April 10, 2002 

Let me just tell you about how things went this week.  On Monday I taped PC & GH just like usual and, as often happens, I didn’t get around to watching them on Monday.  So Tuesday rolled around and for whatever reason I started a new tape instead of continuing with Monday’s tape.  Problem is after I taped Tuesday’s PC I had a few extra minutes in the afternoon and thought I’d go back and watch Monday’s PC; which I did and then I dutifully stopped the tape right after PC was over so it would be ready for when I had time to watch GH.  Two hours later, I was dealing with kid issues but I was thankful that I remembered in the nick of time to push the record button and catch GH on tape.  All good except that when I went to watch Monday and Tuesday’s GH I was unpleasantly surprised to learn that I never took Monday’s tape out after watching PC and therefore had taped Tuesday’s show right over Monday’s!  So there goes Monday’s episode and I’m ticked because I really wanted to see the Lucky/Nik showdown.  But, I stopped stomping around about that after about an hour and I’ll read the transcript when I get the chance.  No big deal, right?  Sounded good until I found the dreaded fluorescent green card hanging on my door today.  It kindly informs me that because they want to install some new fiber optic blah, blah, blah…that will greatly improve my blah, blah, blah….the cable company will be turning off the cable for the day within the “next 48 business hours”.  So today is Wednesday – does that mean during business hours within the next 48 hours (Thursday 9-5 or Friday 9-5) or does that mean sometime within the next six business day’s, business hours??  Oh and I also get to play detective and try to find all of my favorite programs since part of the improvement apparently involves switching a bunch of the channels around.  Yep, that should help me out a lot – thanks so much for the thought. 

So, due to the fact that it doesn’t appear this will be the best week for me to say much about what’s happening on the show right now, I thought maybe we could talk about what’s to come instead.  If you haven’t heard (come on, just poke your head right up from under that rock – it’s safe) yet, change is afoot.  We have a confirmed new Co-Head writing team and a good shot at a new Executive Producer announcement before long.  The way things seem to work when TPTB (that’s “The Powers That Be” – I heard you and I’m trying to use less initials!!) change appears to be lots of…well, change.  And in this case that is a good thing because there are very few people happy with the way things are going right now.   No one really knows what all those changes will be (probably not even the people making them!) but we can all have lots of fun guessing!  And, in my opinion, it’s only going to get better from here on out.  The incoming team may not be the best choice but they’d have to work overtime at sucking to be any worse than the outgoing team was.  And having been an “on” and then “off” viewer for a number of years I actually became a full-time “on” viewer again under one of Guza’s (new Co-Head Writer and previous HW as well) trips through GH, so I have a certain sentimental attachment to his style and to a few of his pet story’s.  I feel very optimistic and can’t wait to start seeing the changes. 

Therefore, this week I’m going to go ahead and give TPTB a few ideas about how they should handle certain stories and characters.  Keep in mind that these are just what I’D LIKE to see happen, not what I think WILL happen.  I’m not even asserting that these things would be what are best for the show; they are just what would put a big ol’ smile on my face!   

Cassadines:  Bring back Stefan without delay.  We’ll get into what to do with him, romantically speaking, later.  Family wise, I’m thinking maybe he needs to come back, see what Nikolas is becoming (feel free to up that ante a little further in the meantime!) and decide that the only way to help Nikolas back from “the dark side” is for Stefan to be even darker and scare the living crap right out of that boy.  I like my Stefan served up with a side of sinisterism (completely not a word – I’m aware!) and a dash of darkness.  And the romance I have in mind will help temper that so I think it will be a great mix.  More Mother/Son stuff will be great with me and I’ll even trust you to know what to do with Helena.  Just make sure she is around, a contract (think long) would be peachy.  As far as Nikolas goes I think maybe he needs to go ahead and do something really bad that’s actually life-changing so that he has to come a long way back to “live in the light” (someone has to shut Liz the heck up already!) once Stefan has out-Cassadined him.  I’ve got absolutely no problem with bringing back Stavros either.  In fact I think that he could be quite an interesting character.  I’d suggest that however you bring him back he should appear to be a changed man at least at first, and I think you should wait until Nik has had his downfall because I want to watch Stefan take care of that.  Stavros doesn’t have to really be changed, just convince us that he is and then…you get the idea! 

Liz and Lucky:  I think that Liz needs to look at Lucky tomorrow and tell him that it’s time for both of them to move on and when/if he actually has feelings for her again then maybe he could ask her out IF she’s not busy.  Then she needs to just go on another (about six months should do it) vacation to somewhere warm and quiet.  She needs to (off screen, please!) reevaluate her attitude and come up with a way to give a rat’s ass about someone besides herself and Lucky.  Once she’s done that she is allowed to return, have a heart to heart with someone where she tells them that she realized she was sanctimonious, bossy, snotty, selfish, and annoying; and THEN she can stay and have her own story (No Lucky for at least 18months) as long as she continues to act like the old Liz.  Lucky, upon hearing he has been set free, decides to resurrect the wandering of his youth and leaves to backpack across Europe, taking the longest route possible.  Frankly, I don’t want to see him again until he either looks like he used to or he looks like someone new, with preference, of course, on how he used to!   

The Q’s:  Let’s just run down the list:

Alan and Monica – I don’t even know what to tell you.  Someone needs to come up with a way to make these two interesting again.  There’s not much to work with right now I realize, but your job will be to come up with something because they are staying.  Period.  So make it work.

Edward and Lila – I love them so they can stay just about like they are.  A little more Edward on a regular basis would be okay with me.  You should put John Ingle on a pedestal.  Just give him good dialogue and watch him go.

Emily – Returns to get her Zander back.  These two were actually watchable together and we need some teen romance so I’m green-lighting them.  Just give them the usual teen love-story angst if you can’t think of something better, this is my nod to the youngsters and I’ll fast-forward what I can’t watch!

Ned - Since Kristina, sadly, was the poor victim of the life-changing mistake that Nikolas made (unintended victim, I won’t be that cruel!), Ned is again a free agent.  And, strangely he feels pretty happy about that.  Mourning won’t be necessary on this one.  So, he can either take a break from love and concentrate on ELQ business (it’s just more interesting than L&B is) and you can deal with his romantic life in a while, or he can go grab Alexis and whisk her away for a surprise wedding and we’ll deal with the consequences later.  Up to you.

Tracy – Get her back too.  I think she and Skye could be an interesting mix.

Skye – While Skye and Jax are definitely better when they are doing things besides talking, I still don’t really feel like he’s for her.  So I want to see her and Stefan together.  I think the actors are both first rate and I think that there could be major fireworks between them given the chance.  As for how they meet I say just go for something like having her get stranded by car trouble in a rain storm and she runs to the nearest house on the lonely deserted road, which happens to be Stefan’s new digs.  The rain washes out the bridge (he hears on the radio) so there is no way for her to leave tonight.  They both feel strangely comfortable, and mesmerized by the firelight they talk for hours about their family disappointments and form a bond of friendship (somewhat ala Chloe I realize but that was working for me before they made her dead) and it goes from there.  Please, this one’s important to me – I want to see these two work together!! 

Sonny:  Make him dark and brooding again, I have no problem with that.  Especially right now because I’m a little tired of the way he’s acting.  He can work on a relationship with Courtney if you want to keep her, but otherwise I would rather have the mobster back.  I never was all that popular, what can I say? 

Alexis:  She can go with Ned.  Or she can sleep with Sonny, end up pregnant (or so I hear!) and then we can do another pretend marriage with Jax if she wants to hide the paternity.  I always liked Jax and Alexis and I think they have some chemistry so I have no problem with a ‘get married under false pretenses and then fall in love later’ thing.  Jax needs something to do anyway and if even Ned thought they were really married this time it could make for some interesting dynamics.  Or the Diane Keaton/Baby Boom thing is okay too provided you don’t go overboard.  Whatever you do with her though, there is one thing that is set in stone.  She has to become strong and independent again – no negotiating on that. 

NuCarly:  Ah!  Sonny and Carly (aka: S&C) or Carly and Jax (aka: CarJax)?  And then there’s CarSon, which could be either Carly and Sonny or Carly and Jason – or maybe the latter would be Carson – there is a difference… Anyway, then there’s Zander and Carly which is Zarly to some, but personally I favor Cander which is what I hope to hear has happened.  I don’t prefer to have to suggest that someone lose his or her job, but I have every confidence that she’ll find something great to do somewhere else.  And I have already suggested giving at least three actors their jobs back so it balances out.  I would love to see Sarah Brown back but if not then I say Carly goes on the run with Michael and we’ll hear from her sometime in the distant future.  If Sarah Brown comes back then put her right in the middle of the Alexis/Sonny stuff and let it rip, she will also promptly change the name of her club!  And no, Club 102 is not going to cut it, please tell me you can at least do better on this one thing than the last regime.  

Jason:  He comes back, he goes to Liz (who, remember, is still a royal pain at this point) and checks in to see how she’s doing.  She starts whining her little rear end off and doesn’t come up for air for about a week.  After listening with a dazed look (no – you will be able to tell the difference, there’s a slight variation there) on his face he tells her that he had forgotten what an annoying person she really is.  He then tells her that when he first saw that painting of the wind he thought that she was showing him something Michael had finger painted for him and that it was the absolute worst painting he ever saw in his whole, museum-going, mansion-raised life.  He then tells her to please take all her tissues and go.  Once she has done the work I talked about above, then she can return and if she wants that heart-to-heart to be with Jason, then so be it.  In the meantime Jason can do whatever you want him to and I’ll be happy with it. Though if you ignore my warning about NuCarly and she starts hanging around blocking the view of yet another man, I will have a big problem with that.  

Roy:  I don’t believe that a man like Roy needs a Flea.  That said, I like Roy very much and want him to stick around so he can actually do some acting.  If Jax is busy somewhere else, then Roy would be second choice for Alexis.  They can get closer through some legal work, maybe something he wants her to help him with regarding Melissa (who may as well remain unseen) since he recently mentioned feeling like there was more he needed to do for her.  Or he realizes that working for Mac will interfere with the fun he can have with Luke so he quits and then has some messy legal problems stemming from his refusal to even testify on the cases he was working on - whatever.  I want Roy to do something fun and romantic.  If it must be with Felicia then she needs to snap out of her accent having, stupid outfit wearing, turning up in weird places groove and become a real person again.  There is no way to relate to this person, she’s just bopping around acting busy all the time.  Maybe if we just focused on the family thing with her, or at least gave her a decent adventure instead of all these scenes that just waste our time, maybe I could deal with her then.  

The Campbell’s:  They are a family, so make them act like one.  I want Florence working at the hospital on a regular basis.  Someone named Sherry (and no, I’m not to the point of having conversations with myself on the message board yet!) on the message board suggested a Florence/Mike pairing which I think is a fabulous idea, think of the Sonny/Taggert  & Courtney/Gia aspect.  The daggers that would fly at that dinner table would be well worth the price of admission.  Taggert needs to be out of the police station until someone cleans up the dialogue in there, it’s a public nuisance.  He also needs a woman but I honestly can’t bring myself to pair him with anyone until he gets himself some new dialogue so we’ll work on that part later. 

Maxie:  We want the old one back – now!  Consider it a peace offering.  Because I think you owe us. 

Sarah:   While trying to get her hands on Lucky, she trips over Liz’s ego, hits her head on Lucky’s rock hard…abs, and falls into a coma because there is no intern there to diagnose her properly.  After sitting by her bed for five minutes Liz decides to send her off to a long-term care facility and she is never, ever heard from again no matter what actress you have found to play her.   

Luke and Laura:  I am SO not going to touch this one!  You are on your own because I honestly don’t have the first inkling of how to fix the many errors made over the last few years.  Right now I feel completely uninterested in anything happening with them so you need to do some serious work here.  I want the wrongs righted and you should really think long and hard about what to do so you don’t do anything stupid.  Good luck with this one, you are going to seriously need it. 

Janine and Courtney:  I think it would be great if we find out that Courtney isn’t Mike’s daughter after all and Janine knew that all along.  This is, of course, after AJ and Courtney are married and Janine is firmly ensconced at the Q mansion.   Skip over having AJ fall off the wagon and just have him show that moment of regret on his face when he finds out who Courtney isn’t, and she’ll be just as devastated.   

Tony:  Contract and more airtime.  He can be at the center of the new hospital story you are going to do.   

Mac:  Contract and more airtime outside the police station because he is also not allowed back in there until it’s been decontaminated.   

And judging by the number of men waiting for story, I think once you cut out Sarah and Kristina at least (and you can get rid of one or two more provided it’s not someone who’s been there more than five years and they go in a way that spins off great story for years to come…) you will need to bring in at least one new female.  Oh, and the Nurses Ball had better be really great this year.  That means you need to play nice with the PC writers and do lots of crossovers and also write a good story around it.  Don’t focus so much on the musical numbers (yes, they are important but you have great talents in the cast so those will turn out just fine) that you forget to have characters show up for the audience (like last year) and forget to have a story that actually involves the Nurses Ball instead of using the Ball as a prop for other stories.   

I hate Sonny’s penthouse.  I’m not sure why but I really miss how it used to look and I don’t care for how it looks now.  See what you can do with that will ya?  Janine doesn’t need a house; she’s not in enough scenes yet to merit that.  Tony and Mac need houses, so get on that too.  All kids out of the mansion and off the island.  I don’t want to see the arcade anymore –ever.  I want to see Luke’s club actually full of people sometime soon.  I want Johnny, Leticia, more Benny, Reginald, more Elton and Claude (was that his name?  The guy behind the bar at Luke’s, anyway).  I want the hospital to be the center of the show again.  I want Leslie to have a story.  I want to see if Lucas still exists.  I want to know what in the heck the music box mystery was about.  I want a big, elaborate wedding if you can give me a romance that merits it.  

 Most of all I want excitement, intrigue, mystery (real mystery, not “oooh, why is Sarah crying in the barn” kind of mystery), romance and passion.  It just can’t be as hard as it has seemed in the last two years or so.  And you should work quickly because while our expectations may not be all that high, we do expect results as soon as yesterday.  And I would also suggest that you consider making a statement to the press, ASAP, that you know how important this show and it’s history is to the fans and that you plan to honor both.  It would also get you a long way if you mentioned that you intend to listen to what the fans are saying once in awhile.  Talk about how you love the Cassadines and how you want to restore Luke and Laura to their former glory… you get the idea.  And then if you actually do it…well, I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.  Circumstances have afforded you a much warmer reception than you may deserve, do not make us regret it!      

So that’s my opinion on that.  Feel free to let me know what you’d love to see happen!  Keep watching; I just know something great is going to happen soon!  

Until next time,

P.S. ~ I mentioned a while ago that I was thinking about going spoiler-free and for the last few weeks I’ve been trying it out.  I have found that I can’t seem to avoid a certain amount of info (unless I just shut the computer right down anyway!) but I have been able to avoid some and I have found that it does make watching a little more fun.  For example, Helena’s clone/twin thing came right out of nowhere for me and I thought it was a great ending to the show (why wasn’t that a Friday show??).  So, I think it does help to not know quite so much and I’m going to keep trying to avoid what info I can.  If you haven’t tried freedom from spoilers lately, I highly recommend it!


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