March 29, 2002


Here’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to pretend that most of what has happened, story-wise, in the last few weeks, has not happened.  I’m not going to say one word about Courtney, particularly about my wondering how on earth the whole town knows her age, I swear I heard Jax and Ned have a conversation during which they both mentioned her age, but I’m not going to mention that.  And I’m not going to mention Carly shoving Skye in boathouse for some completely unfathomable reason, though I am going to mention that while watching Carly throwing those stones at the door and then ducking behind the wall I had a nice little daydream that she was actually dodging the rotten fruit and eggs that every sane person in PC was throwing at her.  They were throwing from the doorway of the boathouse, which is now the home of the hottest club in town since Jax turned Club 101 into a really cool new apartment for him and Skye to live in.  But then the owners of the new hot spot, AJ and Courtney, put an end to the shenanigans and everyone got back to partying.


I am also not going to mention how astounded I am that JFP and McT could actually ruin any scene that involved Sonny (in his skivvies), alcohol and satin sheets.  Top that off with the fact that Alexis was in the scene and even that didn’t save it?  I have no words with which to talk about that.   In fact, I can’t even say Alexis’s name without choking right now.  I love her, and she’s…, she’s … annoying me.  I can’t talk about it. 


So given that I won’t talk about any of that, what’s left you ask?  Ah, I found something, it’s not much but I doubt you’re expecting much at this point anyway!  So here it goes: 


My list of Actors who are currently transcending the utter misery around them:


These characters may not be my favorites right now due to storyline or simply dialogue related reasons, but I think their portrayers are doing a fabulous job with the little that they are being given to work with.  I love MB, NLG, TG, GF and many others, but at this point I think they are just as tired of where their characters are going as we are and I think it shows a little.  Add to that the fact that they aren’t being given dialogue worth hearing and you get scenes that are very forgettable.  That’s not a condemnation of their acting ability; they are great and always will be.  I’m focusing on those below because I have noticed that even though I haven’t been all that interested in the storylines that the characters are in, they seem to be giving it their all, with much success, in my opinion.


Coltin Scott (Nikolas Cassadine) ~ Not my favorite character, especially these days, but I can’t argue with CS’s portrayal of the tormented son of Stavros.  The writing hasn’t been all that great (what a shocker that is!) but CS has still convinced me that he is utterly confused about how to deal with his legacy.  His scenes with Luke are great, CS can hold his own against TG, compare that with the scenes between Luke and Sarah and you’ll see my point.  When Nikolas threatened Helena it was believable, unlike when Lucky, or (I’m sorry but I have to say it…) even Luke threaten her.  I used to believe Luke would do anything to protect his family, now I’m not so sure since he’s had about a million chances to do her in and hasn’t.  But I bought that Nik really might do it.  He is reminding me of Stefan when he was in love with …well, pick one – he had no problem doing what he needed to do to get what he wanted.  He’s suddenly dark, brooding, a little unpredictable, and a little scary.  I have many problems with exactly how the character got there, but I have no problem at all with the way Coltin Scott is playing it. 


Robin Christopher (Skye Chandler) ~ Again, not my favorite character, but no matter how irritating Skye can be at times, I don’t think anyone can argue with RC’s acting ability.  She deserves to have her character make some sense to viewers.  She deserves much better writing than she’s getting (as do one and all!) and she deserves a medal for portraying this character, right now, on this show.  Because when Skye showed up, I thought great!  A strong, confident female character; beautiful, but not just a pretty face, etc.  But then things took a wrong turn and she became too whiny, she did things that made no sense (even to her) and she has basically no history to stand on (from this show anyway, the character has a history but unless you watched her pre-GH you have no way of knowing what that is so it doesn’t count at this point) which leaves a character that appears to be here just to facilitate a few other characters.  She stands by AJ, she chases after Jax, she complains about Sonny and she has a grudge because she was abandoned.  That’s not a new character, that’s Carly - rehashed.  She stood by Jason, complained about AJ, chased after Sonny and she had a grudge because she was abandoned.  We’ve seen it all before, and frankly, without RC and her consistently stellar acting, I would have long since been fast-forwarding her scenes.  There is such potential in this character, and there is such a powerhouse actress behind her – sooner or later she’ll get a real story of her own and then she’s gonna take PC by storm.  I want to see some charm (she can use it to get what she wants, I don’t mind that) and charisma from Skye, because she must have it in there somewhere!  And I want to see her get a man by either manipulating him effectively (not the ridiculous machinations she’s used so far) or just by being herself, either way is fine by me.  But (leaving out the boathouse scenes because, let’s face it no one can do the “talking to yourself” stuff all that well, and leaving out the fact that I thought she got bit by a Piranha when she put her hand in the water – yikes!) even with the terrible character development and even with the poor dialogue, RC is still very watchable and that says something as far as I’m concerned. 


Billy Warlock (AJ Quartermaine) ~ I said most of what I feel about him a few weeks ago, and I still feel all of that and more.  He’s just lapping this story up and it’s fun to watch.  I have a few problems with the story, but BW is making it all worth watching.  Once this Courtney/AJ stuff wraps up, however it turns out, I really hope that AJ continues to be an integral part of the canvas.  They’ve had him simmering for way too long.


A few other observations:


Carly looked better with darker hair.


Jax to Skye:  “You know there’s something else I could do…”  That’s right; bring on the ole “body heat” therapy! …Scientists are hard at work trying to explain the collective rise in temperature across the globe…We’ve been needing that, and Jax always delivers…remember Chloe and the stable???


I liked Nik’s last dream, he said a few things that needed to be said and Stavros in uniform wasn’t bad either.  


To the prop department: How hard can it be to put some water or something in the cola can?  When Carly put it down it definitely had the echo of an empty can and it’s just cruel to give someone PB&J without something to drink.  What if Sonny can’t get out more of that delicious Spanish (that causes a bit of a spike in temps too!) because he’s not hydrating properly??


Skye:  Swim already, woman!  What’s wrong with you?  It’s not going to get any warmer!


Jax:  When you rescue a freezing, hypothermic person the latest medical breakthroughs indicate that taking that person to the NEAREST warm place (the hospital is best, but they do frown on sex as a heating tool…heating tool?…hmmm) allows for their best chance of recovery.  I’m not sure where in the heck you two are, but it is definitely not the Q’s or the gatehouse (it doesn’t look like the gatehouse anyway) both of which would be much closer than throwing the frozen person in a car.  And why would anyone put a freezing, wet person in a warm bed without taking off her clothes? 


Hey, did you see Bobbie and Scott having a conversation about their past?  I was taken aback by the sheer normalcy of two characters that have been on the show more than fifteen minutes, talking about things that actually happened in the past and it wasn’t because they needed to throw out a name so we’d recognize the next new face either.  It was brilliant.  I like these two together.


Lastly, I believe that Port Charles (the show) absconded with the “hospital” in General Hospital.  That show actually has scenes on an almost daily basis that take place in the hospital.  And there are several other shows out there that have more stories centered around the hospital than GH does.  I am under no circumstances suggesting that Sarah the Doctor be given a bigger story.  But there is much that could be done to bring the hospital back into view:  Florence has (had?) a job there, Laura’s job there wasn’t a bad idea either for the five minutes it was in effect, Audrey and Leslie can come back to work, Tony can have an office and a life for that matter, Liz could do a mural for the children’s ward – whatever it takes to get her away from both Windermere and Lucky, maybe Roy was taking classes while he was in jail and one of his FBI undercover jobs was as a “world-renowned doctor of something or other” – maybe a shrink because they don’t loan Kevin out enough to handle the twisted minds Helena leaves in her wake.  Whatever they need to do, but let’s at least pretend that the hospital is still the center of the show instead of spending money re-doing old sets and adding new ones.  Otherwise the show is just General and that’s too eerily appropriate these days. 


Take care all! 



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