Not much to report here. The inevitable capture of Jamie and Babe took place and all have returned to PV to their respective jail cells. But...wherever did Liza and Colby go?

Thought it was interesting that the Llanview D.A.'s last name is Coulson...hmm...any relation to lady lawyer Leslie Coulson, the wack job lawyer who had the hots for Tad? David helped her nefarious seduction plan by spiking the punch on the Incredible Dreams yacht, remember? And now this D.A. Coulson is offering David a deal if he rolls over on Jamie Martin. Do I smell a connection here?

Even though it brings back bad memories of abuse suffered by my mother (at a time when no one, especially the police, would step in and no support groups existed), I think the Maggie/Jonathan story is being done well. When someone regarded as a smart, savvy woman (a med student, no less) can be taken in by a manipulating, vicious sociopath (that would be Johnathan), it generally surprises people. It shouldn't. Sociopaths do that. The writers have done their research well and I think some good can come out of this storyline, especially if it encourages any of the scared victims of domestic violence to ask for help. That's one of the hardest steps, akin to an alcoholic admitting that he or she has a problem and taking steps to do something about it. Kudos to AMC for tackling this issue, actors and writers both.

I'm looking forward to what should be some classic Erica wrath. Her hisses at David are just a warm-up for La Kane, and I can't wait for her to erupt. And how about a classic catfight with Krystal? A la Dynasty? How appropriate would THAT be? Bring it on!

Some recent correspondence with a reader regarding the Nurses' Ball made me realize how much I miss Lucy Coe. Since it appears we'll be losing Faith, wouldn't it be nice to have a witty, wise-cracking and smart female character over 35 who could more than hold her own with any of the men on the show? Actress Lynn Herring, the one and only Lucy, has reportedly been enjoying life on the ranch with husband Wayne Northrop and their sons since the cancellation of "Port Charles." If ABC really wants to make female viewers happy, here's one of the ways to do it. (Plus, of course, she could host the Ball again! I'd almost be content if she'd agree to do that on a yearly basis in lieu of a real return to the show. You could tell how personally involved she was in the Balls, how the real-life stories of AIDS sufferers moved and affected her.) From the moment that mousy little librarian stripped down to her unmentionables and awaited her secret lover, Terry Brock's fiance (evil Kevin O'Connor), I was hooked. Lucy morphed from bad to good through the years, but remained a schemer and an enchanting one at that. From low comedy to high drama, she did it all. She had chemistry with every single person she teamed up with: Luke, Scotty, Edward, Mac, Felicia, Tony, Alan, and, of course, "Mother Quartermaine." Pit her against Tracy and look out! Have her buy into L&B Records and let the cat fights with Lois begin! Take over Faith's share of the waterfront and butt heads with Sonny, Jason and Lorenzo (though I wouldn't really care for that story). She could stand up to Helena and end up with the Cassadine empire. There's nothing that character couldn't do. How about it, ABC?

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