March 29, 2002


Secrets??  Secrets, you say?  That wasn’t about secrets, that was about …well, honestly I don’t even know what that was about.  Before the grand finale today, everyone already knew everything that could be considered a secret.  Have you ever been promised a great meal (pasta, steak, whatever you really love) for weeks and then at the last minute you’re led to the table and it’s…a big round white plate with a stalk of asparagus on it?  I like asparagus just fine but that is NOT what I was promised!


I should stop here for a minute and tell you that I have not felt well for the last few days and I watched the final episode today through a haze of cold medicine, and I’m still looking through that haze as I write.  And you should probably be warned that I don’t tolerate medication very well, it tends to affect me more than most people and I normally have to hit the bed after taking a full dose of anything because it usually renders me unable to function.  So the fact that I’m still up and moving is a little scary.  So if these observations strike you as being drug induced then I guess you’d be right in this case.  But honestly, it can’t be just the medicine ~ I really believe someone ran off with the real ending to this story.   


Now, obviously they are going to have to go back and fill in some blanks later, let’s say, just for example, oh, I don’t know…maybe…HOW THE HECK EVE GOT TOASTED??  That’s where I really think we were robbed, we knew the culmination was someone died because they kept telling us that but then, no one does?  But wait, then someone just conveniently shows up at the last minute out of nowhere – she wasn’t even in the rest of the fricken episode – and plops herself in the much mentioned “fifth chair” and that’s it??  Surprised?  HA!  The secret was that there was gonna be no logical way to figure anything out about this story. 


Well, one secret that I did definitely figure out during the last episode was why Ricky had to run around without a bandage in public.  He actually had one on at home for awhile one day and then never put it back on.  But anyway, he had to go sans bandage so that we would be able to see him be healed.  That was exciting.  And, wow, the key opened the warehouse door so she could save him.  I was glad to see that Jamal was saved in the process.  I was intrigued with the key, a little at least, but I’m glad I didn’t bother trying to figure that one out either because there was nothing to figure out.  No way to see that coming.


And I really hesitate to even start on Paige and Alison.  I will say that I liked my idea (see previous post) much, much better.  And if they could have found a way to make Kevin the father, then Livvie and Alison would be half sisters and along with Christina you have an up and coming core family, which right now PC doesn’t really have since the Scanlons are dwindling away.  But, alas, twas not to be.  No, Paige and Alison are “distantly related” and have no real connection other than the fact that Paige needed to show up at just the right time to save Alison?  A)  Why did Paige make a stop-off in that particular spot on her way back “home” and B) Wouldn’t she have saved Alison even if she didn’t know they were related?  I don’t really see where this great secret, which wasn’t really a secret since no one knew it, I mean, don’t you have to know about something for it to be considered a secret you are keeping?     Assumedly, they are going to follow up more on this in the next few weeks, but again, I feel like I was taken for a ride on this one too.  I obviously way over thought the value of the secrets these ladies had.


Let’s get back to the Eve/Ian/Amy thing.  First off, Ian is great to look at but he’s never been all that great in the personality department in my opinion.  And he has really blown it this time, he believes an angel is afraid to die (again) alone?  Tell her to go find one of her angel friends.  And, please, she’s done it once already it’s not like she doesn’t know what to expect.  And then, on top of it, he doesn’t tell Eve where he’s going?  C’mon!  I literally can’t stand to look at his face at this point.  When are these idiot men going to stop thinking they and they alone, are the only one’s who can help a woman in need?  She calls, and you gotta run, leaving everything you love and cherish behind to save someone you hardly know from something that hardly is even a hardship!!!! (couldn’t resist, sorry!)  I admit I never saw even an inkling of what attracted Ian to Amy in the first place, I thought she seemed manipulative and rather creepy right from the beginning but what do I know, I’ve never trusted strangers.


Next, we have Amy herself, who apparently came back to find out what love really is but unfortunately she found it with someone who is in love with someone else.  The other day when she was going on and on about finding true love and experiencing it before she dies, all I could think is that someone “up there” better sit her down and explain that true love is not being in love with someone else’s husband.  He loves his family, he’s attracted to you, and you know he’s committed (albeit rather loosely) to them, but you want to steal him away.  Now THAT’S true love.  He comes over to help her die again or whatever, she sees the light and doesn’t do him in, then she literally sees the light and realizes her whole purpose was to figure out that she can’t kill someone.  Whoop-De-Doo.  Now Ian can go back to his family knowing that he almost cheated several times and lied yet again about his whereabouts on the eve of his honeymoon, and that he narrowly escaped getting himself killed for his little omission to his wife but hey, he helped an angel die for the second time.  Except for the fact that apparently while he was toasting Amy, Eve got toasted.  I wanted this to have all been for something and it was for nothing, it appears.  Maybe I’m missing it but if it’s just about the fact that Ian should have been the one picking up the tickets or whatever then I was robbed again.  That kind of stuff happens everyday, but Angels don’t move into your house and try to seduce every man in town everyday and I wanted them to have more of a purpose than they apparently did. 


I thought the purpose of the chapter/book idea was so that there would be resolutions at the end and then the repercussions would carry over to the next chapter?  Not much was resolved today for me, they could have stuck today’s episode in after just about any of the last few weeks episode’s and it would have made just as much sense.  Everyone did the right thing, which they would have done regardless (even Amy – I knew she didn’t have the guts!) of how well they knew their “loved one” and then, POOF ~ Eve is dead.  Quite a crescendo.  They better explain a few things very well in the next week or else.  Let’s start with…




Give him back, I need him.  I also need Ed so they’re going to have to find someone else to play Angel Wrangler. 


Now I’ll shut up and wait to see if this gets “redeemed” next week.






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