachusetts, who help Debbie Morris at check-in because they attend the fan luncheon every year.  They were fun to talk to AND we had a box of Crispy Crème donuts on our table so I finally tried one of the famed pastries.  Not a huge sweets eater, even I noted that they were better than your average bakery-on-the-corner donut.  About half way through the Crispy Crème experience, people began to check in so that ended my junk food breakfast foray.  I had the fun job of snapping on the treasured plastic bracelets which meant that you’re with the IN crowd, as in allowed into the GH luncheon.  Talking to people as they held out their wrists, I was amazed at how many faces I recognized from last year and from watching folks tool back and forth from the Patio Café and sitting by the pool.  It probably sounds silly, but I had a great time being happy with people excited to be there.  After about an hour and a half our job was done and I found the others relaxing in a shaded area with Debbie Morris.  I arrived just in time to hear about how mad Katrina was that we knew but didn’t spill the beans that she was going to hang out in the Green Room.  Usually, if someone is mad at me, I apologize right away so we can move past the mad, but this time I laughed and told Katrina I wasn’t sorry at all for keeping the secret but I was darn sorry that I’d missed seeing her face when Debbie Morris told her the plan.   

We were all happy for Katrina, knowing that she was receiving a special privilege and she deserved it for her dedication to Eye On Soaps and bringing to life such a quality site.  After these few moments, fantasia took over and lasted throughout the day.  As we were rising to enter the ballroom where luncheon is held, Debbie Morris told Sherry, Carolyn and I to come with her, she wanted to use us as escorts.  Cool beans!  We didn’t know what an escort was or did, but it didn’t matter, we knew we were being given an opportunity exciting and different from the norm.  We followed along behind Debbie right into the Green Room!  There were no actors in there but it didn’t matter, we were standing on famed, hallowed ground.

Kathy, Katrina, Debbie Morris, Carolyn, Sherry 

Our first job was to meet the actors as they arrived and escort them to the Green Room.  Sherry, Carolyn and I followed security personnel to the different entrances.  My entrance happened to be in the front and since the actors were supposed to park in the back, not much was happening.  Dylan Cash (Michael) arrived with his parents.  Leslie Kay (Lois) drove up and handed her keys to the valet.  Bergen Williams (Alice) arrived in a beautiful, perfectly maintained, older model Mercedes which I was so busy admiring; it didn’t register that I should recognize the person climbing out of the car.  Later, I apologized that she ended up walking herself to the Green Room from the main entrance of the hotel.  Meanwhile the security people I was standing with were cracking me up with their stories.  Last year for example, an actor requested chocolate which resulted in one of them running across the street to the grocery store hoping and praying she had enough money in her pocket.   

After about 45 minutes of fun conversation but few actors it was time for the security people to take their lunch break.  Following along, we headed back to the Green Room.  Sherry and Carolyn were still busy escorting so there I was in the fabled Green Room surrounded by the faces I watch every day on my TV.  Katrina had been there the whole time and by then was feeling right at home.  “Just go up and talk to them,” she said.  Yeah, right.  I would except every intelligent thought had left my brain and my tongue was glued to the roof of my mouth.  Stacey Lopez, ABC Fan Club Videographer and all around nice person, wandered by and I asked her if there was any protocol I should be aware of.  She said no, but if I wanted some good pictures I should take some when Jim Warren, photographer, set up the actors against the backdrop along one wall.  That worked for me so I snapped a few shots being careful not to get in the way. 

Sorry the shots are so bad.  I can’t seem to translate the pictures on CD to a document without blurring.  Next year I am determined to go totally digital.  Luckily for us, Katrina managed some great shots which I am sure she’ll post.  Also, if you want a general overview of the actors during the weekend check out WireImage which has over 400 pictures posted with some additional pictures of Tamara Braun’s event HERE.      

Everything happened so fast during the day that I snapped only a few pictures and took no notes so I’m going to have to make comments from the tape that’s running through my head.  


Bergen Williams chatted with Katrina and me and told us that she’s lost over 25 pounds.  She’s working out and figures that if GH asks her to lift another radiator she’ll be able to carry it easier than last time. 

She has scenes coming up in August and mentioned that the Q’s are up to some shenanigans.  We discussed the possibility of Alice becoming Kristina’s nanny as Alexis promised her the job long ago. 

Bergen Williams has the warmest, friendliest eyes I’ve ever seen.  I wanted to ask her to hang out with us. 

Leslie Charleson also mentioned Q scenes in August.  I asked her if taping Lila’s memorial was as difficult for the actors as was rumored and she took a deep breath and answered, “Yes, it was emotional.” 


Adrianne Leon wasn’t sure if “Amazing Grace” or another song she sang would air during Lila’s memorial service so they must have taped more than one song.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

AL had no clue how well she’s being received and I was happy to tell her that from the e-mails I’ve received, people love her acting and singing on GH. 


Cynthia Preston enjoyed skydiving for SoapTalk and says I should try it too.  Her favorite part was the moment when she went out the door of the airplane.  I told her that I wanted to jump for my 40th birthday but I put away the idea because it was scaring my husband to the point of anger.


My personal favorite moment was speaking with Steve Burton about Christianity and how it affects his feelings about his job. 


Tamara Braun and Alicia Leigh Willis spent time sitting at a table autographing pictures as fast as they could before going on stage.


As you can see on screen, Tamara Braun is thin.  Carolyn told me that she escorted Tamara to the Green Room as she was leaving and people kept offering her food.  I’m not as thin as Tamara Braun by a long shot but I think people constantly offering me food might make me crazy. 

I was told that Courtney and Jax have several sweet scenes coming up. 


One lady snagged the chair next to Maurice Benard and hogged all his time.  Keeping a close eye I tried to be patient because I wanted to speak to him at least briefly but she wasn’t sharing.  I was considering handing her my telephone and telling her she had a call, or informing her that Tamara Braun wanted to see her across the room but then the shout came for the actors to line up and I missed my chance. 

It worked out later though because Maurice Benard flashed his dimples and winked at me. 

The teenagers stuck together.  Lindze Letherman, Robyn Richards, Katie Stuart, and Adrianne Leon appear to be good friends. 

Ryan Carnes (nuLucas) was there looking a little dazed at the whoopla.  


Ted King, as always, looked FINE in his suit. 

Blake Gibbons is a constant motion kind of guy.  He seemed to be everywhere talking to his castmates. 

Greg Vaughn, Tyler Christopher and Rick Hearst have quite the Boys Club - laughing, joking, pushing each other around.   

Reserved on screen, M’fundo Morrison appears outgoing and friendly, not to mention melt-in-your-mouth gorgeous in person. 

The twins who play Kristina are adorable in a Shirley Temple way.  Easygoing, they weren’t fazed at all by the noise and strangers around them. 

The actors lined up in alphabetical order and walked down the side of the ballroom to the stage amid ear splitting clapping and cheering. 

Carolyn, Katrina, Sherry and I lined up in the hall with them waiting to go to our seats thinking that our time in the helper ranks was finished.  Not so.  Debbie Morris asked us to line up next to the stage and help escort the actors to their tables when the time came and then to work as runners taking drinks to the actors, asking them if they needed a break and escorting them to the restrooms when they needed to go.  We also guarded the door so they wouldn’t be bothered while in there.  Hey, it was a tough job but somebody had to do it. 


ALW discussed her upcoming trip to Greece for the summer Olympics with JJY. 



These are blown up as far as possible.  Again, sorry for the lack of quality.  Not one picture of the other half of the stage came out although there’s a blurry shot of Steve Burton playing with or answering his cell phone while sitting next to Maurice Benard. 

Everybody loves The Babies as they are called.

Tamara read a message from Jackie Zeman. 

Steve thanked everyone for voting him as Outstanding Supporting Actor.



Moving right into awards after the actors received their fan accolades here is what I remember.  Katrina took notes so she’ll have more information later. 

Best Supporting Actor - Steve Burton

Best Supporting Actress - Natalia Livingston (she seemed very surprised)

Best Villain – Ric (Rick Hearst)

Best Villainess – Faith (Cynthia Preston)

Best Web Page - Tyler Christopher’s

Best Actress – Tamara Braun (the crowd went wild)

Best Actor – Maurice Benard (the crowd went wilder) 

There were other categories such as Best Scene Stealer and Best off-line Fan Club, but I don’t remember what they were. 

Tamara Braun read a message from Jackie Zeman stating that she was sorry to miss the Fan Club Event but she was in Africa working for a charity escorting a child to the United States for surgery.   

A note was also read from Anna Lee’s family thanking the fans for their support of her over the years. 

By now, tables had been set up around three sides of the room for the actors to sit behind and Sherry, Carolyn and I went to stand next to the stage to escort the actors to their tables.  

Let the chaos begin. 

I walked Adrianne Leon to her table and was sent in the wrong direction so we ended up walking around the entire perimeter of the room.  As we passed the table where Robyn Richards, Katie Stuart and Lindze Letherman were already seated they called out to Adrianne asking her to sit with them.  Tables were assigned roughly by storyline so she sat with Wally Kurth and Leslie Kay. 

People frantically scanned the room to hit the line of their favorite actors as soon as possible and for a few minutes, I was glad to be standing behind one of the tables and not in the middle part of the room. 

Leslie Kay requested a Sprite and after that the time is a blur. 

I didn’t hold intense conversations with the actors, didn’t stand with them to have my picture snapped, and obtained no autographs for myself, but it was fascinating for me (a dedicated people watcher) to see how they interacted with fans from a unique perspective of standing near or behind the tables. 

In no particular order here is what I saw and heard: 

John J. York took time with each fan to ask their name, have them to sit beside him for a picture and to sign autographs.  He was turned on and attentive to each fan who left feeling like they’d personally connected with him.  I could see the happiness on their faces. 

Greg Vaughn is a total ham in a nice way and doesn’t object to hugs.  At one point he hugged a lady and lifted up her knee as they smiled to make a closer embrace.  I bet that fan and the people who saw it will remember the moment and treasure the pictures.  The man was having a great time. 

If an Emmy was awarded for friendliness Rick Hearst would win hands down.  His enthusiasm for the fans was palpable and fun to watch.  At one point I walked him to the restroom and on the way out we passed Derk Cheetwood who punched him (hard) on the shoulder.  Rick shoved him right back and they laughed, trading macho comments back and forth.  Rick Hearst met up with Greg Vaughn in the bathroom and I don’t know what was said but I could hear laughing from outside where I was standing.  As we walked back to his table people were calling “Rick, Rick let me take a picture” but I took my job seriously and I smiled and said something like, “He can’t stop, you have to stand in line.” 

Derk Cheetwood (Sonny’s guard Max) really liked the suit he wore in his latest scenes and hopes he can wear more like it.   

I respected The Babies’ (Sarah and Emma) parents because they carried them in and sat with them at a table for a little while but when the twins showed signs of had-enough, they took their leave.  It would have been easy for them to stay and bask in their reflected glow but they did what was best for the children.   

I’d circled the room a couple times and took the opportunity to stand by Maurice Benard’s table to watch him.  You can love or hate Sonny, you can not claim him as your favorite actor, but I have to say that there’s a reason he’s so popular and I watched him weave his magic.  It’s his intensity.  As each fan, mainly women, came to his table, he greeted them, listened to their questions with eye contact and body language that said he was engaged, and answered seriously why Sonny did this or that or remarked upon the fan’s reaction to certain scenes or storylines.  No way can he keep this up, I thought, but he did for several hours.   

About my third time around the room asking if he needed anything Maurice said no he was fine.  Sometimes I do things with zero conscious forethought, they just roll out of my mouth.  I replied, “Please let me bring you a drink, because I really, really want to go home and tell people that I brought Maurice Benard something.”  He smiled, amused, and replied, “I guess I could use more water.”  Of course, I went right to the bar and asked for an ice water which I took back to him and received a dimple flashing smile and a wink for my effort.  Oh yeah, I know why Maurice Benard is so popular.  It’s because he can flash that smile and make a person’s insides melt no matter what kind of fan you are.  I had to laugh at myself over my unexpected reaction.   

I think Sherry was monitoring the teenager table while Carolyn and I worked the room, usually on opposite sides, checking with the table monitors or actors to see if they needed anything.   

Rebecca Herbst stood in front of her table and greeted fans while Michael Saucedo talked to those around him but declined any limelight.  She was friendly but reserved and I wondered if she was feeling shell shocked around a multitude of fans after months off and a light work schedule. 

Steve Burton drank water and Diet Coke and was a master at making his fans laugh. 

Ted King, Cynthia Preston and Blake Gibbons drank water most of the afternoon and the lines in front of their table stayed long, and finally Ted asked for a beer. 

Ron Hale seemed happy to be there, enjoying every moment with the fans. 

Natalia Livingston, Tyler Christopher, and Catherine Wadkins sat next to each other.  Tyler Christopher was friendly but reserved or maybe overwhelmed.  It was easy to see which actors were more outgoing and which had to work harder to be outgoing for the fans.  That’s not meant as a criticism, it’s a fact of life.  Some people love being surrounded by people while others are not as comfortable in that situation.  Stacey Lopez talked to us later and told us that at Tyler’s fan event he loosened up and talked comfortably.  I wish I could have seen him shining as he spoke passionately about the theatre he and his friends have practically built from the ground up, including the stage and risers.   

Natalia Livingston comes across as kind, beautiful and ladylike and stayed after the event was supposed to end signing autographs and talking to every fan in line at her table.  She wore a white pantsuit that Emily wore a while ago. 

Catherine Wadkins was overheard remarking, “Why do they like me?  I’m a psycho.”      

Towards the end of the afternoon, I asked Catherine Wadkins if she needed a break.  She replied that she would like to visit the restroom but then looked helplessly at the line in front of her table.  I’d lost all trace of timidity by then (did I mention that Maurice Benard winked at me?) and I announced that Ms. Wadkins would be right back but she had to take a quick break.  She wore a pretty floaty pastel dress with the best shoes I saw all day but I was glad she was wearing them and I wasn’t because I bet her feet hurt by the end of the afternoon.  Wish I had a picture to show you.  

Did I mention that Maurice Benard winked at me? 

I’d like to pause here to mention how cool GH fans are.  All afternoon, I slid through the lines carrying drinks, cut to the front to ask if an actor needed anything, stood at tables monitoring if the monitor needed a break, took pictures for fans, and walked behind the tables to speak with the actors.  Not once by word or expression did I see or hear any complaining or snarky comments.  LOL  Maybe there were some complaints but since I didn’t see or hear them, they don’t count.  I had a great time and it seemed like most folks there did too.  It’s all in the attitude, I think.  And in a hot, crowded room filled with lines, a person either has to smile and decide to enjoy or get on out of Dodge.  An enjoyable part of the afternoon for me was listening to the questions and conversations swirling around me as people interacted with each other and the actors. 

OK, back to Catherine Wadkins.  As I waited outside the restroom a lady entered the hall and asked if Catherine was in there.  I said yes she was and asked the lady to wait until she came out.  “Oh, I’m Catherine’s roommate,” she replied.  Well, since we were standing in the hall conversation had to be made.  I asked her if it was weird to be roommate to a GH actor.  She answered that they’d been roommates for several years so this was just another thing that Catherine was doing.  About that time Catherine came out and happily greeted her friend.  As we walked back to her table Catherine asked me if I thought it would be possible for her to introduce her boyfriend to Maurice Benard.  I looked at her in astonishment, “You’re an actor.  You can do whatever you want.”   Feeling rather full of myself I suggested that she grab her friend and we’d take care of this right now.  She called his name and we walked behind the tables to where Maurice Benard was located.  I explained to Cliffton, Debbie Morris’ son, who was monitoring Maurice Benard’s table that Catherine Wadkins wanted a moment of Maurice’s time.  It was so simple.  Cliffton said something akin to “Yo, Mo, there’s somebody here to see you.”  Maurice turned around, Catherine Wadkins stepped forward and introduced her friend to him and they chatted for a minute or so.  Sometimes a bit of privilege can be fun because I felt like I’d done something big.   

The afternoon was winding down by then and Debbie Morris announced that the event would end at 3:30 instead of 3:00 as planned.  I sank into a chair by Katrina for a few moments and fretted about getting autographs from Steve Burton and Maurice Benard on a photo for my friend.  Katrina said I should go to the front of the line and ask since I’d worked all afternoon and didn’t have the opportunity to stand in line.  I said, “Oh no, I couldn’t do that,” but quickly changed my mind when I realized that Steve Burton was preparing to leave.  So ask I did and sign he did.  Pleased with myself I sat down again by Katrina and wondered out loud if I could ask Maurice the same way.  Katrina said go for it.  I worked up my courage and decided to try.  It’s not that the actors were unfriendly or inaccessible; it was that time was limited, fans were plentiful, and it felt wrong to distract them from the people standing in front of the table.  However, knowing I wouldn’t have another opportunity and figuring that Maurice would leave soon after Steve, I gave it a shot.  Walking up to Cliffton I asked him if I could possibly have Maurice sign a picture for my friend.  “Maurice,” he asked, “can you sign this?”  He slid the picture to him.  Maurice looked at the name that Steve had already signed and added his autograph.  Simple as pie and no calories.   

Catherine Wadkins, Natalia Livingston, Ted King, Cynthia Preston and Blake Gibbons stayed well past time to leave graciously signing and speaking with fans. 

As the event wound down, I found Debbie Morris and thanked her for allowing me to experience an inside look at the GH Fan Event.  She has my highest admiration for organizing such a grand multi-layered event.  It was altogether an amazing, spectacular, dream fulfilling experience.  I wish I could think of grander, gushier adjectives to describe the fun of the day.    

Then I was off to Steve Burton’s fan event. 

And guess what?  Maurice Benard winked at me.

By Kathy Hardeman

A part of me wants to write that it was all about Steve Burton and me.  But, alas, I can’t write that because he interacts so well with everyone in the room.  Looking tanned and fit he bounded to the front of the room and announced that he’d returned early from his two week vacation in Hawaii to attend the GH Fan Weekend.  Since I’d bought my ticket way back in February, I was happy he decided to show up.  Buckle up guys, I figure the couple weeks after the funeral Jason will be off screen investigating Sam or maybe running off to Paris with Robin.  OK, just kidding, he’s only on vacation.  But we all know that every time Jason leaves, Sonny does something to mess up life as he and Jason know it.  Oh wait, I forgot this isn’t a column.  Getting back to business…. 

Making everyone laugh, he described the new experience of going on vacation with a baby in tow and lugging around baby paraphernalia.  Located on the 5th floor of the hotel, they spent lots of time and effort hauling the stroller and Pack ‘n Play up and down the elevator and back forth on the airplane.

If I knew the blond lady’s name I’d give her photo credit

Because her head is in almost every one of my pictures. 

He mentioned that they’d like to have more children and they were working on it.  The room erupted and he backed up saying, “Not now, not right away.”  Winning points with the women (and it was mostly women) he noted that full time moms have a hard job and he wouldn’t trade with his wife.  He hugs his baby and his wife and goes off to work at GH while she’s home all day taking care of their life.  I thought it was very nice of him to describe my life and then was forced to realize once again, oh darn, he wasn’t talking specifically to me.  He did, however, have presigned pictures ready for event ticket holders.  My said, “Kathryn – All my love!  Steve Burton”.  Isn’t that cool?  I have all his love.  Too bad everyone else in the room has it too.  Sometimes sharing sucks! 

Diving into GH he asked what’s up with Courtney kissing Jax?  It was a vocal rowdy crowd let me tell ya, and he received a LOT of response.  Laughing, he said, “Settle down.”  He brought up that Jason does have limits.  He’s only broken up with Courtney about 20 times now.   As usual, the Journey fans and Liason fans sat apart from each other and it was quickly determined that almost NO fans want Jason with Sam.  When Steve asked for opinions on Jason and Sam some very loud booing swept through the room.  “Be nice to Sam,” he requested.

Questions began at this point so I’ll paraphrase the questions and answers.  (Please note the word “paraphrase”, I have notes of his answers, but these are not direct quotes.)  I found it entertaining that when a person stood to ask a question, Steve would look to see if they were wearing a button or badge declaring their allegiance to Journey or Liason and he’d ask them which one putting agendas out in the open. 

Q:  How long will Jason be with Sam, so I can stop turning off the TV or fast forwarding?

(I’m tellin’ you, people were brutal to poor Sam and I’m glad Kelly Monaco wasn’t around because it would have been a rough ride.)

SB:  Two years.  (more groans and boos)  No really, I don’t know.  She was brought between Sonny and Carly which is like the kiss of death.  But then there’s Carly mackin’ on Lorenzo.  What’s up with that?  And Sonny’s got everyone in the country pregnant.  (Answering seriously)  I like working with someone new and not doing the same thing all the time.

Q:  Jason and Carly aren’t friends anymore. 

SB:  Carly’s been angry lately.  Hopefully, Sonny and Carly will work things out. 

Q:  Don’t you think it’s outrageous that Jason’s changing his life for an 8 year old?

SB:  (Teasing)  It’s a soap opera!  (Speaking for Jason)  I think it’s in character for Jason.  Alcazar’s around everyday.  He overhears conversations.  Jason would do this (claim Sam’s baby) for Sonny and Michael.   

Q:  Is there a chance that Kimberly McCullough will return?

SB:  He loved their scene together.  It was fun, awesome, to work with her again.

Q:  When will someone kill off Alcazar?

SB:  He can put up with Alcazar because he finally cut his hair!  His (Alcazar’s) hair was getting so big he thought Carly and Michael were going to move in. 

Q:  When will Jason have his next shirtless scene?  Why aren’t there more of them?

SB:  Because I got older and fatter and I like to eat.  I don’t really have to because Jax is there to rip his shirt off.  Tyler can rip off his shirt and rip everyone in half.  (Joking) Maybe he’ll have a love scene with Sonny.  He knows everyone is waiting for it. 

Q:  Will there be conflict between Jason and Sonny?

SB:  Sonny and Jason are friends and the loyalty between them is expected.  He and MB like conflict between them but it has to be legitimate conflict to make the scenes good, like Jason talking to Sonny in the chapel about what to do about Sam’s baby.  Good scenes.

Q:  I met Dylan Cash and he said something about you locking him in a cell?

SB:  (Laughing) Well, we didn’t lock the cell.  Apparently, they put him in the PCPD jail but didn’t lock it after Dylan hid in a piece of furniture and they couldn’t find him.  He referred to Dylan with affection as a manchild actor genius.  He (SB) didn’t decide to act until he was a teenager but Dylan Cash memorizes his lines and does his scenes like a pro.  (Laughing again)  But what was up with the hat?  (Dylan Cash arrived for the luncheon in a huge black cowboy hat and quickly corrected anyone who called it a cowboy hat, telling them it’s a Ra.)

Q:  Will you imitate Sonny?  (Once again the room got loud begging for a Sonny strut.)

SB:  No, no, haven’t you seen that already?  I love him, but he walks like George Jefferson.   Finally, he stood to the side of the stage and put on his mental imitate-Sonny-hat.  He turned around and did the Sonny walk across the stage and then showed Sonny thinking, scratching his forehead and looking at the ceiling.  He had the Sonny mannerisms nailed.

Q:  I don’t care about the love scenes, but I miss the fun stuff.

SB:  He agrees and wishes they would show more scenes of them hanging out like real people do.  Somebody called out, what about Sonny and Jason playing ping pong and SB laughed.  He didn’t think that ping pong would be good for their image.

Q:  What’s up with his upcoming appearance with Maurice at the Ranier’s ballgame?

SB:  He called Maurice and set that up.  Maurice never leaves the house anymore and he had to beg him.  Really, it’s an easy trip, fly up, stay two hours and fly home in one day.

Q:  I can’t remember is this person asked if SB will teach MB about diaper changing or MB taught SB.

SB:  I’m not a fan of diaper changing, especially the No. 2 diapers but I’ll do it if I have to.

Q:  Good scene with Nikolas (when Jason punched him after he called Emily a bad name).

SB:  Nikolas – Connor, he changes his name day by day.  The script didn’t call for a punch but when they did the scene SB asked Tyler, “Don’t you think I should punch you?”  Tyler answered, “Yeah, I think he (ConNik) needs a punch.”  So they put it into the scene.

Q:  Is the shadow guy Sam’s brother?

SB:  I’m not supposed to tell but yeah, that’s Sam’s brother.  (I laughed to myself because I’ve known that spoiler for about three weeks and probably everybody else in the room has too.  I don’t think his job was at risk over that reveal.)

Q:  Do you like doing stunts?

SB:  Yes, and he thought the fight with Nico in the hospital was a good fight.  Stunt doubles were used for the very last bit of the fight but the rest was Jason and Nico.

Q:  Who on the show would you like to work with?

SB:  He’d like to work with Tony Geary, but it won’t happen since he has 11 months of vacation a year. (He was kidding and laughter followed.)   SB rolled with it, laughing also.  He (Anthony Geary) comes in does a few scenes and then goes back on vacation.  He’d like to work more with Justus because M’fundo Morrison is hungry to work.  He enjoyed working with Becky (Rebecca Herbst) and then noted that the character break ups are good because it’s fun to work with other characters.  He’d like to work with Stuart and Leslie.

Q:  Do you miss Taggert?

SB:  Yeah, I miss Real.  I miss his intensity.  On the show the cops show up, whatever.  We have Ric, he shows up and talks enough for everyone.  Rick Hearst knows he talks a lot in his scenes and he’ll say, “Dude, just go with me.”

Q:  Will they ever kill Faith?

SB:  As Jason, “I’d like to kill someone…”  Someone called out “Sam”.  Steve replied, “Sam?  Hah!  Now you guys are the comediennes.”  He likes Faith’s character.  She’s funny and she can’t kill Jason for at least 1-1/2 years (when his contract is up).  He noted that Maurice’s contract is up in December and if MB leaves Jason might have to leave too.

Q:  Do you socialize with the other actors outside of work?

SB:  No.  Now I have a family.  I usually work five days a week and don’t have time to hang out.  With a baby, he goes home and spends time with her.

Q:  Is fatherhood what you expected?

SB:  No. Nothing anyone can say can prepare you for a kid.  She has 6 or 7 teeth now. 

Q:  I loved The Last Castle and Taken.  Will you do any more movies?

SB:  He would love to do more movies if his schedule could be arranged to allow him the time away from GH.  He’d like to do a project and then return to GH but it’s hard to schedule because they’d have to accommodate his schedule in the storylines.  GH is a fun place to be.  As long as Sonny’s there everything is OK.

Q:  If Sonny leaves, will Jason take over the MOB?

SB:  He doesn’t want Sonny’s job.  He works a lot but MB works more.  MB works all day then has 40-60 pages to memorize that night with two people scenes involving lots of dialogue.  Clearly, SB admires MB but he doesn’t want to be MB.

Q:  Who would take over then?

SB:  I’m just hoping that Maurice doesn’t leave.  It would make my job much different.

Q:  Is there any chance for Jason and Courtney?

SB:  (Jumping into funny mode)  If she stops kissing Jax.  I don’t write the stuff.  Besides I have my friend with me.  I have Sonny in my back pocket.

Q:  What do you think about Ric going from stalker to D.A.?

SB:  Ric’s still a stalker.  He can be a D.A. but he’s still a stalker.  I want Scotty Baldwin back.  Ric would be out, fired.

Q:  Why do they use good actors and trash their characters?

SB:  Why?  Because it’s a soap opera.  It’s not RH’s fault and he tries to make Ric as redeemable as he can.  He’s a big fan of Ric and Alexis and thinks they work well together.

Q:  It seems like the writing is more balanced and diverse lately.

SB:  (Laughing) If people don’t like the writing they can always turn off their TV.  (Mocking himself)  Guess I’m not trying to suck up for ratings.  (Turning serious) Some months are great and then it sucks for a while.  It’s impossible to write great stories all year.  He’d like to see them take more time with storylines but then there will always be people asking how long it will go on.  The challenge for the actors is to make it (the scenes) new.  (Laughing again) It’s a tough job but someone has to do it and no one else has this hair.

Q:  Why can’t we see more independent women?

SB:  Viewers want independent women but in Sonny and Jason’s world it can’t work.  It’s not gonna happen.  Jason doesn’t want a chick in his face all day.  “I’m brain damaged but I’m not stupid.”  It’s hard to write a woman who is strong with Sonny.  Carly’s always in his face but we forgive her because she’s whacked.  (Lots of laughter)  We know that’s how Carly is, she does crazy stuff, she has a plan which sucks, but we expect her to do those things. 

Q:  Is there fallout in Carly and Jason’s relationship because she was with Alcazar?  Does Jason blame Alcazar for the loss of his baby?

SB:  Jason can’t blame Alcazar for losing the baby.  We have to play the story and try to justify our character’s actions.

Q:  Will Jason invest in Sam’s baby and become vulnerable?

SB:  Nah, Jason doesn’t cry anymore.  (Speculating) It will be interesting if Sonny comes back (for the baby) after the baby is born.  But crib has to go.  Jason can’t have meetings in his penthouse with a crib in the middle of the room. 

Q:  The Jason and Liz scenes are always important.  Will they be having any scenes soon?

SB:  Jason and Liz are always an option.  Or maybe Courtney.  (Responding to callouts) Don’t say Sam?  Not Carly.  Carly’s like Jason’s sister.  Brenda might be interesting.

Q:  Is there a role on primetime that you would like?

SB:  (Teasing) Like on “Las Vegas”?  It would be nice to work with Amber (Tamblyn) again.  Someone called out “The Sopranos”.  “Sopranos”?  No I don’t want to do that.

Q:  Will you be at SuperSoap Weekend?

SB:  He doesn’t know yet.  He likes to go, SuperSoap is fun but it’s a pain to travel across the country.  (Laughing) We’re trotted out like circus animals and told go here, go there all day.  (Seriously) It’s because of the fans.  Without the fans he wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing.  He’s always grateful that transforming Jason Quartermaine into Jason Morgan was well received.

See the lady in the pink and black striped shirt?

Her name was Maxine and she helped Steve throughout the event.

Q:  Will Jason ever become more independent and stop asking Sonny everything like when to go to the bathroom?

SB:  They (SB and MB) try to keep the realism.  In real life, in the MOB, they would have to talk and Jason would ask what Sonny wants him to do.

Q:  Does it bug you to do scenes that don’t mean anything and storylines are dropped?

SB:  There are storyline scenes and then there are gimmicks like when Jason kissed Carly during the hotel fire.  It’s fun to do different things but sometimes the scenes are just gimmicks.

Finally!  The question and answer portion ended.  I only say finally because I didn’t realize I had this many pages of notes and I’m tired of typing.  Prizes were raffled off where Steve selected a ticket from those in the box and I didn’t win again.  I beginning to think I’m raffle cursed.  Winners came to the front to receive their item and a hug from Steve which was nice and then it was time for pictures.

People lined up row by row to stand with Steve while one of his helpers took a picture.  Luckily for my side of the room, our rows were dismissed first because the air conditioning wasn’t working well and it was hot!  As I drew closer to the front of the line all I could think was “Sure hope my deodorant is still working” because I’d been bustling about at the fan luncheon for several hours already.  As I crept to the front I saw that Debbie Morris had dropped in to watch the end of the event.  As I stood by Steve for my picture (another picture of Kathy grinning like an idiot standing near Steve Burton) Debbie said to him, “You be nice to her, she’s one of my girls.”  Steve replied, standing a little closer (Be still my heart.  Why am I such a sap for this one guy?  It’s so silly.) “I’m always nice to your girls.”  Snap, flash, and it was over. 

What’d I tell ya?  It’s allll about Steve Burton and me.

And about a 100 others.

I wandered out in a happy daze (or maybe it was hunger because I was starving) and went to find Katrina and Sherry who were sitting at a table with their empty plates in front of them having eaten without me.  I didn’t blame them though because if I’d had food available to me, I’d have ordered too.  The evening slowed down pleasantly as we sat with Debbie Morris and some of her hardworking crew to eat and wind down from a nonstop, exciting day.


Nancy Lee Grahn Does the 50’s
Fan Event, July 9, 2004

The 50’s dress up concept had me a little worried.  Poodle skirts aren’t my thing, bright red lipstick doesn’t sit well on my face, and I don’t own a Pink Ladies jacket.  I hemmed and hawed and finally decided to acknowledge the theme with rolled up jeans, scarf and tennies.  Even if I had access to a poodle skirt, no way was I toting it across the country.  I ended up looking pretty bland, however, I was definitely comfortable which is always a plus and Katrina, Sherry and Carolyn all seemed to have developed the same idea. 

We arrived early for the event to help with set up; however, these folks were so organized it was more like they gave us something to do while they got on with the show.  Snap, snap, click and everything was ready for the crowd.  Tables filled quickly with excited fans, many of whom took the 50’s theme to the limit.  I think that poodle skirts are like Christmas fruitcake.  They’ll never go away.  One or two will always be hanging in the back of somebody’s closet.

Nancy came in wearing a black satin jacket which I’m sure you’ve already read about with pictures (Sherry's column has a good picture of the jacket) so I won’t offer a big description other than to note that Nancy Lee Grahn is a beautiful confidant woman (and Sherry’s right) with perfect slender legs that should be shown off more.  Sitting on a stool on stage Nancy opened conversation with a reference to Sonny and Alexis by stating that she’s ready to take Sonny down.  Lots of cheering followed her statement but I noted many Sonny and Alexis (Sexis) fans in the room, two of which were sitting at my table.  Two young teenage girls decked out in poodle skirts were sporting Sexis pins.  Surprised, I asked, “You really like Sonny and Alexis?”  They nodded enthusiastically and I promptly insulted them by remarking, “Why?  They were only friends for a short time and had sex once.”  They’re faces closed down and they didn’t talk to me for the rest of the evening.  This was definitely my Kathy-opens-mouth-and-inserts-foot moment for the weekend.  I felt bad but figured we’d all live through it and I kept my opinions to myself after that. 

Nancy reiterated that Sonny needs someone to put him in his place.  She went on to explain that Jaime Neuman had planned to visit and sing but couldn’t make it at the last minute.  Constance Towers had worked the day previously but she was flying out to Europe to do a play or something. 

Taking questions, Nancy was asked if she would be dancing with Ric soon.  She replied that Rick Hearst and Tony Geary were the only actors on the show who knew ballroom dancing and she’d love to dance with either of them, however there were no dance scenes coming up that she knew of. 

She remarked that she was happy to attend the Emmys this year and she wore her best loser face.  Telling a funny story she related that after the Emmys she, Kate and the others with them went out the back door where usually a limo or some form of transportation would be waiting to take the actors to the after Emmy party.  There were no vehicles in sight so they walked to the front of the building where she saw Sally the ABC publicist standing by a limo.  Happy to find a ride Nancy and her entourage walked over to Sally who said several times, “I’m so sorry.  This limo is for Susan Lucci.”  Susan Lucci came out, climbed into the limo and left them standing there in the street with no ride. 

One fan remarked that the scenes with Ric and Alexis in the elevator were good.  Nancy replied, “Oh, when Ric mauled me?”  She went on to explain that they were told to ham it up so the elevator scene was unplanned; they just went with the flow. 

I took several pictures of Nancy but some

Of my film turned out dark and she was on the dark side. 

Another person asked when Sonny would learn about Kristina’s paternity and Nancy answered simply, “I imagine it’ll happen sometime.  Pick a sweeps.” 

She told a story about The Babies, meaning Emma and Sarah who play Kristina.  The scene where Sonny is looking at the babies in the window with Kristina, Alexis was supposed to call her over and pick her up, but instead, just like all women she turned and put her arms up for Maurice to pick her up.  “Even Kristina is attracted to Maurice,” she sighed making the room laugh. 

A Santa Barbara fan asked if Nancy would like to work with Lane Davies again.  Nancy replied that Lane as Cameron didn’t really have a role on GH.  They just didn’t have a place to put him in a storyline which was a shame.  He became a casualty because their (the writer’s) focus wasn’t on him. 

One person noted that the writer’s had managed to work around Ric’s kidnapping of Carly. 

At this point The Babies, Emma and Sarah, came onto the stage for a visit.  Since the day was their 2nd birthday, Nancy had a cake brought onto the stage and we all sang happy birthday while the twins examined the cake.  They examined the cake lots and lots of times by poking their fingers into it and eating bits of frosting off their fingers.  Fun to watch, they ran back and forth between their mother sitting on the stage steps and the chair on which the cake sat in the middle of the stage.  Nancy talked on as they wandered back and forth after assuring Kate, her daughter, that she’ll always love her best. 

Nancy was asked if she’ll be involved with the Cassadine's more in upcoming episodes.  She laughed and said that Alexis kinda shows up in scenes with Nikolas and Helena but she never really knows why. 

When asked about Lila’s memorial, she said that when Adrianne sang “Amazing Grace” the hairs on her arms stood on end it was so touching.  (Note from Kathy:  Adrianne taped both Amazing Grace and the song we heard on Friday but even she wasn’t sure which would be aired.) 

Talking about the Lifetime Achievement Awards at the Daytime Emmys she remarked that the recipients should have been given more honor and time.  It was presented like, “Here come the people over 60 rising from the ground.” 

When asked about air time she noted that she’d learned to keep her mouth shut and go with the flow.  It seemed to be working because she had more airtime now and Alexis is on an upswing in storyline.  However, not having a lot of airtime last year allowed her to volunteer at Kate’s school since she entered kindergarten last year.  She made us laugh with her description of working in the computer room, knowing very little and having to ask the little kids how to do and find things.  

A question about how actors are paid was asked and NLG explained that most actors sign a two show guarantee meaning they are paid for two shows a week.  It was rare, but a few actors received more than a two show guarantee while several were offered a one show guarantee.  Of course, the more an actor works the more he/she is paid and prime time salaries are much higher. 

One person asked if she’d ever played ping pong with Maurice Benard.  She laughed and said she’d played him and beat him once but she thinks he might have been drinking when it happened. 

It was noted that there seems to be more balance on the show.  What would the balance be attributed to?  She laughed and replied that it seems that the writer’s pay attention to what the audience says sometimes.  She’s just happy to have more airtime and she’s thankful to Mr. Guza and Mr. Pratt for writing her in more. 

Asked about this year’s Presidential Race, Nancy said that she’s not involved.  A couple political remarks were tossed out before the next question was asked. 

One person inquired if Alexis and Sonny would have any sort of relationship when Kristina’s paternity was finally revealed.  “We both want that,” Nancy answered saying that Sonny and Alexis had an interesting relationship that got lost. 

Catfights were brought up and NLG said that she doesn’t like girl catfights, that she’d much rather fight with words. 

There was a big discussion over friendships and who could Alexis be friends with.  Chloe was her last friend.  She could be friends with Felicia, Monica or Lois.  She thinks that Leslie Kay is a good recast for Lois.  Several people thought that Alexis and Ned should reclaim their friendship. 

When asked how she liked working with Cynthia Preston, Nancy replied, “She’s wonderful and generous.”  In her opinion the actors on GH are a really good group with no lemons.  “You can’t be poopy and remain at GH.” 

Asked about her experience hosting on “The View” Nancy responded enthusiastically that she’d enjoyed the experience and would love to do it again.  Maybe she could fill in for Kelly on Regis and Kelly. 

When asked if she enjoyed playing Dobson, she replied, “That was a good experiment.”   

During the question and answer session the twins continued to run back and forth across the stage sticking their fingers in the cake and then running back to show their mother or lick it off, entertaining us all.  At this point Cynthia Preston unexpectedly strolled in to join the fun.  She took the stage and began answering questions while Nancy began moving from table to table for pictures and autographs.  Bubbly and excited, Cynthia explained that she’d only stopped by to drop something off and she couldn’t stay long because she and her husband were babysitting someone’s dog who was howling so she had to go home.  She answered a couple quick questions and played with The Babies and then Rick Hearst and Greg Vaghn came strolling up to the stage.  They traded laughs and barbs for a few minutes before Cynthia ran off to babysit the unhappy French bulldog waiting at home.


Now I would like to type reams of intimate details of what Rick Hearst and Greg Vaughn said and did but sadly, I have to admit that from here on in, I took no notes!  I’ll tell you why I forgot to take notes.  It’s because these guys were so darn arresting and entertaining that I completely forgot about the pen in my hand.  Rick Hearst dived in talking about GH and answering questions while Greg Vaughn sat on a stool quieter but easygoing.  Rick made us laugh by talking about how much he talks while Greg chimed in agreeing with him.  A few minutes in, Greg decided that he could help The Babies (they were still running back and forth sticking a finger in the cake and then showing it to their Mom) by moving the cake chair closer to the stage steps.  Both he and Rick couldn’t help but exclaim over how cute and well behaved The Babies were.

Rick and Greg charmed the audience but

The Babies charmed Rick and Greg. 

Questions were tossed out to Rick regarding Rick and Alexis and to Greg about Lucky’s chance of finally seeing some romance.   

Rick Hearst loves talking about his part on GH, Ric’s actions and his motivations.  It didn’t make me watch GH and decide that I love Ric Lansing, but it sure made me love lookin’ at Rick Hearst a little more.  Greg Vaughn mocked Rick and teased him for talking so much.  These guys seemed like good friends, which was reinforced by the fact that they showed up together at different events.  Though I didn’t have the opportunity to attend every fan event I saw them at NLG’s 50’s Night Out, they stopped in at Tyler Christopher’s Event on Saturday evening, checked out Cynthia Preston’s Pajama Party on Sunday morning and then of course, Mr. Hearst had his own event Sunday afternoon.  Next year I plan to attend different actors than this year and hopefully, that will include more time with Rick Hearst and Greg Vaughn. 

While the men entertained us, Nancy Lee Grahn spent time at each table chatting, taking pictures with fans, and autographing various items.  It was easy to see how much she enjoys interacting with her fans which makes every one who meets her like her all the more.  One thing that Nancy said stuck with me.  She remarked at one point that the thoughts in her head were mostly unedited, meaning what you see is what you get.  And what we got was a woman enjoying her life, job and fans. 

Since I lost my note taking abilities as I was entertained by the two hunks in front of me, I’ll close with pictures for your viewing pleasure.  (Katrina also has a ton of pictures in her NLG write up.)