The New Me and My Commitment to General Hospital
Carolyn Aspenson 

I recently had a conversation with my friend Kathy at EOS about GH. She is so positive and happy all the time, I often feel like the true pessimist Iím labeled when talking with her. So you can imagine my joy and excitement when I read her column from last week!  

ďPssst!  Címere.  No, closer Ďcause I really donít want this getting out.  I donít want to ruin my cheerful reputation.  OK, you know the columns by JenJen and Carolyn where they talk about whatís wrong with General Hospital?  Ahem, (promise you wonít tell) I agree with some of what theyíve written.Ē 

I felt validated! I felt acknowledged! I felt like my thoughts mattered! I felt RIGHT! Hot dog! Bring out the Champagne Ďcuz Carolynís finally got it RIGHT about something and she is ready to par-ty! Yahoo! You see, at my humble abode, itís rare that my Ďrightnessí is acknowledged, therefore making it somehow notÖrightÖget it? So now that Iím all chipper and happy and Iíve left my pessimist in the toilet, Iíve decided to change my ways! 

No longer will I be negative about General Hospital. After all, Iíve watched the darn show since Luke and Laura were dating, somewhere in the midst of preteen hormonal hell, around 12-ish. If it really were THAT bad, would I have stuck it out this long? Highly and unequivocally umÖdoubtful.  No longer will I complain that the stories are stupid (even though they are) or that good actors like Billy, Nancy and Robin, (to mention only a few) are being wasted on little or no storyline (even though they are) or that all women are portrayed as whining, insecure, somewhat psychopathic, needy, emotional holes (even though they are) and that the stories are all about male ego (even though they are) and finally, that Guza doesnít have the obvious penis-envy issue so apparent in his stories (even though he does).  

Iíve vowed to remain positive, enjoying whatís presented every day at 3pm on Disney, I mean, ABC. (By the way, did anyone note the reference on OLTL the other day with Bo and Matthew about Finding Nemo? Matthew asked if Bo had seen it. HELLO! It just came out on the Friday before this episode aired! Cheap way to advertise there Disney, donít you think? Sorry about the tangent. I had to be negative about SOMETHING!!!)  Iíve reiterated to myself that I am NOT one of those stayathomemomswithnolifewhositsinfrontoftheTVwhilelyingonthecouch eatingherselfintoobesityalldaywatchingsoaps. I am simply a viewer of a show Iíve developed a sense of loyalty to over the years, making me somewhat of a professional critic one might say. (that one being me, but thatís really whatís important with respect to this column donít you think?) So in reality, why am I being negative? Is my ranting to all of you via EOS actually GETTING me anywhere? Are TPTB taking my words, thoughts and ideas and utilizing them to better General Hospital for all of us viewers? Nope. No way. Nada.  

 Iím not one to write to the show stating my angst and trepidation. Iím not one to complain to TPTB about the dregs they spew out at me daily. Itís not going to do ME any good to complain. They donít hear me. Okay, they might read me, but if they do, weíll know soon because the next fan episode will be another slap in our collective face. If I were to write to them it would simply frustrate me and if you add that frustration to the frustration generally acquired due to marriage and family, soon enough Iíll be on high blood pressure medication and itís down hill from there! Oh my, look at me! Can you believe it?! Iím being negative! I didnít even MEAN for that to happen! (Insert long pause for the sake of the writer gathering her wits and attempting to be positive once again.) There, betterÖ 

So for the sake of my health, Iíve decided that my GH negativity is gone. Good Rid dens bad thoughts! Hello Happy Thoughts! Iím like the Little Train That CouldÖI think I can be positive about GH. I think I can. I think I can. Call me tomorrow and Iíll still be repeating my chant.

In light of this new optimistic attitude Iíve acquired, I thought Iíd take a brief but oh-so-important minute to mention a few things from this week that I really liked about GH.  

Did yaíll (oh, my southern accent by way of Chicago to Atlanta is showing, sorry!) watch Fridayís episode where Luke thought Summer was Laura? Maybe it was my PMS but that really got me. The way his puppy dog/medicated/bump-on-the-head eyes stared at her in miraculous amazement was heart wrenching to say the least.  The lump in my throat grew swiftly and I even had, yes, I admit it, a TEAR in my eye. Could have been allergies, but Iím thinkiní it really was a tear drop. Then there was Nik and Emily. I am enjoying their chemistry. I see a potential quadrangle with this new diva cominí to town. Iím sure to keep an eye on this one!  

What about Faith? What a trip. She called Lizzie Snow White and Courtney something like, Courtney Cottontail. Loved that! Her sarcasm and her ability to pull it off is witty and entertaining. I also found myself ALMOST liking psychotic Ric when he and Lizze were wrapped in blankets on the couch talking about his feelings for her. The way his evil eyes softened and filled with love almost got me. They really did. I was thisclose but then we got a shot of him in the panic room and his evilness overwhelmed me once again. Thatís what I like about him though. Heís good at evil, even if it does give me the hee-bee-gee-bees.  

I was actually quite impressed with the acting of the high schoolers and once again thankful that Iím over the angst and agony of the humiliating puberty infested years! Sadly though I have a preteen whoís angst is just startingÖas is her ability to take my hair products and make up without asking or returning them to their proper place! I now value my mother more than ever, knowing what she put up with when I was young!  

Alex and Cameron were drop dead hilarious when Zander Ďoutedí Daddy Cam. Oh-mi-gosh, if Iíd not been doing my kliegels I would have wet myself for sure! To have been one of them playing that scene would have been impossible for me. I wonder how many times they had to tape it?  

Who besides me, actually felt bad when we saw the picture of beat up Sonny? Again, must have been a PMS thing because I KNOW THIS ISNíT REAL! I did find it quite humorous that Jason energetically runs out of the penthouse and over to the place where Sonny was tied up, ALL BY HIMSELF, not knowing how many thugs would be there and how many might have had a gun or two! What are all of Sonnyís men for but PROTECTION? And I was all giddy when Ted King appeared again. I donít care if heís evil and mean! Iíve loved that man since he was on The City and followed him devotedly to Charmed. I think I actually shed a tear when he died on Charmed. Iíll take Ted King evil any day. Actually, when Iím at the GH Fan Luncheon, Iím not sure who Iíll carry away with me, Wally or Ted. Decisions. Decisions.   

On that note, if I plan to carry anyone anywhere, Iíd best get over to Goldís Gym and start lifting some serious weights!  Iím likiní this new optimist in me. Hope she sticks around another week!  

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