April 4, 2002 

Things are a bit crazy (not in that good crazy, we’re all having a blast kind of way either!) around the Mercurio household this week so no small talk; time is short so I’ll get right to it: 

After getting over my initial reaction to Eve showing up at the last minute in the Fifth Chair, I calmed down and am now willing to acknowledge that while I still think it was something of a cop-out, it was great suspense.  And heck, it got me to actually yell at the TV a few times which no show has done in quite some time!  I’m sure I’m not the only one that thought more than once over the weekend about how she died and what would happen on Monday.  That spells return viewership so I guess I can’t completely fault them for that.  I do, however, fault them for not giving us a little more of a lead up to it.  One shot of Eve barreling along in her car with that huge smile still on her face would have done it for me.  The way they left it on Friday was just a little rude, if you ask me!  I haven’t heard (or read) that many  “What the heck happened” comments in awhile.  But, I couldn’t dwell on it too long once Monday rolled around because: 

Let the tears begin!  My gosh, Monday’s show was a little weird.  On one hand, having already (well, as much as I could anyway) forgiven the fact that we weren’t going to be privy to any details of Eve’s accident I tried to appreciate the brevity of it and that we were seeing the reactions of the relevant players.  It was effective in putting us in the same seat as some of the characters: confused, stunned, not sure what happened (!!) and we could certainly relate to how they felt.  On the other hand, I still felt a little cheated.  And I had serious problems with Eve in Heaven.  She barely even mentioned Danny, she just went on about Ian and how Amy saved his life to which I say…WTF????!!!  Call me jaded but that is not how I saw it at all.  It looked to me like Amy had a hand in Ian lying to his wife during their last conversation (his fault mostly, but Amy just ticked me off looking all angelic like all the sudden!) and had she not called and whined about her “fears” (lying again) to Ian, he might have been with Eve and it never even entered my mind that he would have then died too.  I say if he had been with her, they may have taken a different route entirely, he probably would have been driving and maybe he is better on ice than she is, or maybe the passenger seat, possibly Eve’s seat now, wouldn’t have suffered injury.  By the way, what was the injury?  Can’t dwell on that either because: 

From then on, it only got better.  The performances were all good.  Ian collapsing over not being able to find the gift ( great gift too!) was very believable, it’s not usually the big things but the little things that knock us down when we’re grieving.  And Kevin finally admitting how he felt was good too.  The memorial service was touching and, again, well acted.  Chris’s “before she became a respectable woman” comment was good, and true in my opinion, because I liked her better back then too.  Speaking of Chris, I think NN has given the best and most believably, heart-felt performance of all.  You could just feel everything he was thinking and feeling Everytime he has been on screen over the last few days.  I, too, am mourning that they never gave that a better shot.  Eve and Chris could have been a force to be reckoned with!  And when he started singing at the service??  Good Lord, I thought I was gonna lose it entirely.  The flashbacks were nice, though I would have liked a few more from further back and more from when she was with Scott and Serena, Kevin, etc.  They could have inter-cut with the faces of those who have been involved with her – I didn’t think it needed to be mostly about Ian just because they have been together lately.  But, that’s nitpicking – overall it was good.  And when Ian and that adorable baby were standing there and that baby had that huge smile on his face I just wanted to hug them both and cry for an hour…and I don’t even like Ian much! 

This is already getting long so I’m going to just throw out the rest of my comments in no particular order and it probably isn’t going to flow at all so bear with me! 

Alison has been appropriately lost the last few days as well.  Of course, the candle’s are interesting and the fact that the love candle is the only one so far that doesn’t appear to actually burn or melt the wax, tells me Rafe is coming back –Woo Whoo!  …What?  You didn’t jump to that immediate conclusion?  Well, maybe I am jumping the gun a little since my first thought when Livvie picked the Trouble candle was that Rafe was coming back because that would be trouble for Livvie since it would induce more sniveling… but he WILL come back.   

Oh, but Alison, there is something you need to know and I’m just the one to help you with this!  Listen closely:  A good right is always followed by an even better left.  Just keep that in mind next time.   

And to Livvie I say, get a grip!  You are whining way too much and I think you seriously need help.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of, you’ve been through a lot (though so have a few people and they seem to be less annoying about it then you – even Jack, whom is usually not my favorite person either is getting three cheers from me for ignoring your wails) but if you don’t stop telling everyone not to do things and not to feel things, we will have no story here.  So shut up already!  And call your father for an appointment.  

Why didn’t Livvie say anything about the portrait of Alison’s  great, “, “, “-grandmother?  She has had conversations with Paige for goodness sake; she didn’t notice the resemblance??  Or is she just keeping secrets again? 

I don’t believe that Victor and Mary can’t find somewhere in the hospital to store the GH Charity Auction donations.  They have to cart them around town and leave them at people’s houses?   I totally respect that storyline dictates these items be spread around, but at least mention that the GH basement has flooded and is a smelly, moldy mess or something.   

And Lucy tells them to take this “big thing out of the way” – a painting, when there are about 15 boxes stacked up behind her.  Yep, that will solve your “space” problem every time.    

Victor and Mary were great after lighting the Lust candle.  I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile watching Lucy walk out there with Christina and see that!  The humor was very welcome.   Let’s pass the Lust candle on to Lee and Gail, and Frank and Karen – I’d like to see them all a little “happier”! 

So far, the new book is intriguing.  Like Alison, I don’t think I could just let it go no matter what my drama-queen best friend (yes, I know she was stalked by a vampire but she’s gotta move on now, it’s a new book J) said.  Curiosity would get the better of me.   And truthfully, I’m glad that Alison will be one of the featured characters again in this book.  When I first laid eyes on this character, I set about trying to dislike her mostly due to the fact that they made her so nice and, well, I’m being honest here – that hair is so blond and there is so much of it!  I doubted her acting ability a little and just didn’t see where she was going to fit in.  But I have done a complete 180 on her.  Erin Hershey has developed into quite a good actress.  When I watch Alison, I still find myself unable to believe that she’s become one of my favorite characters.  If you read my GH column, you know that I’m not prone to being an immediate fan of characters in the younger age group but I really enjoy watching PC’s younger set, for the most part anyway.  Now if they just put Chris front and center too – he’s another one that I didn’t always like all that much but that’s best saved for another day – I gotta run! 

Hope you’re enjoying the show as much as I am, thanks for all your comments 
–  I really love reading what you think!  Take care!




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