July 17, 2004  

Ok,, I need a show of hands please.  Obviously at some point Wed—Fri, you had a “Lila” moment and broke down.  Even the most unemotional watcher had their moment.  I would like everyone to raise their hand if one of their moments was when Jason went to the Q mansion and knelt in front of Edward.  Thought so.  That has got to be one of the most touching scenes since Jason became Morgan and left Q behind. I cried as if I was actually in the room.   I have really enjoyed the Lila remembrance and although I thought they could have included more “past” members, I think that overall her memorial was quite fitting.   I am glad they kept Tracy in true form; I think that Tracy handled herself as Tracy really would.   I know many of you have had a hard time accepting Jed Allen as Edward, but as a pervious Santa Barbara fan, I think he is doing an excellent job.  It is true, that his age is a big factor, but when he was on SB he played CC Capwell and there are a vast majority of similarities between Edward and CC.   I think that maybe that is what has made the adjustment from John Ingle to Jed Allen easier for me.   On the other hand the fabulous John Ingle is now Mickey Horton on Days of Our Lives, and if you need a John Ingle fix just tune into Days, maybe you will get to see him on the mechanical bull.  Yes I said mechanical bull, readers digest version: Mickey Horton recently took up with hussie Bonnie Lockhardt since his dearly departed Maggie “died” and he took Maggie’s ultra classy “Tuscany” restaurant and let Bonnie turn it into a country and western bar.  Mickey dresses in full cowboy attire for scenes in the bar!!! Too funny. 

It was good to see Robin, although I would have like to have seen Anna with her.   I did not see Audrey Hardy at the funeral (maybe she was there, but she did not stand out to me.)  It was great to see Lucy and Kevin.  I love them, I am glad no mention was made of their vampire slayings on the now defunct Port Charles.   I wish they would be brought back permanently.  Remember when Mac was kidnapped and the Mac look-a-like was in Port Charles.  Some of his scenes with Kevin were hilarious.   I miss Lucy equally as much.  Remember her duck, Sigmund?  She was such a unique character, and an excellent example of bad girl successfully turned good.   I was shocked at all the “hoopla” around Brenda’s message to Sonny.  If that was the only reason you tuned in that day, you had to have been severely disappointed.   

I really enjoyed the montage of Lila.  It showed all 3 Edwards, which was quite fitting.  I was too young to remember Lila being able to walk, so it was an enormous treat for me to see her dancing around with Monica, and Edward.  What a fabulous lady Anna Lee was.   I had heard rumors that Jimmy Lee, one of Edwards’s illegitimate children would be making his way back to PC for the service, but I did not see him.   I enjoyed everyone’s eulogy, but I have to tell you.  I do not think Emily is the next Lila.  God help us if that is where the writers are taking her.   I cannot stand Sanctimonious Emily.   I have just now gotten over Lip Gloss Emily, and Evil Bitch that used Zander Emily.  While on the Emily note, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the Nicholas scenes.  I liked how he treated Mary, and although I was screaming “THIS IS EXACTLY WHY EMILY DIDN’T TELL YOU” the entire time he blasted Emily for “lying” to him, I felt is was a believable reaction.   I knew sending Jason to speak with him would not make him snap out of it, but seeing Jason punch him right in the kisser was just what Nic needed to calm down.  Hey at least the punch thrown this week was man to man instead of man to woman.  Sounds like somewhat of an improvement to me.  I mean if we have to watch violence in the afternoon, I would prefer not to watch a pregnant woman (albeit accused Mother Killer and habitual liar) get punched closed fist in the face.    I am still lovin Jax and Courtney.  I am now convinced more than ever that Sonny and Carly belong together and should sail off into the sunset with their little red headed mini-mafia Michael and Morgan in tow.   I am dreading the Kristina coming out party.  I am not real geared up to watch a mob boss, tell a respectable attorney and seemingly good (although way over-protective, controlling first time mom) mother that she had an obligation to put her baby in direct danger by informing him and everyone else of his daughter.  Blah, blah blah, custody battle, and poor little Kristina will possibly once again be the center of a fight.   They have not shown Elizabeth with baby Cameron in a while.  We have seen Liz, but Cameron must be with one of those great soap opera babysitters that seem to do all the “raising” of the shows kids. 

Well, I know this column has been a lot of unorganized rambling, but hey, I have a whining two year old pulling on my arm, a rowdy 6 year old jumping on the sofa and I have to pack suitcases for 4 people as we leave for the beach tomorrow. 

Have a great Week!! 



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